Long time, no see! 

June 28 [Sat], 2014, 15:45
I am so sorry I haven't been posting! (Although I doubt anyone is reading this...)

Well, to tell you about my life recently, I have what they call "entrance exams" in half a year. So I have to study hard for that, and get good grades in school and stuff.
Basically, I feel like I am being so pressured every single day. I don't know if you feel the same, Secret, but I think you will understand what I am trying to say.

And, by the way, I found a way that I could comment back to other people's comments! It turns out I can't comment as "Kotori" because "Kotori is the one writing the posts (if that makes any sense at all). So I am going to comment as "K・O・T・O・R・I" from now on. Just please know that it's me.

Alright, that's about it for now! I hope to post again some time soon, so see you until then!
Love you all♡

Happy Autumn 

October 26 [Sat], 2013, 0:00
I had been hoping I could write a new post every week. However, at first, I didn't have the Internet, and I had forgotten to update, even after I got it, because I had been so busy trying to adjust. I apologize, my dear friends, that I couldn't keep this blog running for a while.

Well, to tell you about my life here, I have adjusted, although not completely. I have made some friends, and I am doing fine, although not amazing.
During the day, I take lessons sitting on the branches of a tree, not flying around the open sun. It hurts to have to stay still, but that's just the way of the forest. And those whom I take the lessons with, called "classmates," are fun. We had a chorus festival yesterday, and although we didn't "win" as in receive an award, we "won" because our hearts were together as our song rang beautifully thoughout the hall. Tomorrow is our party, so I'm excited for that.

Tomorrow is also our school festival. I am going to perform, for I am in the school band now. I will perform three songs, twice. We had to memorize the songs, so it was hard, but I think it's worth it. And, we even have our own club T-shirt!

It is late now in the forest, and since I have to be at school early tomorrow morning for the festival, I am going to put an end to this post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my life here, in the forest.

One More Week 

January 23 [Wed], 2013, 8:30
It's official. One more week until I have to fly back.
I really should be gathering my belongings now, like the big bears do during the fall for hibernation, but I'm too tired and too unwilling to do that.
So far, I have no comments on my updates. Well, obviously, because I haven't told anyone, since I'm still in the zoo, not the forest. Just before my migration, I will tell my dear friends to visit my site once a while. And by the time you, my friends, read this, I would already be in the forest.
I shall now go on to finding more things to bring on my trip.

Happy New Year! 

January 01 [Tue], 2013, 0:00
Happy New Year, everyone!
Best wishes for 2013, and be sure to comment on my updates!


December 30 [Sun], 2012, 8:30
It brings tears to my eyes, as I write this, as I recall the past five years or so. I had not yet even been a little bird then, only a small chick. I was taken to a foreign land, an enclosed place called a zoo. There, I was given a tiny cage to call mine, but during the day, I had to go out into the sun with other animals from all over. There was a familiar one that spoke my language, one that came to the zoo earlier than I. He helped me adjust, I admit, but the life there seemed so miserable, and I seemed so out of place, I often cried myself to sleep alone in my cage. All I wanted then was to fly back to my own forest which I had been taken from.

Now, I have my wish. I may fly back to my forest, no, that doesn't feel right; I must fly back to the forest... is what they're telling me. Over the course of my journey here in this zoo, I have been changed in a way I can't describe, but I know for sure that it has changed me forever. I've met many new animals, some friends, some not, but because I knew them, I've been taught many lessons. I've met some unfamiliar plants as well, that I would've never known if I'd stayed in the forest. There were bears and dogs and sweet-smelling flowers, fulfilling my days of exploration. There were horses and foxes and dolphins, all of which I hope to see again. There were turtles and weasels and pikes, too, which taught me many life lessons. There were some I can only hope to meet again in my dreams, but they will not be forgotten, for they have all contributed in brightening my life.

And here is the place for me to keep in touch with all of my treasured friends and tell them of my life in the forest. I mustn't forget you all, so I encourage all of you to respond to my weekly update from the forest. And I thank you all, and want to tell you that I think of you, now and then, remembering all of the fun times we had together in the zoo.

We might meet again, won't we? But for now, this is my way of communicating to you.
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