Future glasses to capture health information

July 25 [Fri], 2014, 12:33

Recently, the 2014 China Development Forum in Shanghai electronic medical disclosure organized, Google has introduced new glasses, wearable devices on the use of medical technology has been in the limelight. From fitness indicators to monitor disease data tracking, management from the private details of the health services to the systemic health insurance plan issued by, technology is a big health management through gucci square wrap sunglasses wearable devices into reality. China Electronic Information Industry Association vice president Xu Xiaolan revealed that with the continuous development of wearable technology, people may be able to wear a pair of glasses can master all of their health information.

According to reports, wearable devices are typically worn or integrated directly into the user's clothing or accessory equipment, it can take advantage of things the collected personal data transmitted to the cloud in a continuous, real-time ray ban new wayfarer sunglasses monitoring. Currently wearable devices seen everywhere, such as Google glasses, smart alarm clock, watch health care, smart sports shoes. With more and more companies are able to measure heart rate, sleep quality and even the nutritional level of equipment in the blood to enter the market.

Smart sports shoes, for example, it can record the wearer's activities to mileage, the number of steps and calories as a unit, so that the wearer clear within a day, how much movement distance, the number of calories consumed, is keen to lose weight and exercise the service provides users with real-time monitoring.