What is Osteoporosis ?
2015.04.21 [Tue] 11:52

The strength of the bone, the amount of bone (bone mass, bone density) is determined by the quality of the bone. Osteoporosis (osteoporosis) is, or decrease the amount of bone, bone quality is deteriorated bone is weakened by, is a disease which is easily broken.

In the interior of the healthy bone, a lot of trabecular bone is connected to the vertical and horizontal directions, I am keeping the strength. Osteoporosis or cut or become bone of these rod-shaped thin, with or weakened even if not change the thickness, it becomes the state of the brittle sounds hollow, I become easily broken. Osteoporosis, cancer and stroke, it is not a disease in itself life-threatening as myocardial infarction, who become requiring long-term care state from fractures by osteoporosis is not uncommon.

Osteoporosis is a terrible disease. For example, when the spine becomes brittle, or collapse under the weight of the spine is the body, likely to occur is deformed compression fracture, or bent back, posture will or worse.
As a result, it will lead to that interfere with daily life.
If the attitude is bad, you may bad impact on the internal organs out.

Osteoporosis is often ill overwhelmingly woman. Bone mass from around the age of 50 to welcome the menopause decreases rapidly, one in two people in their 60s, seven in ten equal to or greater than the 70-year-old is said to have osteoporosis. This is because the female hormone (estrogen) is involved in the metabolism of bone.
Others, age and genetic predisposition, unbalanced diet and extreme diet, smoking and excessive drinking, even such as exercise habits are considered as the cause of osteoporosis, in recent years, young women of osteoporosis also has become a problem.