Murong Hee and small Fu did not Meet bald

January 30 [Wed], 2013, 17:21
Murong Hee and small Fu did not Meet bald, but indeed die together - DPRK Zhujiang because the unbearable tyranny of Murong Xi, a funeral taking advantage of small Fu,
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partner crowned kill Murong Xi Murong cloud-based. The Murong cloud is very particular, he was buried in the tomb of Fu small. Health will lie dead in the same hole,

feeling kind of Murong Hee can be described as a worthy death
Of becoming the first player to be eliminated from the personality characteristics of the players, Paul Wong; qualifications of the Chinese music from the player, Paul

Wong of becoming the first player to be eliminated; integrated play two games Paul Wong of becoming the first player to be eliminated;, Paul Wong of becoming the first

player to be eliminated from the popularity of over-the-counter players; from the players Singing diversity, Paul Wong of becoming the first a player to be eliminated;

dare to try it from the breakthrough self, Paul Wong will not become the first player to be eliminated.

The fact is, Paul Wong was eliminated, I understand the "I am a singer," the criteria, before I always thought it was based on the ranking of the two games to decide

who eliminated, it is clearly Chen because she was a The seventh, a sixth; Paul Wong, a third, a seventh, did not think that is the sum according to the number of

votes of the two games, but did not expect is the result of the addition turned out to be Paul Wong bottom of. It's like two people running the game, a person tired

out of breath, sprinted the next referee indifferent, the competition is far more than anyone else run rather than run fast, a leisurely the left. This incredible

results, some people surprised I can only to find a conspiracy theory to convince their own reasons, I think that certainly there is a conspiracy in this world, but

more conspiracy exists to believe that the hearts of the people of the conspiracy theory.

In fact, look at the results from the first Chen bottom, I think this eliminated and will not be her, this is not a program in order to deliberately pursue the twists

and turns of the effect, but a vote in the hearts of the audience have a Hollywood Jedi counterattack-imagined, some people use them to see this singing competition in

the eyes of the play, they have an immersive When The screenwriter potential that drives him to cast a dramatic results, know the results after They will also be

touched, because he thinks so many people agree with his thoughts, leading to the same result and his ideas appear, another vote in the hearts of the audience also

thought. From the players point of view, on a ranking of the embarrassment of this naturally not slack From a psychological level, since it has been a bottom, this is nike lunarglide 3 for sale

also more excluded to get out. All these are the first ranked last Chen relatively favorable. Song from the selected point of view, the first Chen sing "Do you love

me", sing some general audience to capture less than delicate emotions, can not find a listen to this song many years ago moved; while the second game of the election

"When I think about you," This is the first and Chen genre looks dissonant song, I did not expect, but received a miraculous, so to say as a professional singer, sing

their own songs but is a thankless task, because the audience greater degree of expectation, some songs because older gradually lost in years of scrubbing once


Paul Wong select "goodbye" to take a different arranger, even though he was eliminated, he did not lose songs no input. No losers song, of Paul Wong select a rock song

will make the cut to become a virtual certainty, but he chose to "kiss", his first "kiss" new arranger, a mirage charm Uncle in love is like a well-tested in a rainy

night in the ancient blocks of kiss, this sound is not worth chewing gulping will be able to taste the taste. Best counterattack did not lose people, Paul Wong and

innovation, and choose the kind of their own way is not very much at home, playing the song, is the argument of the so-called "twice-cooked pork. I saw a few years,

the singing contest, seems usually not a smooth cut-elect "kiss" the singer, this song's original singers Jacky Cheung gives a strong preconceived impression of this

song that you sing to get bit, others will say you imitate Jacky Cheung, you sing your own understanding, people will think you grasp for the song is not in place,

singing "kiss" is necessary and this stage "kiss", nike lunarglide 4 for saleand overwhelmed Paul Wong reopened "kissing scene, I did not expect to still able to escape this vicious circle with

stage kiss.
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