2006年01月06日(金) 22時32分
I study case that I return sometihg to shop.

I often put a stamp on warranty in my part-time job.
sometime, when I'm asked to have something repaired, I take him to service counter.

So, It's easy, but It's difficult in English.

rice cake 

2006年01月05日(木) 22時36分
I have eaten rice cake for 5days.

Zouni, Zenzai, rice cakes with soi sorce&suger.

I countd rice cakes in refrigerator.

There are One handred one pieces.

How long may I eat there?

A happy new year 

2006年01月01日(日) 22時34分
A happy new year!

I had stayed home.


2005年12月12日(月) 23時06分
I wanted to go to foreign countries all the time.

I had passed English conversation at the age of a primary schoolchild for two years, but decided to try to go to a lesson of NOVA to remember Einglis, because I forgot it.

It is a day of the first lesson today.

The lesson was very simple.

but, I could not talk about my thinking, becouse I forgot words.


2005年12月08日(木) 23時35分
I went to published by passport center.

foreign country 

2005年12月05日(月) 23時22分
I want to go to a language study school in Canada becouse, In Canada, prices are cheaper from U.S.A., English pronunciation is fair, and I can snowboard.

I will write a diary about a foreign country here.

I met an adviser of studying abroad.
I had her estimate a budget of going it to study language.
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