Word of anger to suspect Komuro of Yuzo Kayama 

November 10 [Mon], 2008, 12:24
Singer Yuzo Kayama (71) severely criticized music producer and Tetsuya Komuro suspect (49) who had been arrested by the alleged fraud on the ninth. Because oneself also had paid it off while burdened with the debt of 2.3 billion yen before, Kayama who had performed to "It is a commemoration concert of the Yorocoyorocojuc establishment for 150 years" done Keio University and Hiyoshi inside the campus in the alma mater in Kanagawa Prefecture spoke in suspect Komuro who fell from prodigality to the criminal to a little cutting of Bti, "You may disappear".

With Keio University OB・OG「..happy... Being possible the establishment to sing in the hill in this Hiyoshi in 150 years」Young general in mood who held concert. However, the complexion changed at once when suspect Komuro's name was heard after it ended.
"It is a ton in the reality", "It is not a joke", and "You may disappear. ", etc.Be able it to crowd, to reel the anger that has been raised, and to reel the Bti at a dash. Getting angry here also has the reason. It is because Kayama has fallen into the deep debt, too.
The ski area goes bankrupt with Pacific Park Hotel that served as the auditor in 1970. The debt of 2.3 billion yen was burdened. A debt near for 700 million yen remained though clearance money of the hotel was subtracted. In addition, the tax was failed to pay for about 200 million yen. 「Everyone runs away. It desperately returned it thinking that it was not because of whom either. 」It says.
Being able to repay is ..a thorough saving and modest feelings.. .. Wife Megumi Matsumoto (60) and one egg were shared as a former actress and it had eaten. The star of the screen to which the age was dominated by "Young general series" in the 60's became, fell, cared neither Dosa nor to turn round the cabaret in outskirts, and it worked. Years of ten years were required for paying off.
The glory in the 90's was not forgotten, and might it be said the lamplight and it have been painful for suspect Komuro who threw up a tab out from prodigality and had fallen even into the criminal. 「The person who succeeds should think what standpoint he is by becoming famous. The person's temptation is unrelated. I am all responsible. 」。It is ponderable to the word of ..knowing.. Kayama the hardship. How does the word sound in suspect Komuro in the prison or -.

The big bird and former Waca-apology also refuse the return. 

September 09 [Tue], 2008, 19:25
It was arrested on the suspicion of the hemp possession, and Japan Sumo Association was visited on No big bird (20= real name Gagroef Sosran)= the 21st the ninth dismissal disposal =, and it apologized to the Musashi river chief directors (former grand champion sumo wrestler and Mienoumi) by reserving it disposal on the eighth young of released Grand Sumo Tournament and former top-division wrestler. The Musashi river chief director refused though retired wrestler Gagroef told the intention that wanted to return to the sumo world, "It is not accepted".

Retired wrestler Gagroef visited the society by haori coat and hakama (hakama) appearance of the kimono bearing crest accompanied by deputy's Takeutiei lawyer. The Musashi river chief director says that he or she answered, "The dismissal disposal has already been given, and it is not possible to do though it is regrettable because it was promising in the future" in front of Musashi river chief director and Ise-maritime affairs industry directors (former Sekiwake and wistaria-river) , saying that "Reflect because it troubles the people and the society" though it mistakes with tears, and it was appealed, "Please return it".

Retired wrestler Gagroef who had had an interview after it saw the chief director revealed, and appealed , saying that "There was an experience since the boy because it was not severe in Russia though it knew breathing in the hemp in Japan to be bad", "I want to return to the Grand Sumo Tournament by all means". Lawyer Takeuchi described, "It is worried because it had troubled you in the so much at the people (Whether appeal or not?)" while spoken, "It compared with a past disposal example if returning, the dismissal could do nothing but be assumed to be unjustified, and legal measures of an invalid confirmation be taken".

The demon's face also : up to three degrees. 

September 04 [Thu], 2008, 14:24
It is assumed Sou Nags coming of spectacle society, is known, and the singer and demon Kogure Your Excellency who has served as the guest commentator of NHK General 'Grand Sumo Tournament relay' of the exception : "Tsyuootori and dew Yamadaiasa positive reaction problem" that came to light on Tuesday, the second as an entertainer in the blog of the assistant on Wednesday, the third. 「..going out.. . until three ..demon's face.. degrees. My loved sumo wrestling is humiliated now. It is blasphemed. How is it applied to a considerable betrayal to this sumo wrestling fan before the drop?」It criticizes severely.

Your Excellency is familiar with the sumo wrestling from in the childhood, and belongs to the sumo wrestling club Waseda University while attending school. It strives to the analysis and the practice of practicing sumo wrestling, and it frequently visits the Grand Sumo Tournament and the tour of country areas by "Disguise to avoid public notice". It talked about the zeal to the sumo wrestling, and when appearing on the television and the radio, the glance was put also by NHK, and the special knowledge and accuracy were invited as the first guest commentator in 'Grand Sumo Tournament relay' of the eighth Grand Sumo New Year Tournament day that had been done in 06 besides talking about the sumo wrestling by 'Close up Gendai'. It was a special first treatment that it performed to all from the relay beginning to the end and the guest developed the explanation over the whole volume in the history of NHK sumo wrestling relay.

After it makes introductory remarks by the blog," "Though the story ahead from here for the one of the reality the doubt, Your Excellency who especially loves wrestling :. 「My loved sumo wrestling is humiliated now. It is blasphemed. 」Grieve..cause..wrestler..sumo world..accountable..standpoint..all..take the responsibility on oneself..big..event..think..insist.

The wrestler death event in the Tokitsukaze room occurs, and the wrestler and the big bird of ..youth.. No from Russia arrested it on the suspicion of the Cannabis Control Law violation (possession) on Monday, August 18 last year. And, the positive reaction of the hemp is generated from the brother wrestler, Tsyuootori, and the dew mountain from Russia by the urine test to the wrestler whom Japan Sumo Association did on the second. The influence that it has on the sumo world is large though both wrestlers are negative all. Only this time, Your Excellency who says, "The demon's face is up to three degrees" is a boiling coconut as for the industry, too. 「The treatment of cautioning oneself like 'Self-imposed control of holding of the autumn sumo tournament' is hoped for. Expecting it also of the appearance that recovers … and of course after doesn't stop. 」Objection..have.

It dates it staying at Yuu Aoi of V6 Okada home. 

August 29 [Fri], 2008, 12:14
Two ardent love shots (Okada 1(27) of V6 and actress Yuu Aoi (23)) were obtained for photograph magazine "Friday" of the sale on the 29th. Two people are ..aspect combination.. ..saying.. Casa even home of and are love love as it starts on one's way back. It will developed into serious association recently though there was the rumor of ardent love after it co-stars in the drama in 05.

Two people will shop for the vicinity of of home apartment house super according to Shi this summer. The shopping bag was hung and the appearance in which it started was obtained ..aspect combination.. on one's way back in ..saying.. Casa. When shopping, it enters applying the time difference. ..love love.. mood as the arm is sometimes united. with the umbrella of the hand of one piling each other by two peopleIt is said that it enters the apartment house, and night was spent together as it was.

Two people co-star in drama "Tiger & dragon" of TBS broadcast in 05. Having developed into association in the coverage of this paper of Sports Nippon is recent at the following though the rumor of ardent love has been frequently passed on. Parties concerned had testified, "Having progressed rapidly for these several months" before though it was association together with friends.

Johnny's Production to which Okada belongs explains, "Because private is left to the person in question, the comment will be withheld". Side「It is heard that it will make it to the intimacy as a friend after it co-stars in the drama. Private becomes 23 years old and because it is already an adult, is left to the person in question. 」It is not negative, and shape to admit associating in fact. Attention will gather in the important person a couple of future.

"Die" test of courage is report commotion Kochi in boy's back. 

July 18 [Fri], 2008, 15:06
The boy who had put on the shirt written, "Die" in the back was confirmed at JR Kochi Station in Kochi City etc. on the 15th this month. There are two or more telephones "Isn't it bullying?" in the high school in place along railway-tracks, and when the policeman who mobilized to inform the 110th questioned on the road, "The purpose is to test the courage the theatrical company member was a wish" and "Confession. "The policeman is Can Can, and the make a humble apology of the boy. The high school where the telephone existed held the urgent executive association on the 16th, and the head teacher assumed the tray to which "When the rumor of bullying extended, embarrass it" jumped.

The boy was witnessed from the morning to 4:00PM of the 15th at three stations such as Kochi Stations according to JR Shikoku and prefectural police. The right eye was covered with gauze, it wrote to the back of a white shirt, and it was being written, "Good-for-nothing" in "Die" and a gray pair of trousers with the Indian ink.

The crew of the train confirmed the answer when the station employee asked the boy the reason in Kochi Station premises, "The play is studied", and getting off at Tosa Otsu Station (Kochi City) away by four stations, and it informed through the 110th Kochi Stations. The south official questions on the nearby road. It introduced oneself, "It is 18 years old in the permanent part-timer of the Okayama Prefecture living" etc.

C. Diaz is a traffic offence. 

July 16 [Wed], 2008, 17:00
C. Diaz to whom Paul Scalfor of a British model was rumored association did the appearance talked over the telephone with the cellular phone while driving and the paparazzi was done.

Cameron that has come out from ..celebrity order in Los Angeles.. restaurant "Madeo" is said on July 10 that it drove while talking over the telephone as it is without boarding the car of oneself who had stopped it to the parking lot when having a telephone call in the cellular phone, and setting carrying in the hands free set. The law's with illegal having been enforced : the cellular phone use while driving at the time of do not use the hands free set in California state on July 1. There seem to be no summons from the police yet though Battiri was held as for evidence because this day had been surrounded by a lot of cameramen.

By the way, it is uncertain whether the other party of the telephone call was Scalfor. Moreover, the carrying that had been used this time was a black berry though Cameron performed to CM of the Softbank of Japan.

Crisis of artist life. Moeyan of "Nubrayahhor ♪" announces "Gnu bra seal". 

July 09 [Wed], 2008, 11:05
Female comedy combination Moeyan that became a hit by the material to make "Nubrayahhor ♪" and light Harmony heard announced "Gnu bra seal" by the blog of oneself who had updated it on Monday, the seventh. 「The gnu bra will be removed. We wish to express our gratitude always nearby until the day of today for the gnu bra that has spent both time painfully at it glad up to now. 」It spelt, and a turning point important ..the public entertainments activity in the future.. was faced.

Moeyan is composed of two people (Ikebe love and the Kubo iroha). It performs to 'Young live Japan LF+R music TV' (BS Fuji) from Keio University before Ikebe says the refusal with Sze of present and the announcer of Nippon Television Network Corporation who was co-starring though invited even if becoming an artist by the best friend from the school days before. On the other hand, Kubo is an owner of both careers unexpected as CD debuts as an artist in the past.

It becomes a hit to the whole body tights that perform to 'God of Enta' (Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated) and 'Bursting out laughing red carpet' (Fuji Television Network-affiliated), etc. , and expose only the face "Nubrayahhor ♪" and preeminent ..wearing.. Harmony the gnu bra by surreal announced. What road can you cut open in the world of comedy with an intense ups and downs though there is a material of the costume play short story etc. besides "Gnu bra material", too?In the blog「And Moeyan open a new door. It is a start of the large adventure of the Indiana Jones denunciation. Do to the enjoyment because it thinks a new material to be able shortly to announce on the television?」It is enthusiastic, and I want to pay attention to new materials of women who literally took off the gnu bra.

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Having one's name registered report of Dragon Ash Ftani Tacocoroza and MEGUMI"I 

July 07 [Mon], 2008, 18:39
It was Monday, the seventh clarified that Kj F Tanitacocoroza of vocal and actress's MEGUMI had one's name registered by the leader of the rock band and Dragon Ash. Two people spelt by a part of 3 months pregnant of MEGUMI in the sports paper and spelt, the fax was "I wanted to build the home with light by the hand with a new family who would be born with three dogs and come ..sending.." in the mass communication by joint names through the belonging office at the reported midnight of the sixth submitting the Tokyo ward office and submitting the visit marriage report.

The association of two people starts in the autumn of 05 years. Ardent love is reported to the weekly photograph magazine next February, and MEGUMI admits associating in the event of the movie in March of the same year, and the cohabitation life begins in the solitary house in Tokyo last year, too. It became shape to report on having name registered while assuming, "…… though the report delayed" by this fax , saying that "Had one's name registered today because the baby had been received" as the real name of MEGUMI hung to the door plate though they were two people in the state of fact.

Entering MEGUMI is Honda Theater of Tokyo and Shimo-Kitazawa and Fita in a maternity leave keeping from within the year ..birth in January next year.. from Thursday, the 31st this month as for the stage 'Yoshiko of the bad joke' that is the appearance schedule. It serves as the substitute the senior and Yamada of the belonging office where it married actor Toru Kusano in February this year.

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Tetsuro "Actor" Degawa is a not good putting out to an anti-town. ? 

July 02 [Wed], 2008, 17:06
Actor's anti-town Takashi and comedian's Tetsuro Degawa et al. attend the production announcement interview of a TV Asahi system drama 'Man who applied 320 million yen in Lot 6' on Wednesday, the 2nd. Degawa who becomes drama appearance after a long time by this work confronts an anti-town of starring. 「It laughs at once because of the rehearsal. Because it is a match when the clapperboard rings. I want to stimulate each other and to grow up. 」An anti-town was made to smile a wry smile by the comment as if "First class actor".

It ..Cast.. musters in the hand of a bundle of bills.

This work is a comedy work drawn based on the real experience in the man who actually hit it rich in Lot 6. An anti-town where an ordinary divorcee company employee and Tachibana Satoyac are performed「It is happy that a terrible, sober post is performed. I want to do to not seriousness but a bright, happy drama. 」It is delight ..impurity.. appearance. "Sober" that not is before Yac

Degawa of the superior and Makoto Nakane Caiyac that the Tachibana is sarcastic progresses "Actor" mode more than the necessity , saying that "It has an interview now terrible and calm, and it is smart in an actual taking a picture". 「It collides many times on the site because anti-town Kung doesn't transfer it either. It stimulates each other and it grows up, and however, it is and. 」Some is yelled in "A little Cami" and it yells to an anti-town. An anti-town also : to this. 「What?It is .... so etc.」Returning it was utmost in the wry smile.

The cash chosen for 320 million yen appears in the hall in the last stage of the interview. A lot of money is made the presence, and "One time of this and Mr./Ms. Degawa ..anti-town.. ....worth of guarantee.. ?.." and Degawa when shaking it :. 「With hesitancy. When the story and Mr. anti-town of real go out three times of the serial drama, it is this. 」It returned, and the hall ..laughter.. was encompassed.

In the interview, Tomoko Nakashima (Othello) and Manabe, Ozawa pearl, stone wall, cherry blossoms, and assistant Isao Toyohara attended others. The drama 'Man who applied 320 million yen in Lot 6' is a start of the broadcasting from 9 o'clock that depends on Friday, the 4th this week.

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Yuji Ota"It worries about whether it is possible to live on my one imitation. " 

July 01 [Tue], 2008, 16:33
It participated at the opening of the swimming season of Kanagawa and the Enoshima coast where actor Yuji Ota (40) is a location site of Fuji Television Network system drama "Classroom in the sun and the sea" (nine o'clock Monday and after the start on July 21) who starred during a day.

It is an educational institution drama at the school of going on to school in Shonan, and Ota of nine appearance a month is a queer fiery spirit teacher post after an interval of about four years. Ahead scenery to become accustomed since convex ..only no movie "Shonan Souzoc" of debut Composition (87 years).. ages and familiar「I learnt it in this sea and the sun. It comes back as a teacher post. 」It solved and it talked powerfully.

Broadcasting considers athletes on friendly terms with the Beijing Olympics though they come in succession. 「It is not defeated at Its. I want to be said, 'It was put to Ota in that summer' so that it was not licked. 」With the fighting spirit bare. About artist and Yamamoto high wide (33) who makes an own one imitation a material「I cannot laugh. And, it comes to worry about whether it is possible to eat might be gone soon by transitory. 」It was worried. Do besides ..Hatau Okada (18).. ..the north.. and (17) also attended.

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