hammer float to the surface

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> Of course, Ice devil, a Magister get so embarrassed, this is definitely a great insult, burst open flame enveloped in the body-week, Ice devil then toward the coma Meng Meng, yù Meng Meng kill. Www! QuanBEn! COM "dark lightning!! See Ice devil went to the Meng Meng, Lulu waved their hands, suddenly, a Road the black sè Lightning fall, hitting the Ice Demon who attempt to prevent cold ice devil's footsteps. Dark Lightning However a nine elementary Jinzhou magic, Ice Demon demigods level is difficult to cause any harm, but Lulu's interference also makes the Ice Demon was very angry. Immediately, I saw that Ice demon raising his hand, exudes a cold ice hockey left behind to Lulu, saw the puck hit, Lulu quickly dodge, but the arrival of eight hundred and thirtieth chapters Caxias, that hockey was like a track missiles in general, keeping a chasing Lulu hold the,Cheap Oakley Dispatch. , Hockey by more, Lulu be that the greater the impact of the puck cold, helpless, to Lulu but to keep moving distance and ice hockey, so Lulu never not taken into account Meng Meng. Go die! "Solve interference Lulu, Ice devil then lost interest went over to kill Meng Meng turned the release of a blister lost to coma Meng Meng. Slowly looked at the blisters near coma Meng Meng, distant Grande Timothy heart of them that Jia, but, at the moment they are struggling to repress〗 〖body injury, there is no spare capacity to rescue Meng Meng. Seeing that blisters soon Hit Meng Meng, all of a sudden. At this time, a knight in armor in front of Meng Meng, the knight was because Spitz dead gas erosion, subsequently signed a contract with Meng Meng arthur. Feel Meng Meng is dangerous. As the Meng Meng guardian Knight, arthur is natural to come forward and stand in front of Meng Meng, while the emergence of XXEZZ makes supposed to hit Moe Moe blisters playing in his body. Blisters hit arthur, then the entire arthur to wrap the arrival of eight hundred and thirtieth chapters Caxias up. "Ms. Meng Meng, in the future to take good care of yourself, Laonu later can not be protected." The blisters XXEZZ kindly eyes looking at the To lose Meng Meng. Gently said. "Bang!" Just off the voice, then, broken blisters and blisters broken into the blisters arthur. Do not know whether to feel Arthurs disappearance, the Meng Meng corner coma suddenly shed two tears. Repeatedly in the attack was blocked. The Ice demons is some angry, immediately, Ice devil not get what huā like direct wave provoked a strong cold toward Meng Meng. Today, XXEZZ have disappeared. Who else can come back to save the coma Meng Meng! Bass stirred cold in the Ice Demon is about to shoot the occasion to Meng Meng, the emptiness a sharp sword meaning that cold shredding apart. Shortly thereafter, the sword is intended to appear again. Nether cut out a huge cross-shaped cracks in the space, and then. The Caxias figure slowly out of that space cracks. As Meng Meng contract, Casillas Meng Meng who have long left their breath. But feel Meng Meng dangerous atmosphere will be excited at the same time Casillas also directly Posuixukong and to. "Casillas seniors!!" See to Caxias come, suddenly, Timothy, who can not help but long sigh the Meng Meng crisis With the advent of Caxias has lifted, just so the hearts of some heavy sacrifice of arthur, arthur sacrifices will be de Caxias soon to secure a time. "Who?" To looking Posuixukong to the de Caxias, Ice devil suddenly a kind of very dangerous feeling, though, in front of the low inferno sacred peak strength, however, is just that kind of piercing sword Italy has had Ice devil was I could not help but feel a little chill. Kill people!! "Looking at the seriously injured coma Meng Meng, the the Caxias face sè is very ugly, so the tone of Caxias is also filled with a strong intention to kill,Mens Air Max ACG. Kill me, alone, a sacred peak and low inferno. "Hear Caxias, Ice demon growled, then raising his hand shot go towards Casillas. "Night Ming stream? Fixed sword!!" In the face of Ice demon attack, Casillas fierce pull out of the hands of the sword, suddenly, a piercing sword Italy shè, the Ice demon who left the a visible bone deep wound. "Is the demigods strong!!" Looking at the body of a huge wound, Ice devil hack back again and again, the devil's powerful physique can not stop the other side of the sword Italy, this is definitely not the sanctuary level can do to. Indeed, the true strength of Caxias is not the sacred peak, but half the level of God, and not the general demigods strong, but in the human world Casillas can only play the sacred peak strength. Of course, if casillas not tear the void from the established channels but by the spirits came to the human world, Casillas will be able to come to the heyday strength the human world. "Even if half the level of God, today I will die without burial!!" Ice demon Casillas is a strong level of demigods, but at the moment the Caxias strength is suppressed in the St. domain peak, which made the the Ice demon hearts of Ju Yi suddenly subsided a lot. Subsequently, in Caxias Ice demon war, and the strength is limited, but also makes Caxias do nothing Ice demon. In Caxias Ice demon fighting, dwarves and Naga also went up to the highly toxic devil. Looking at the gallop hammer a pedestrian, it is highly toxic demonic mouth can not help but float to the surface trace of grim smile, then, that the highly toxic devil of a wave, suddenly, grown from the earth the countless look ugly hell huā. Subsequently, a Unit of the the green sè smoke be ejected from hell huā in. "Be careful, toxic!!" To see the green sè smoke behind the Naga Queen urgent, But, at the moment, run ahead of several dwarves have entered range of green sè smoke. Suddenly, a few the sanctuary level dwarves, instantly fell to the ground. Hammer artifact blessing, it is not highly toxic erosion. "Damn!" To see their own tribe poisoning the minds of a hammer that Jia hammer at the moment, I do not know it is to save or against the highly toxic devil. Rescue!! "Hammer hesitant Naga Queen came from behind to greet the tribe, said. Soon, the help of the Naga family, the poisoning of the dwarves have been carried out of the range of green sè smoke, however, can do now is also the only way the detoxification, the Naga family and there is no way, because this poison is the highly toxic from hell huā the, the general detoxification methods simply do not use. "Those huā to destroy all!! Rescued the hobbits strong Naga Queen then took the tribe to kill the the hell huā that highly toxic Devil Summoner. Naga family has six arms in the clean-up in this hell huā the hell huā, the speed is almost instantaneous radius of several hundred meters of all clean-up clean. Without those the hell huā the block, hammer then thundered toward the highly toxic devil. Looking at the rushing alone hammers, highly toxic devil in the face and I saw the disdain God sè, highly toxic devil seems a sanctuary elementary ants, but still want to be hands-on the demigods level he simply act recklessly. The look of disdain highly toxic demon hammer dragging the artifact Carpenter Hammer of God came to the front of his "Give me die!!" Close to the highly toxic demon hammer full force into the Carpenter Hammer of God. Suddenly, a hammer in the hands of Carpenter Hammer of God instantly larger number of times, and picked up a huge hammer Carpenter God hammer to pound highly toxic demon hammers know him only once chance to attack, they can only be issued time of the attack, the hammer did not have time to fight slowly, he must take advantage of the highly toxic demons do not know his hand has artifact,(Men's)Running Air Max ACG, a surprise attack in order to achieve the best results. Otherwise, it is highly toxic demons have preparedness, the sanctuary elementary hammer you want to close toxic demons are difficult. "Artifact!" Looking at that pledge, and hit and exudes touch of divinity Juchui to, to highly toxic devil terrible heart pounding painfully, soon toxic evil spirit from the shock react hastily began defense. "Bang!" Kacha!! "Huge Carpenter Hammer of God hit on the highly toxic demons, instant, highly toxic demon arms fragmentation, followed by the remaining prestige diminished Carpenter Hammer of God, severely hit in the the highly toxic Devil's chest, chest of highly toxic devil punched a huge dent. "Give me die!" Sustained heavy losses poisonous devil also hate at the moment, he suddenly shoved a Xuejian ejected directly through the shoulder of the hammer, suddenly, hammer float to the surface layer of the whole person Green sè Obviously, this highly toxic devil ejected Xue Jian contains highly toxic horrific. Subsequently, the highly toxic devil with a hammer two kick down it will suffer. "This is going on?" Distant, the working with Alice confrontation, the flame devil, suddenly found his two brothers, one seriously injured fell a also did not fall, but Casillas forced embarrassed unbearable, it is estimated not stand much longer. Faced with this situation, the flame devil then drew a breath, turning to Alice human little girl, since he insists on seeking death, I'll give! "Then, the flame demons, raising his hand to release the sky fireball Alice pound. For Alice, the hearts of the flame devil always felt somewhat faint indescribable sense of danger, flame devil has been in confrontation with Alice did not easily hands, but now, the situation forced the the flame demon had shot. Do not shot, his two brothers may be over soon, so, at the moment the flame demons want to get rid of as soon as possible Alice then went to rescue his two brothers. "Ice-breaking flying blade!!" Face of flames demons released from the sky fireball, Alice then unite in front of a huge ice stab the ball, and then, Alice in the hands of a little ice crystal scepter, suddenly, fried ice thorn ball into the sky Frostsaber in, went up to the flame demons fireball. (To be continued!!! <
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