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September 26 [Thu], 2013, 16:51

This week in the NBA, with so much time off and money piling up, Stephon Marbury decided to hold an online chat. He basically explained his side of the holdout and proclaimed to the academy that he is not a selfish player. He did support his cause saying

have averaged eight assists per game throughout my career." Good stat but he did show up late to the chat. Not the best start to my Celtics approval interview.

The Shaq and feud is more like aForrest Gump and Jenny relationship. They go together like peas and carrots! Shaq assured us all that the media made up the whole feud and it's just another marketing ploy. He goes on to say "We still the greatest littleman, bigman 12 punch ever created in the history of the game. They reunite on the West Allstar side next month.

We now bring you the best excuse to be snubbed for the allstar team. This week's winner is Carmelo Anthony. Melo was a little upset he got overlooked and said the injury had to be the key for not being selected. He says didn think I did nothing wrong, "My game didn do nothing wrong. That the only thing Lamarr Houston Elite Jersey that could have (hurt Anthony, is his injury). This isn't a DUI questioning Carmelo; the media always asks questions after games. Melo did deserve to be named to the West allstar team, just didn like his defense.

Andrew Bynum will not face a suspension by the league for his hit on Gerald Wallace. Wallace suffered a collapsed lung after the Bynum forearm shiver. Bynum says sending flowers to his hospital room. Bynum has stepped up his game this past month; he is also looking to represent the Lakers in Wrestlemania 25. Kendrick Perkins hacked Maxiell last night so I can't even make my Lakers are dirty case. Instead, I'll just move alongnext topic!

Did someone say we're going streaking? Yes it true, the Celtics have got the mojo going again and have won 10 straight. With the bench boys, House and Big Baby stepping it up, they've really showcased their toughness and 3point shooting. They did snub Rondo and Ray Allen from the allstar game and now they pissed. Cavaliers are 220 at home this season. Holy Mo Williams! This guy scares me and with big Z back in action, the Cavs look tough. Should definitely be a fun second half of the season.

Ferrari F2008 vs F60 (2009spec)

regulation changes for 2009 are some of the most extensive ever introduced to Formula One racing and fall into three main areas aerodynamics, KERS and tyres. Formulated with help from the Overtaking Working Group (OWG) engineers, the new rules aim to (1) reduce the aerodynamic sensitivity of the cars to turbulence; (2) increase overtaking opportunities; and (3) slow the cars in the very quick corners. To compensate for raidersofficialonline.com/99_lamarr_houston_jersey_authentic_black_limited_cheap the loss of downforce from the aerodynamic changes, slick tyres have been brought back for the first time since 1997 to boost mechanical grip. As a result of the changes the 2009 cars appear quite different to their predecessors, with the removal of the vast majority of bargeboards (now only allowed in a very small area see red arrow), winglets, chimneys and cooling gills leading to much cleaner looking designs. Forthcoming Technical news articles will examine each of the key areas of change in detail.

part of the aero changes designed to allow cars to be able to follow each other more closely (and hence promote overtaking), the 2009 front wing is both lower (75mm instead of 150mm) and wider (1800mm instead of 1400mm). The wing also features a universal central section (500mm), which all teams designs must comply with this season, and a flap section that can be adjusted by the driver twice a lap over a range of six degrees. Sauber F1 driver has already stated that the snowplowlike design of the front wing element, coupled with its rather ungainly width, will result in more race incidents. When looking at tracks with super tight first turns (Monaco being the most obvious), it won be uncommon to see sharp carbon shards cutting tires and causing DNFs and crashes. Decreased height of the front aero element should also prevent the cutting the chicane, especially at high curbed tracks / tracks with policement like Monza. Not having that extra off will force drivers ever so tighter into corners. Be on the lookout for some hairy first corner antics. There will be plenty of it in 2009.

overhead, the clearest difference between the 2008 and 2009 designs is the increased width of the front wing, now as wide as the car itself at 1800mm. Gone are the Lamarr Houston Authentic Jersey fairings on the front suspension pickup points (where the suspension attaches to the chassis) and the use of turning vanes is now restricted to a small triangular section (see arrow) in front of the sidepods. Cooling vents, chimneys and winglets are noticeably absent from the top of the sidepods and there is no winglet on top of the rear axle. The rear wing is narrower (750mm instead of 1000mm) and taller (950mm as opposed to 800mm) and the diffuser has been moved further back. the analysis from the top shows the absence of the plethora of bargeboards (that often looked like the saw blades), the smoke stacks and the vertical aero element on top of the side pods.

I CAN www.raidersofficialonline.com/99_lamarr_houston_jersey_authentic_black_limited_cheap.html WAIT FOR THESE CARS TO TAKE TO THE TRACK IN A RACE!

Want to be your own StatDragon this Super Bowl Sunday? Take a look at these interesting trivia facts and impress your fellow SuperBowlwatching friends during the big game!!!

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