May 29 [Sun], 2011, 17:16
ao nam... ao yau sau sau chung yi chor kur, kaw chu kur.
oh my god, how come...

19th yrs old

January 05 [Wed], 2011, 14:28

19 years old la me

Heidi's B-day!

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 21:05

今天是HEIDI 19TH B-DAY! 不過我今天沒時間跟she CELEBRATE.
下午要回學校TEST CULTURE, MC 和T/F 不難, 但essay一直都是我的弱項,
好吹水, 都不知應該怎樣答. TEST後, Michelle送了chocolate lip gloss to us.

then ar sir gave us some tips of the exam.
after that we had the Christmas party. He bought us cake, ice-cream, drinks, chips.
Many things to eat he is really generous, but his teaching skill is bad.
And we took photos, all of us had a great time.
After that, 9 of us went to a cafe in MK to have dinner.
The environment was bad, bad looking, one of the customers was smoking.
we hate those smell. And the toilet is really small.
The choices of food is little.
I ordered chicken wing as the antipasto. but i just got 1 chicken wing, i expected i could have 2.
and the soup was too salt. and we waited for so long to have our main course.
We left the cafe at 9pm. Then we went to Langham Palace.

I took photos with many Hello Kitty! Wonderful!
But there were many ppl and i didn't take photos with all of them.
Then we went to log on and muji. After that, we went to eat something at Hui Lau Shan.
After that, we went home. I arrived home at 12:20
And I think my parents had argued with my brother before I went home.
I had a great day and the time flies very fast.

busy day

November 21 [Sun], 2010, 22:17
i wanna have my own notebk, house, space.
i want harmony life,
a little bit crowd, and a little bit noisy.
and i wanna cry but i cannot.

many stuff to do
i just finished little of them
and great great pressure i've never faced
and i wanna avoid and hide
but it's hard

i want to meet my old fds, but no time.
at school--> happy
after school-->void
am i really happy when i am at school?


June 28 [Mon], 2010, 19:45


March 15 [Mon], 2010, 18:56
I've never got such a low mark in the exam.
I'm really afraid of getting a similiar mark in the public exam.
I hope I can work more more more hard on my study.



December 03 [Thu], 2009, 23:52
yrs old

Dance, Subaru !

May 15 [Fri], 2009, 17:27



April 04 [Sat], 2009, 19:16


February 07 [Sat], 2009, 23:51

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