July 04 [Mon], 2011, 18:25

I feel so much better about things in general.

I don't know what it is, but something really sprang
and hit me just right.

I was sick again with the same flue fever thing.
Such fun!!!
It's really not my idea of a good start to my day...
when I have to run to the bathroom and the toilet
bowl is pals wit' mah face.

I always get to sleep a crazy amount though~!
Which is nice...kind of.

So, I stayed in my room slept, colored, and listened
to A.i.O.

I went and read for a short time outside, but didn't last

I talked to Nana on the phone...more like listened, sense
I wasn't really up to talk.

Something she said though...really put me in a bad mood...
but then after quite a bit of pondering I looked at it in a
whole different aspect.

It ended up putting me in a better mood.

I was like...FINALLY!!! Something that got though to me.

Then...Nana was a pest. =.=; and asked what my "type" was
I didn't know what she meant. She meant as in a guy.
I don't have one.
She didn't take that though....obviously she wouldn't have...
I mean she's her.
she asked to name something I liked...
so I said hair then I was supposed to say, what kind and color.
I do that, by sending a picture, the picture happens to be of
Akemi. Little did I think, because Nana
says something like..."So, that's why you wouldn't rate Kemi~
because he's your type~! <3"
I tried telling her it was just to show her what hair I liked.
She was not convinced that...or she just likes being a pest.

Today is the 4th of July. Wow.....I don't think I'm as excited..
as most people. <.< Ah well.


Hmmm, well I must get to getting a showers.


July 02 [Sat], 2011, 16:50

Thankfully not many people visit here anymore, so this is
mainly for my self that I'm writing.

I've been in the weirdest mood lately.
It's quite bothersome.

I don't really know what the matter is either...I think I'm
really out of it, because I haven't been eating very much.
I mean, I eat, but....just not much. Due to my stupid eating

Apart from my weird mood swings.

I've been practicing keyboard more seriously.
It's so much fun and I love it a lot. It's so relaxing.

I have so many people that I look up to in the art
of piano/keyboard.
I hope to one day be as amazing at playing as them.
I guess you could call it a dream of mine, kind of late...for that to
happen, which is why it'll always remain a dream.

New thought processing::
I feel so...separated from my friends.
Literally and figuratively.

It seems like I don't get along the way I used to with them.
I don't feel a friendly connection to them....
I mean...I guess I feel out of place with them. No longer
a friend. It's mainly my perspective of things that's throwing
things in a wrong direction. I don't know how to change things
My trust issues are stupid....hah.

Anyways, I'm done now. I feel the same about everything.
I hope in time things will patch up in my heart and I will
not feel such a coldness towards them.

Winnie the pooooooooooooooh

January 30 [Sun], 2011, 15:56


I was exhausted yesterday...and
I don't know why
So today I woke up at 12:50.....

I was quite shocked!!

I was happy though, because
my eyes opened with no hesitation.
I felt so very rested.

I didn't really do much today...
but I helped do little things around
the house and stuff.

When I first got up though, I asked
my dad if I could help him with any-
thing. But he said no, so I tried to
find something to do. I went through
things in my room and found lots
of note books....lots of them. haha
Along with my camera.

I took a bubble bath...ahhhh...
so relaxed. I hadn't taken one for
a while, so it was soooooo nice!!!

Tomorrow I'm going out to eat with
mommy, Candii and Nana as an
early birthday thing.

I think it'll be fun! Since we haven't
been able to go will be.

One Word: strange....but also hilarious.

January 29 [Sat], 2011, 10:13

I had this Snapple Green
Tea Peach stuff.....

It's good...but probably has
to be one of a kind...XD;

Meaning...I like it, but I can
only drink a bitty sip at time..
otherwise something really
strange happens in my mouth.

It's like a, I don't know
how to explain it, but strange.

It's lasted me the whole day...
I'm only still half way finished
with it...

I am cleaning my room again,
along with my clothes and self.

Today has been an interesting
day, but good! ^ ^

Ah, I've been watching "You're
Beautiful" the Korean drama
Nana has been too...she showed
it to me yesterday.
It is...ah, I've gotten really into it.
I get into drama's easily though...
this is probably the worst though. hahaha

It's hilarious, yet sad. I don't like
it when people cry...especially on
shows it makes me feel so silly. XD
because then I cry.

Anyways, I luv it!! There is a guy
who kind of reminds me of Hammin's
stature, eyes and eye brows. XDD hilarious.



Annnnie may.

January 27 [Thu], 2011, 7:00

School days -icky!! I regret watching it.
1.Nyan Koi.
4.Kuroshitsuji II
5.Vampire Knight
6.Vampire Knight Guilty
7.Special A
8.Aishiteruze Baby
9.Kimi ni Todoke
10.Pandora Heart
11. Ouran Host Club

I'm working on
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Rebellion has gotten to me
because I've been not watching
it lately...because I'm supposed
I like it now though...
so I am going to continue. ^^

So off I go~


January 26 [Wed], 2011, 14:17
I think cookie monster is my favorite monster.

I speak of him, because I had about 10 cookies
the size of a peanut butter jar.

And just lied out on the floor. That's my new thing
I really like just laying in the middle of the floor
and listening to music. I don't know why...but
I spent A LONG time doing that.

Mmmm...I was pretty hyper for a while....I was
singing at random, extremely bad.
haha, and pestering my mom and sister.
It was really fun!

I played outside for a while..because it wasn't
that bad out. I had a good time out there.

Sorry I've been spamming, just writing my
day helps me out a bit. ^^

So, bye bye!

Fuuuuulalala~ \(&gt;O&lt;)/~

January 26 [Wed], 2011, 6:58

I like this sooooooooooong!!!!

Her voice sounds so cute I think.
Anyways...I find this song catchy!

lil' friend agrees~

Uahhh...with other news.

I went to Nana's for Japanese....
Ahhhhhhhhhh......we had a test
and I lost my folder with my words...
so I fail. XD

Mmm...and Akemi will be making our, that pretty much means
SERIOUS BIZ, pfff, chu know what I'm
sayin'. -sighs-
>o>; I know how it is
pumpkin...I know.
So scary!! XDD;;;

TRY MY BEST...Rah rah...<.<;; >.>;;
I kill at cheering for myself, did you see
my enthusiastic words there?
-points at the "rah rah"-
Hahahaha...hopefully Akemi
won't get frustrated with us...eeep!!!

I love how I'm just sitting here psyching
myself out for something like this...XD;;

Ah, I'm going to go and STUDY my words.



January 25 [Tue], 2011, 11:58

I've heard this song many times..
I'm now in love with this song.....
it's so cute/sad.

I also like the music...bunches.

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