Dream in Hongcun

July 13 [Mon], 2015, 16:34
Eleven the eight day holiday, rare. Daily at home without incident, although the idle leisurely, indeed also inevitably led to many boring. Want to go out for a walk, take a breath of fresh air, but also a change of mood.Brushless DC Motor’s Classification and Structure
After all, in the home, can not go too far, afraid of their parents do not allow, and limited to the economic conditions have to find a place near point, right when the swap. Will be invited to a friend, a simple back pack of the backpack, go to Hongcun, Yixian County to see. Not only in the past to the city of Yixian County to take a tourist bus, which gives me a lot of inconvenience. I don't live in the city, do not live in the county. It is going to Hongcun early in the morning to catch the bus to the county to the county, after the transfer to the city, and then went to the destination. In contrast, the temporary residence in the city of friends more convenient, just leisurely leisurely in the city as I can.melody-nn - Homepage
From the city to Hongcun, it takes 1.5 hours. These 1.5 hours, really hard. Do not say that I am afraid of the car, how light is sent this time even if it is not easy. Mobile phone battery can not be a waste; small talk and no topic, in a daze became the only choice. A rare bright spot is the continuous transformation of the roadside scenery is very good for us to do a daze in the background, but also to live up to the time.
Another drawback is that long holiday travel is more. "People shoulder friction, Lianrenchengwei, waving sleeves into the screen, this situation to Perspiration came down like raindrops." to describe it to a proper extent. Whether or not to buy tickets to visit have to cost a lot of effort to shuttle in the crowd, not out of a sweat. And said and walked, finally arrived at the end of the trip.melody-nn Rampo World
Hongcun is a typical ancient villages in Huizhou, preservation is still not perfect, put in the past is not really surprising, after all, this is the entire Huizhou cultural ecology, Pat Heung just is this kind of style. But after the baptism of time, this rare preserved village is precious Yu down. After the commercial and organic combination of it and coruscate gives the vitality.
As a man of Huizhou, the style of the building has long been are used to, like every morning to drink a bowl of take several brined vegetables porridge, street stalls to buy several leek stuffing Guo or casually to two deep fried dough sticks as commonplace. So I don't with most visitors some kind of curious, but a common heart, seems to be just and the girl next door chatting. I am familiar with here, this is familiar with my blood and inherent, inalienable, difficult to give up. Because it is the culture of Huizhou, we have to give our soul. And Hongcun is the epitome of the culture of the emblem.
Huizhou is a mountainous area. The mountains form a barrier, deep and secluded quiet. The inconvenience of transportation has brought a different culture to Huizhou. Here is the hermit paradise, infiltration is a kind of indifferent and quiet beauty. The people here enjoy peace, as at twilight, stand aloof from worldly success, obsessed with the mountains and rivers of the smart,. And the emblem of architecture is the embodiment of such a kind of aesthetics.Melody-nn A poetic time
Emblem architecture is the perfect combination of black and white. In my mind, there is no architecture such as Huizhou's architecture which is so perfect to combine two kinds of opposites. The marriage of black and white is only natural. Black is the color of the white horse wall is exquisite collocation, unique shape, mountain and water is the unique background. This is no different from a fascinating Chinese landscape painting. Ma Zhiyuan a few words "bridges", they do have charm.
Huizhou is a place for dreaming. Guan Hanqing had such a evaluation of the life of the vast, no dream of Huizhou". Yes, Huizhou is a dream. I close my eyes, the heart began to wander in the dream of Huizhou, so the body began to float up. Imagine yourself in a milky white space in a piece of milk, a towering brush, dipped in sporadic ink black across his body, lichtung outline a few strokes, mountain, water, bridges, people, smoke, sunset, homing shepherd one by one in front of the licence, then really natural. Want to touch them, they suddenly become ethereal ethereal, like smoke, like mist, like the morning breeze gently glide fingertips. , they like the treacherous hermit, and can not be expected, maintained that let mystery imagination. Let us retained a dream of desire.
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