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August 21 [Wed], 2013, 13:10
() "Killing." Flowers with Rui Carter, the first shot is Zhou. He had everything ready, but a war must first seize the initiative. Five silver sè Cutlass together and align the siege of his soul that five divisions. This five people can not help but also Pieliaopiezui angle, the killer duel, the most taboo is to use the same in the short term tactics. Five punches flush out the light gathering once again unite into a huge mask that five divisions of the soul will cover included. Five roaring sound, almost at the same time sounded, five silver sè Cutlass completely different with the previous, strong penetrating power, make them crazy Xiangna mask inside the body broke, watch that five sè mask will could not withstand it. Startled that five divisions of the soul, and blasted their punch. Huge mask dramatic spin up, just a few revolutions, the explosive power of horror burst from the inside out, will that five silver sè Cutlass abruptly mountain of debris. "Fluff dared to ascend the stage Tagaytay, really overconfident." Flowers with pistil someone behind croon, the language of extreme provocation. "You are an eternal enemy to five, it really is powerful" cow moo beat stuck, direct provocation against the man, the strong smell suddenly burst out. The man knew not a cow moo opponents, but there are flowers with pistil this sits naturally emboldened, he intends to retreat back suddenly to avoid cow moo. Flower with pistil step across them, to shoot the cow moo flips Yu Zhang. Palms phase hit, shook the surrounding air are followed shocks. Flower pistil containing slightly back half a step backwards, opening: "cow moo, I do not want to bury the soul of an enemy. Bring your people go, as long as you promise not to crazy old thing out, I spend with Rui absolutely not embarrass you. "cow moo was Zhentui step, but not the slightest fear sè, he sneered:" The flowers with Rui, I call you soon predecessors cow moo just look at my brother's face, if you really want to eternal life is good, put the old madman pay out, as long as I Qidi forgave you, we buried the soul find eternal life and never leaves home trouble. "Yehai Chuan standing in the distance, he squinting eyes, full regard themselves as outsiders, and like the flowers in the command containing core, big shouted: "flower with pistil, what are you waiting for dawdling, Get out the two men do not kill" flower with pistil really want to slap and shot dead Yehai Chuan, they are Yehai Chuan get eternal life is becoming increasingly passive. Cow moo confrontation with flowers with pistil and did not hurry to sell. Now, they are some of the adverse situation, cows moo not only guarding the security of Zhou, but also delay the time porcelain doll news. While some of these people fear Zhou murderous, but seeing Zhou shè out five silver sè Cutlass was minced, then five divisions of the soul, or exposed contempt sè, each of them fighting spirit level Zhou than high, and it is five pairs of one, so no one would think of themselves defeated. Just five silver sè Cutlass was minced moment, strange changes appeared. Halo, the five loud sound vibrations that fifty-five silver sè Cutlass indeed broken,north face clearance sale, but they are broken at the same time, it is caused by the explosive power of most horrible, unimaginable explosive power. Crazy explosion, this five divisions of the soul are supporting each other to form a mask was abruptly torn, scattered into swirling color sè glow. At the same time that five divisions of the soul screams in terror that the bombing of throwing explosive fly out. Silver sè countless points of light from that explosion on heart leapt, they bring offerings is hell light. In light of that piece of silver sè, five divisions of the soul screams came to an end, they have not even had time to release the soul Lien Chan, the body instantly be torn to pieces. The whole process is nothing but a few seconds before and after the time is over, is not only a flower with pistil, even cows moo are filled with shocked sè. I will not speak of these five people with the same killer, but they will be five levels of the soul soul division ah, even the soul who will be a kill, but also with the spike, which is too unscientific "Storm pear?" Flower containing Rui Zhou not think to look, this is the church's unique skills can be murderous combined with soul force them instantly compressed into a short general Weaponry, so that its internal structure Weaponry disorder, is destroyed After the explosion can produce extraordinary power. This is Zhou will be able to instantly kill five root causes of the soul, if only by their own fighting force to deal with these five people are still afraid to spend some kung fu. Things to this sake, nor in some retained Zhou. Even now some things can not be explained, but for the old madman, he had to do. Reincarnation memories began to show amazing results, Zhou is not inhibited, the release of his memory, and countless species of major killer killing skills and organization skills began to emerge one after another. "I killed him," shock, flowers with Rui did not care so much, full of anger in her voice sounded at the same time, the killer has been behind dozens rushed over. However, they were greeted by fierce roar is the sound. A one meter square white printing paper appeared suddenly thrust in the air, this church is dedicated paper LU Xiao sleep before leaving college to prepare for a rainy day gave Zhou. White printing paper suspended in air, you can see clearly see the above word eternal life written with blood, and surrounded by some strange character. Violent roaring sound drew these killers jǐng Ti, in the flower with pistil Mudeng stay under the watchful eye of God, white printing paper suddenly burst open, as technology became generally scattered patches of snow. A beam of red sè the road suddenly fall from the sky, and then suddenly thrust in the air after the burst, into countless splendid blossoming red light, a bright red like a meteor shower channel generally fall. Bright red one encounters the air, and immediately became a very dark red sè, unparalleled murderous fluctuations, the whole family mansion leaves are beginning to tremor. Leaves home Laolaoxiaoxiao including all Gang Shao Ming have been moved, Yehai Chuan behind I do not know when it has gathered a lot of people, you can order them without Yehai Chuan will not be shot. "He's not home, who had been killed the sea what, how likely is still alive," Ye Zhou staring surprised. Yehai Chuan man standing beside a softly inquired: "The sovereign, in dìdū making so much movement, if alarmed sea home how to do?" Yehai Chuan squinting, said: "alarmed the sea is their home immortality, and buried the soul to do with our leaves home ware? "" But "man also yù say anything, Yehai Chuan waved, said:" theater. "flowers with pistil becoming extremely suspect hallucinations, Zhou days of the release of what they are now immortalized unique offerings stunt powerful one, Destroyer of meteors. Although Zhou's just a smaller version of the play, but the skill is top secret of eternal life skills, even she brought this rì killers have not seen these immortalized the skill it took very surprised with Rui incredible, cows moo nor strong where to go. Although he does not stop other killers skills, but some powerful technique to kill him or seen before. Just like the Destroyer meteor storm pear and are now top kill technique, non-immortalized important member of the church, or simply can not get a glimpse of, let alone an outsider. PS: Tomorrow began to recover two more.
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