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May 22 [Wed], 2013, 18:38
So long as you don't mind getting a used leo then you have various alternatives when you are looking at getting inexpensive gymnastics leotards. eBay is always a great place to buy cheap leotards. eBay carries both used and new gymnastics leos, but the used ones are typically less expensive.

Brown ferrets are known as chocolate ferrets. Their hair is chocolate brown whereas their underbelly has a golden shade to it or is totally white, akin to the cinnamon ferret. Usually their eyes are brown in color, but they will at times be a shade of reddishpurple.

"They arrived in Boston together via private jet and were whisked to the hotel," an eyewitness tells PEOPLE. The duo spent most of their time in their rooftop suite, not even emerging for meals. Instead, they shared lots of room service and "had an incredible time together," the source says.

In this "Siddhartha," the actors often move about the stage in balletlike slow motion. If you can equate a night in the theater with one in a Buddhist ceremony, you may find this engrossing. But I fear you may find it, as I did, well meaning and good looking but ultimately fuzzy..

So many times, however, I have observed over the years that music students and their families do not fully understand what is required of a "performer." I grew up in a home of physicians that knew nothing about playing music. My parents just wanted to make sure I learned to play piano, but they had no previous knowledge or training on how to assist me with my musical development. I see many students now in my same situation..