here i am 

May 15 [Tue], 2007, 19:38
heyyy this is lolo~lolo~loloqs speaking
woah...look at this old place
such amazing dat i find the password back
anyway..ill be back at june 9th
sighs am i talking 2 myself

a paper... 

February 08 [Wed], 2006, 23:44
today morning i went 2 school library asusual...and waitting for others
i found a paper lay on the table

it said:
my name is jamie
i am but three,my eyes are swollen i cannot see
i must be stupid i must be bad
what else made my daddy so mad?
i wish i were better,i wish i werent ugly.
They maybe mu mommy would still want to hug me
i cant speak at all.i cant do a wrong or else
im locked up all the day long
when i awake,im alone.the house is dark.
my folks arent home
when my mommy does come.i`ll try and be nice,
so maybe i`ll get just one wihipping tonight
dont make a sound!i just heard a car
my daddy is back from charlie`s bar
i hear him name he calls
i press myself against the wall.

i copy it 2 my notebook..coz i feel sad as well

leeds castle 

January 31 [Tue], 2006, 17:53
it is the second day...we went 2 school library at 9 am
we planed to go to Audley End and Saffron Waldon at first
coz Audley End not open so we changed plan to go to leeds castle
we arrived at leeds castle at 10:40


after lunch we went 2 maze..frada is the first one who reach the center
but when she go back and pick us up she lost...=3=
ps:we gonna harlow college 2morrow~cool~~~~~


January 28 [Sat], 2006, 19:46
we will leave shanghai tomorrow to Heathrow...and collected from school by at 9pm....that early=3=||but i think its easier for me to get airport myself..blah blah..
it took me 1hour to pack~umm...26KG=15KG clothing+11KG presents for hosts..laptop..DC..ipod..cell phone..chargers..three pairs of shoeses..HWs..books..etc
ps:i decided that i will go to france myself when i was 19!!


January 18 [Wed], 2006, 14:26
"hey lolo!what are u doing?"
"hi..jane!whats up?i misss u a lot"
"look..soul mate?what dose it mean? u have a soul mate lolo?who?"
"oh..not yet..who knows!.."
"well..well..dont be afraid of yourself!"
"...go too tired"


January 17 [Tue], 2006, 18:34
i come to know what i really want..
maybe i just hope you can set me free
i just wanna be free...
free as a bird...and leave here


January 17 [Tue], 2006, 17:51
i`m going to have break but i still feel i got my marks..just so sooo..*sigh*
ummm... furthermore i left my cell phone home this morning and back home after my surprise i get 8 texts..and one of them said that i should go to apply the UK visa at 1 pm....but when i saw this it was already 240pm....and then i answered my mom`s calling she told me my teacher couldnt find me anywhere = =and i made her angry!hahaha?so it was all my mistake?well...teacher always right
i think i am going to have a unfree uk trip!!!
i just wonder who can set me free?


January 16 [Mon], 2006, 22:47
"you know..sth bad happened..and i..i can do nothing at all.."


January 14 [Sat], 2006, 22:34
lol~~~bought it just now~~~yum~


January 12 [Thu], 2006, 16:19
i finished all my tests!but the horrible weather made me distracted>< i spent one hour finding was 1500 when i got home..sigh
i will receive my marks next tuesday. so i still have 3days left =3=hehe
umm...the UK visa application thing also bothered me a lot...the plan changed so maybe we will set out on 29th?...umm..not sure
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