Standing long jump (Guiqiu master.)

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 3:17

Your best friend! The Sports Madman, teaching for 20 years, Your question is: how the standing long jump (Guiqiu master.)? The interim method: shoes then you can wear soccer shoes canvas.

Basic posture, standing jump: legs open and shoulder width, size, based on personal hard habit to.

2, knees wobble, not too many two or three times, the swing to be effective.

3, the take-off to be used: the outbreak of the forefoot (ordinary point said: sudden) coordination problems that need attention: a, action b takeoff angle (springboard preamplifier hurdle fall put) 5, if There are to the time leg strength exercises can be done, so you can quickly improve performance.

Solid ball: 1, the sale to strengthen the upper body strength (required assurance throwing strength) 2, leg strength (strong kicking) the waist strength (body show received) 4, reasonable angle (Distance guarantee ) wish: health! Happy! Long jump to the upper limb swing in conjunction with the body, for coherence.

Action: 1.

Arms on the move, fully stretched upward, the former sole; 2.

Backward swing of the arms to the limit while down squat forefoot, leaning forward center of gravity forward.

Arms forward fast swing at the same time his legs active force, the ball of your foot stomp.

Air should the body is fully developed, the whereabouts actively abdomen, legs reach the body weight rapidly forward.

Note: The above four action should be coherent, the connection speed is not too fast 3.

4 well, the scores will improve a lot.

Should probably not on the line you see those athletes wear shoes to raise points calf strength point force can be used when the swing arm, takeoff can be appropriate to lean forward.

Force Caesar forward jump do not jump up pre-placed: opened about two feet shoulder width, arms back and forth.

Backswing, knees and lower the center of gravity and upper body slightly forward, hands as much as possible back swing.

Takeoff vacated: feet quickly and firmly placed, while his arms a little song by the forward top of the swing forward above the jump vacated, and fully show the body.

Removed from the ground before the forefoot instant stomp action.

Floor buffer: abdomen Jutui the calf stretch forward, arms firmly back swing and knees floor buffer.

Points: the timing of calf protrusive good grasp of the curved legs outriggers backswing, landing forward not backward.

1, place your feet and abdomen jump: upright from the place began to take off, the air to do a the bent knees tuck and tuck Action Action, the knee must touch the chest, the buffer must be landing knees.

2, to come forward jump: in situ knees began to jump, the air to do a straight leg to come forward to the action, the hip is fully open, make a back bow action, landing knees buffering.

One foot jump forward exercises: generally use the left (right) to go to the right (left) to practice distance control in 25-30 meters.

, Skipping: feet, hop, timed jump, etc..

5, standing long jump practice (not excellent floor exercises) can use the original training, sandbags tied to their feet, plus one kilogram every three days up, lay down and try to jump continued for a month! Arm off, chest, stride, landing.

On this fact, not much skill, standing long jump shoes as long as the good grip on OK.

Important to practice your calf muscles and abdominal muscles.

Leapfrog is the best training methods.

The time of the game is to wear nail shoes (plastic track), standing long jump in the usual places, it is best to wear running shoes.

(A big brand running shoes are good), standing long jump, the most important is the coordination of the body and leg strength.

On the Internet to find a video to teach you! Potatoes long jump tutorial online! But you is not the power of small, 180cm just jump 1.9 meters, or to practice your leg strength! To be the main arm with leg coordination, the ready arms on the move, put the heel; then the arms by the side of the body to the hem, while the knee slightly bent; same action can do twice the take-off at the shoulder to relax the arm out rejection, the landing arms back swing.

The long jump is leg strength and explosiveness.

There is action problem.

Vacated action good.

These to the teacher for help.

Training leg strength and explosiveness with a barbell squat, but skill Oh! If you are not leg strength, you can start with 50 kg refining onwards.

Then slowly add, like added to 100 kilograms.

In important refining the explosive moment.

If you can slowly squat down, but it's the moment you want to fast.

So that it can effect.

If you do not have a barbell, you can stand side of the wall, and then squat down on a man sitting on your shoulders then you hand leaning on the wall up to do squat.

Skills and barbell squat.

Then is ready to activities, examinations usually pay attention to more important.

Preparatory activities have to do a good job, in order to play it.

Such as run slowly after Gordon ran stride jump the high leg.

To wear spikes vigorously swing arm stomp action.

Wearing jogging shoes.


More practice posture vigorous arm, stomp actions.

Jump using the mentality not to tense the 20 leapfrog you at home every day even, better wear Nike shoes, jump when you want to force the swing arm, straining forward to kicking on the line attention to the coordination of the body, special body and arm There is a drive down the center of gravity, your height should be able to jump to more than 2.3 meters to practice, will be harvested louis vuitton purses on sale