KAT-TUN with crepes~ 

2006年09月17日(日) 20時50分
はじめして !
杏です。FINRANDO- じんです。

Dewa dewa. First Entry!
I'm listening KAT-TUN at the moment and after drooling over Jin I also found Kame
wonderful. His voice is quite interesting if you listen carefully~♪ Waah and I'm
ashamed. I mixed Kame and Nakamura while I didn't know that there are only Koki and Naka in "One on One"! I seriously think Nakamura has a nice voice, he should
sing more!

Surffing and searching cool places in Tokyo via Internet is great fun ^_^/ MOTHER'S CREPE in Sunshine city looks yummy~ Their website is lovely and you can see menu with pictures ( ´∀`) At the moment I would pick Strawberry special or Caramel cheese cake! Oishi desu ne!

Tomorrow is school. And if we are lucky, we are going to find out our bloodtypes on biology lesson! I want to know it badly. My guess is that I'm A - that'll do. ^_^
It would be same as Yamapi's!! But I'm sure I would find hottie for every bloodtype.. That's what they say about A- person:

Careful, Sympathetic, Self-Sacrificing, Polite, Honest, Emotional,
Introverted & Nervous
"Good at team work and obey rules."
- Right. SAKKAA desu.
"Dislike to touch or be touched by others." -WROONG. I love hugs!
I wonder..

Yesterday I read Harry Potter and Half-blood Prince second time! There were things I didn't even remember, so I think it's useful to read them more than once. I've read
4th book seven times o__O Well, there was time. So huge pause between 4th
5th. Now just have to sit and wait last one. -_- I'm going to miss them.

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