2007年01月30日(火) 14時19分
puff... I want to write in spanish... because my english is soooooooo bad and I don't write a lot...

Oh, I can't get out of my mind a song of YUKI... also I watch the new PV of Ai Otsuka... it's kind of funny xD... but I fall in love of her!!! She is so pretty!!! I want a GF like her!!!

wee... I have vacations *-*!!! So I finally will end Zelda Twilight Princess!!! [maybe that part is a little bit difficult to understand...]

waa!! Yuuto! A friend show me a image of him! [of SCREW] he's so sexy!! *=*!! ....

ok ok... I don't know what put here xD so...


[I'm so looser >_>U]

dream dream {ルンルン} 

2007年01月20日(土) 15時57分

Sushi!! I love sushi
Oh my Kai, my post was erased ;o;! *I'm so silly*

well... tomorrow I have a party... kids party XDUuu
A few days ago, My huni came to my hometown with a friend... because she went to meet a boy u_ú I'm so jelous!!!

Buu!! I have a lot of work too!!! Exams, translating, editing [that's correct?] and playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess xD!!

Mmm... it's late... I'm going to bed...

Ba bai =D

First Post!! (≧∇≦) 

2007年01月14日(日) 13時27分

That's me with angry face BD~
Oh well... first entry! I don't know what to write...
oh yeah, my english is poor... nah! I don't care (´ε`)
greetings to everybody! =3~


Ya, primera entrada! Ahi estoy con cara de enfado xD~
Saludos al que pase *-*
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