Heng worried they had to draw

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() Nine hundred and fifty first chapter clash when Zhao Heng thoughtful moves when flipping through a book, Yue worried they've rushed. Jianmen children apart from anything else put their mouths surrounded Gongsha Li Yuanyuan, Yue Zhao Heng worried and four swordsman Cuanxiang side protection, but also how to say Zhao Heng Yue sword designated successor, Ruan Mazi then led several reliable cronies flock Yue phase, he was not with a large number of bodyguards Xiangfu past. Who knew there would not be assassin, attack or firing into disarray when in trouble, so in their own personal protection Yue phase before, and definitely not the other person close to the boss, Zhao Heng Li Yuanyuan looked Jianmen attack forced her to give up children kill Yue phase shouted: "get caught" "Ask who they are." Jianmen more than fifty children look a lag, it seems unlikely Zhao Heng accustomed to the directives issued by the mouth, but a lot of the offensive was virtually slow , Benxing Zhao Heng Yue Zhao Heng worried they had to draw the admiration of the furnace in place, then calling the shots look natural from not too embarrassed. Zhao Heng .. This can be considered for children Jianmen first instruction given, but still maintained a Chongrubujing Zhao Heng, everything seems to go with the flow on the front, but he looked rushed to his side Jianmen children frown slightly, Zhao Heng suddenly felt a murderous headed toward the side of the forehead almost no idea, he instinctively back his head and, at the same time, a needle in a non-capture speed across from his eyes, a head Zhao Heng and broken down the middle strand of hair, dark hair in the air Huangyou fall to the ground, the next second, a force to Zhaoheng Hua Li Jianguang, Zhao Heng bright although the injury has not recovered, but the Warrior let him leaping, behind three children Jianmen sword protection, Menheng blood spattered on the spot, a good patient killer good powerful sword, Zhao Heng eyes shè a hint of red-hot, the king's ambition burning again know war since attackers Zhao Heng powerful no longer care big toe a pick picked up a green bamboo sword, almost just clenched his palm hilt, there is no front crosspiece, opponents Jianguang again Lueqi birth Jianhua Zhao Constant eyes slightly cold, like a snake-like bamboo Jianmang Looking at the "bite" Shinai like Stinger live a sword-like points, but not enough time Zhao Heng force, even flexible Xiaoduan Shinai sword stab , the irresistible force Zhitou Jian Qi is the first ray of the wrist headed toward his chest, breathing a lag Zhao Heng know encountered a strong enemy, the moment toe point Daoyue sword suddenly still as a mountain, Zhao Heng Zhao Heng clothes cracked crack down glance open clothes, the eyes can not hide showing surprise, a person can actually hurt yourself by Jian Qi, whose skill is really profound, and he looked over to the other side down, a man was standing in front of their own linen, one feels as ice man. This world will always be that kind of person, he will not lose their essence because the environment changes, it will not be buried because of a big crowd, he is like Budou the awl, regardless of where we go, as long as he is willing to will naturally come to the fore, was highly anticipated. Just at the moment has no sword in his hand. Seems to have hit his Jianguang are flying in outer, but more so, Zhao Heng face sè more dignified, because they do not know what time the sword out, and ice generally middle-aged man is more terrible than the sword, he itself is a sword, a sword people have to pay attention. The next second, a Jianguang silent again stabbing Zhao Heng, Zhao Heng body already give full alert for a move, shake bamboo sword sword with paste, followed by cold stabbing each other. The latter looked Zhao Heng offensive eyes slightly cold, wrist flick tilt angle, instantly cut off half Artichokes Heng Zhao Jian, at the same time, he was startled blade, scattered Shinai anti North Face Outlet shè to Zhao Heng eyes, every action to fill the gap, let people feel his pinnacle. Zhao Heng think of each other tough predicament dark sense of a peak can only fight with each other, and now in the body of the inner trauma Ying Han opponents he could not, so he can only Shinai backpressure each blade, followed by migraine Ceguo shè bamboo to the eye, and then the left leg slightly bow spring back shè, barely escaped the other's attack jumped twenty-three meters, Men's North Face Apex Bionic Clearance Sale Zhao Heng holds half sticks bamboo sword standing body constantly shaking and coughing, he does not sit and watch far from the middle-aged man, but the opponent did not chase, but back away, eyes full of admiration and regret, Yue worried they rushed to make him lose the assassination possible. Middle-aged man wants Yue phase shift orientation, but found that they have formed Ruan Mazi formation, holding pistols kick right to the front of the crowd, he could only sigh continue to retreat, but the pale face did not change from beginning to end, it seems Failure did not much care about the task, accounting for just two road Xiangfu jīng sharp stop, middle-aged man pulled strokes, air sounded whistling of the wind tearing shining coldness sword Yilue, two jīng sharp head suddenly flying out of two meters from the neck cavity laser shè out of the blood as shocked bloom of fireworks. "What is this man?" Zhao Heng looked at him calmly popped in mixed Jianmen children, not only without difficulty Liansha six children and three Xiangfu jīng Jianmen sharp, also two full fight of two Killer pierced the throat, and then they tore a bloody hole in the middle surrounded away from Li Yuanyuan. Sky flying like blood, like mountain daisy blooming. Kill, silence, save, break seemed calm, also shows a strong middle-aged man, to be worried about their standing Zhao Heng Yue around, middle-aged man had disappeared, and only one had been there to blood clear to him, Zhao Heng muttering: "It's a powerful enemy." "blocked all entrances and exits, apprehend the murderer stabbed phase" Ruan Mazi in complete safety under the circumstances, facing the ceiling shouted one, and then looked at Yue worried Lenghe soon : "Yue worried Yue phase Jianmen Hall attacked, Xiangfu jīng sharp heavy casualties, you Jianmen must be held responsible, or I want you," "wind," and before his official argument screams, a bamboo sword to stab at his feet, so Ruan Mazi subconsciously take a step back, and then to see Zhao Heng light opening: "If you want us Jianmen head? pockmarks, and now is no time, you want to biting sword doors torn piece of meat? "" Just like not my shot, Yue phase already hung up. "looked at Ruan Mazi not into the floor of the mouth affects Shinai when Zhao Heng step forward, pointing to his sneer:" Asako , the other party to pick the situation get out of hand, there are at loggerheads even Jianmen hall, hall outside was probably already bloody, and now to solve the problem. "" instead of mutual sullied. "Here, Zhao Heng not be Ruan Mazi other reactions directly to Yue worried they ordered: "Yue wind, you'll be issued a notice to Jianmen inform Jianmen hall so that they do not conflict with the official shall jǐng confrontation with the army, while allowing the hall outside the children lay down their arms." "inform Blademaster funeral still held." nodded slightly in the wind when Yue, Zhao Heng Yue eyes fell again worried about him: "Yue worry, you immediately inform the hall appeared the truth, so people know the truth to be used, in particular, inform them carefully identify side Jianmen children, lest by criminals take advantage of or incitement. "" Understood. "Yue worried they replied aloud, though they Yue-phase full of hatred and anger, but at the moment I can not Yuanyuan they use, Otherwise, both men play against them in the shade of trees are square, will be rivers of blood loss of life, Jianmen vendetta should not have to sacrifice people. At this time, Zhao Heng coughed Go Xiangfu them, he crossed the pockmarked face sèyīn sink Nguyen, his eyes looked calm behind the elderly, mouth evoke a touch of a smile: "Yue phase, which is able to do Zhao Heng also Jianmen could get out of sincerity, is war and to see you. "Zhao Heng smile very friendly, Ruan Mazi they smell a touch murderous. "Zhao Heng?" Zhao Heng Yue phase did not directly answer, then, as the host of the elderly who naturally has its control over the situation, he step forward to watching the young man: "You're not a stranger to me, but also the first time I saw, sword Doors with Xiangfu is war and not my final say, but Zhao Heng you decide. "His speech presents a powerful confident and calm, people can not help but feel that he said is true, the two sides decided that the real battle or and the initiative in Heng Zhao, Zhao Heng Yue worried about Yue want to remind the sword of hatred, but feel spade into the matter at this time is not wise. Ear clearly remembered the helicopter sounds. "Tomorrow night can dare to Xiangfu a meal?" Four weeks suddenly rising up a cold murderous, Yue Zhao Heng phase gaze firmly locked to the hall through the ice like a blink of time, Zhao Heng totally fearless calm greeted on his gaze, then hesitated and looked at Yue worried about them, the Zhao Heng bursting out with a touch of a smile, faint voice out: "I like to eat lion head." Then he waved his finger and said: "Tomorrow night at eight, I arrive on time Xiangfu dinner, Yue-phase, now, let's get together Blademaster whether the road? "two parties put together Yue sword corpse back Jianmen enough to smash all the rumors, at least people can not be too impulsive too blind. Yue phase appreciate passing touch his face a smile, and then they turned to look Ruan Mazi, the opening of a single word: "Nguyen captain, and I arranged to attend the press conference Miss Yue disclosure of the truth, so take advantage of being the bad guys, and ordered the military jǐng only can block the flow of people, can not North Face Scy Outlet be fired on the people. "He throws the last sentence:" two tank brigades barrel Foreign,,, "PS: Flowers 560 more to add, thank you for support.
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