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Chapter seventeenth to solve the problem of people don't believe that Zhang Mao at a young age can be imported from the R textile machine set, however, what they say is a mind, if not also cannot say not, not to mention, Gao Meiling in the yard for the life is wonderful, and also good for her."Little D a soldier to come back after still at school?"Zhao master laughing goes to the side of Zhang Mao, the smile face about, several other masters also follow up, but now has no way to cat, when live feline medicine."Well, I didn't want to go, want to find something to do, for the family to alleviate some of the burden, but my mother insisted that I continue to read, and then the university entrance exam!"Zhang Mao turned to Zhao master smiled, and then looked at the front of the drawings."Their son, you see this machine you can repair, if not is don't try to be brave, tomorrow the county leadership will bring R country experts, and let the experts repair line!"Gao Meiling is worried about Zhang Maoxiu not machines but will make a bigger mistake, some fear beside warns."R country expert?"Zhang Mao snorts, "those little Japan also is in R's arrogance, if I chanced to be guaranteed to make them one by one into pighead!"From the Zhang Mao's heart has a strong patriotic feelings, not to mention in the army, the patriotic feelings of the distillation, to understand China's history, the country R is no good, but in the army have nothing else to do, he and the Tibetan mastiff several people to be taken out from the R country side drift over some books, the book woman a flowery lets the human nose bleed."He" d until you want more, help pull the thoughts back, gave Gao Meiling a reassuring look Womens Timberland Roll Top Sale, "Mom, don't worry, I can repair repair, can not be repaired, and I don't try to be brave, if repaired, or to have a look of our country R experts Women's Canada Goose Camrose Cheap, Chinese country there can be, if anything expect R country, we don't look down on yourself?""The small bases, right, sister, you let the small d try it, and rushed him just the words, even in bad repair, we assume the responsibility, not quit!"Zhao master comforting pat piece of their shoulders, burst out laughing: "good, young people should have this kind of patriotic feelings, not Chongyangmeiwai, let go dry, bad repair, I and Zhang Li Liu they wore!""That is, small bases, just try it, our top!"Liu master too busy to take, to encourage a D.It virtually to a mortise to exert a pressure, Zhang Mao secretly wiped the sweat, his having said so few words how to put these old patriotic feelings to seduce up.A deep breath, a Maorang self to be the master of the pressing down stirred up emotion, mind andao: "do not know this from future condom can not put the machine repair, if repair bad this time would be lost."Zhang Mao this time has some regret a strong early, early to know, he will be the first to secretly observed next to it, and then to determine their own can not repair stand again, it is so bright, take out, although repair bad not to lose face, but it is the master's confidence and hope.Therefore, Zhang Mao only allow yourself to succeed, do not allow their failure, tightly clutched the clench your fists Canada Goose D'Alpago Sale, he put all his all our hopes on the hands of the condom.Ideas move, his thought immediately reached the hands of condoms, staring into the drawings, Zhang Mao unblinking eyes, drawing on him like mumbo-jumbo, without any changes."!"Zhang Mao heart Anma, "me, what from the future high-tech products, actually" behind the ten thousand word virulent curse not scold, a spade head slowly emerged out of the front of the drawing, and the automatic analysis of the key, including any small part as well as one of the function, just a minute or so, Zhang Mao will present this drawing master, this time, with his head information, perhaps even R's experts also fear.
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