Qin Yang, which is how it was

July 30 [Tue], 2013, 12:17
Cong Goushaogoujiao Y C han thumb Shizuo <u Huihuanpingbu bed bad sword a group of people are バーバリー バッグ guilty of pouring T r Chi Zhanzhahanchu Huhanchuhu R ソ counseling i Caicongcaihui school?

Could it really have an ambush? Tatsumi pasture holding binoculars mind wondering. Ages did not make up your mind!

In his thinking in time. Command post in the Qin Yang and Wang Changhai are excited to see the ship slowly come to near to rely on. In accordance with the speed calculation. There are estimated to be a few minutes will go twenty-nine army artillery positions to fire within range. That time. These shells turn devils head to taste the taste!

But at the moment people are looking forward to the arrival in time. Devils land battleship actually stopped. No longer moved forward! Devils in the end people do not understand what the hell the pound. Only stared at.

Qin Yang, which is how it was. Them how to ティファニーアウトレット stop coming? Wang Changhai Devils looked to ship stopped there is no forward ティファニー 指輪 nor backward. Felt very strange. Qin Yang could not help but turned around and asked.

Qin Yang did not want to understand that in the end is how it was. He thought for a bow. This dawned. Hurried with Wang Changhai explained. Is the way it is. Although we got a very tight, but still imperfection you see we have not arranged one on the pier so since although avoiding losses, but also let the devils became suspicious!

Qin Yang to say. Wang Changhai also come to understand. Indeed yes ah. Since shallow water on the river bank and the layout of the obstacles. Then that twenty-nine army has been aware of. Impossible not arrange manpower on the pier. Simply arrange to defense tight imprecisely difference.
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