Zedong is late he Guoxing two sessions

March 15 [Fri], 2013, 17:46
Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Co., Ltd., founded in the fifty's of last century, the original belongs to the Ministry of foreign trade of the Ministry of foreign trade, later revoked, grain and oil import and export company has become an independent unit of deputy ministry class, is a set of trade, industry, finance, information, services and scientific research as one of the large enterprise group,Nike Kobe 7, across the fields of agricultural products, food, hotel, real estate etc..The company not only has a great influence in China,Air Jordan 10, also ranked the United States "fortune" magazine of the world's top 500 enterprises, large state-owned enterprises directly under the big,Air Jordan 2.Company manager Yu Zedong is late he Guoxing two sessions of Yanjing University Alumni, also to be in the full vigour of life of the provincial and ministerial level cadres.Although the enterprise has cancelled the administrative establishment, however, the era of the planned economy left thinking still exists, this thing is not level say cancel to cancel it.Now Mu Guoxing has basically not to Regulatory Commission that office, this is not to say that he does not pay attention to the regulation of the committee's work, and indeed it is too much work.Besides the Regulatory Committee's day-to-day work, the last meeting of the Political Bureau of the economic work and give it to him, and this time the number three heads and put him in charge of the price regulation and European sovereign state of the negotiations, this work has been far from enough Regulatory Commission Director duties outlined.Now the head of the national ministries of all know, now is intended to central Mu Guoxing plus the burden, also let him advance into the role, this is also a practice, is the previous old generation of collective leadership is about to retire, a common method adopted for successors.As a vice ministerial-level cadres, Yu Zedong is rarely able to see the head of the Central Committee, because he also played the layer above the NDRC, more do not mention head of home on the job, so when he received a phone call from Zheng Wei, also do a lot of preparation.Yu Zedong was very clear, he reports the work to face the Future Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier in charge of economic work.In the drawing room waiting for about five minutes, a beautiful female staff came in: "in general, head to see you at your office, please come with me!"See Yu Zedong came in, he Guoxing stood up, stretched out his hand with smile: "the Ze, comrades, I had heard that we are alumni, have been busy at work today finally have the chance to talk together."Yu Zedong is very clear, Mu Guoxing met with him before his affirmation is to understand his situation, otherwise he wouldn't say so.Alumni of the two words, soon close the relationship between two people, a way which is a leader in the work often takes the, want to achieve unanimity, way and method of conversation is very important."Chief hello!But you are our model for Yanjing University students, I am better than you in late two, but all that you in the university do, but let us these later classmates admire ah."Mu Guoxing smiled: "this is a thing of the past, not to mention it!"Took the staff end to tea, Mu Guoxing and Yu Zedong exchanged a few words of Yenching University, and then Mu Guoxing said: "Ze Tung comrades, now living goods prices are rising quickly, break in in full fury.Do not good will affect the stability of social order, I find you today is to talk with you, what do you think we should do, in order to stabilize prices purposes."Yu Zedong thought for a moment and said: "heads, I think, on the surface, the rise in prices is determined by the relationship of supply and demand, but to the deep level analysis, but more than that, it also involves political or policy issues, I am afraid that I can't speak it very well."Mu Guoxing smiled: "today we are free to chat, the conversation is confined to the room, you dare to speak out, also it doesn't matter."
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