Qingyuan's emperor gentleman in the mind

January 23 [Wed], 2013, 15:04
Thunder, the first days of thunder down, but only the mosquito leg thickness, generally the naked eye almost can not see.Sizzling!Thunder in the sky fell on Yu Hang head, issued Zizi sound, Yu Hang without even opening Gang gas shield, that the power of thunder is really weak poor, like a cry piteously for food children raised his fist to make a grown man.The gap is too big!"Is small talk." Canada Goose Baby Snowsuit Outlet;Yu Hang wry smile, Second Road, Third Road, until the fifth day thunders are so.Finally, Yu Hang fortunately hunker down to the sky, let the thunder in the sky behind one split again.Nine days of thunder, simply to tickle, soon fell down.And that nearly transparent Jieyun eventually dissipate slowly, the sky once again restored the original scene.But this time, Yu Hang on the body is SG bloom, a heavenly power flow in the body.The terrifying power lines, formed a kind of animal that looks like, in the air around the circle dancing.But the residual air Dantian and general sea, two golden villain is undergoing tremendous changes.Although rob power weak somewhat poor, but after all is through the day, has withstood the test of god.A rule of forming in aerial mind, his realm in the rapid promotion, finally stopped at half the peak stopped.Yu Hang long tone, a foul smell of dragon fly out from his mouth, with terrifying dragons sound into a Death Star before slowly dissipated in the sky."Congratulations brother amendment to increase more than!" Air Max 2009 Mens;Small fart child riding a golden tiger Pidianpidian came to Yu Hang Xi road."No thanks to you I can so easily du to rob" Yu Hang wry smile, slowly stood up.The vision like a tornado Mens Polo Shirts, fast to him up, eventually all be Yu Hang income in vivo."Half of st.!"Yu Hang shook his fist, immediately feel for the surrounding observation seems to be more clear, I even feel an unreal world of existence!"It is paradise?Break through to the holy realm after they can feel the celestial beings?"Yu Hang some be hardly worthy of belief, but the kind of clear induction false, too real.The nether world, he even induction into the illusory world by emitting a strong smell!"Brother, what's the matter with you?"Small fart child see Yu Hang wrong color, nervously asked."No, there's one thing I wonder.Is it right? Break through to the holy state can be induced to an unreal world?Is it immortal?"Yu Hang the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, asked softly."Break through to the semi San can feel celestial beings?"Small fart child is a face of doubt, apparently, he did not know, never heard of.Forget it.Yu Hang shook his head, no longer pressed.Small fart child is an idiot, you know not to know more than air, ask he must ask not what."Breakthrough to the holy land, killed a party should be much easier."Yu Hang up one silk sneer at.For the bloody body, Yu Hang never interested.Especially for a party, who is too cruel.These years, Qingyuan junior high school massacre occurred from time to time, light is the hundreds of thousands of people were killed, while millions of people were slaughtered, means cruel make one's hair stand on end!All this is a party for, killer body, not to kill will be whole body itching, itching, this not only is eccentric, cruel, killing heart is no edge.Their tracks appear in where, where will become purgatory, and not only monks, is the ordinary people who will not let go.Murder, for such a physical person, completely is a kind of instinctive behavior.Like a cheetah hunt prey!The Qingyuan junior high school frequently, even some of the holy see come here after all much dissatisfaction.But a side strength is too strong, but strong in the king and the duel.As for the victory over the state of strong, mortal life, they don't look in the eyes.They are truly be free from things of the world, any creatures in their eyes and ants have no difference.Qingyuan's emperor gentleman in the mind not angry, but dare not how a party.It is really a freeman, he only endured, he looks forward to Yu Hang to put him to death.Yu Hang once and had launched several II, but eventually let him escape.
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