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> Got home, NANA has been sleeping, the only Vanessa still in the living room while watching TV, while waiting for her husband to come home. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm uh, by the way, the brother-in-law of Lonnie. Vanessa simply chatted for a few on the first back to the room. The Lonnie Leiliaoyitian would also like to to wash sleep early, but he was Kobe Bryant pulled "How? There are things you?" "I just wanted to ask you, yesterday you in the end is how to Bowen Lane go?" Bryant always been curious about this problem. "Do you not see it? His swing elbow technical foul, so I sent off down the chanting." Lonnie Tan Tanshou installed innocent. "You take less set of nonsense Fudge I here the two of us, you would not even your brother should conceal it." Bryant white at him, his answer is quite dissatisfied. "Hey, you seek me, ah, you begged me, I'll tell you." Lonnie look of a cheap laugh, the habit of flirting with Bryant, his favorite did such a thing. But Bryant also habitually a pinch Lonnie neck, such a thing he did not do less. "Your kid is not Piyang!?" Uh, hands off, an old age, you're never too naive? "Lonnie hard to resist. "In the end who is naive!?" Bryant go beyond that, and let go of Lonnie, "Well, in the end is how is it?" Lonnie pondering for a moment, pondering smile, said: "Your arm is lifted . "" What? "Bryant puzzled and asked, but still followed did. Lonnie not answer, opened Bryant's coat, ranging from his reaction, quickly pulled a Kobe armpit hair. "Ah!" Bryant Tonghu out loud, while the arm unconsciously toss. "What are you doing!" Bryant viciously waiting Lonnie obviously quite annoyed. "You do not ask what I was doing it? 'I'm not answering you do?" Lonnie face shrugged innocently, but the eyes but with the banter. "Do you?" Bryant surprised a moment,Oakley Fast Jacket, and then wake up, but it can not help but have some doubts, "is that you deal with Bruce?" Hey, that's right! "Lonnie look of pride. Uh, but what's the use? "Lonnie this sometimes very shameless and wretched, but he still can not believe it. Is so what can Bruce engage in fate? "Cut, said early, did not read the book is no culture." Lonnie look of disdain, lower lip, said: "Boss, non-conditional reflex understand it or not? Think about your own reaction just right." Long Nepal, then Bryant very unhappy, what did not read the book but no culture! But after he reminded the Bryant or memories have just attacked reaction, closed-arm elbow action seems are not controlled by the brain. Understand? Called non conditioned reflex everyone reaction some small action there will be some differences, but prepared in advance, to up hit total is not difficult, right? "Lonnie says proudly. "You're too ......" Bryant do not know what words to describe good. "You mean? No, no, no! Does he pinch I do not mean? With the statement of the Chinese people, called the rule a man as he eye for an eye. Dealing with an honest man, honest way, deal nasty villain, it is necessary to use some unconventional means, we should be more despicable than he. "Lonnie is a righteousness like. Bryant also recognized Lonnie to say, but this means that he or some tangled. He always felt a bit like a woman fighting, grasping hair, the very man. "Well, not long-winded with you. Exhausted me today, I have to go to bed early, but also to fly to Dallas tomorrow then." Then, Lonnie and stretched, got up and return to the house. Happy to wash a hot shower the ** upper body lying in a large, comfortable bed, Lonnie some trance. The preoccupied not with the idea of ​​women want to, but because he knew that he lived here much longer, it is time to move out. From high school, Lonnie leave the parents' home and moved to Los Angeles to live together with Bryant. , His yearning for Hollywood, the other, regardless of how Bryant slapstick, but at home with his closest big his nearly ten-year-old brother. Although Bryant some paranoia, a day most of the time the bubble in the arena, morning to evening, but this does not affect the deep feelings of the two brothers. And Vanessa is also very good for him, and not because Lonnie's appearance, while complaining about his bother the couple's two of the world. So here, Lonnie never depend on others feel that he is very happy living here, especially later NANA the birth. Now, however, he is not a child, but more importantly, perhaps, in the near future, his life may have ushered in the first woman in his life. Lonnie could care less, but he had to consider the ideas of others. Maybe Kobe and Vanessa because of his deep feelings, do not care about the home and then more than one person. Jessica (Ivanka?),oakley sunglasses outlet, However, can not care these? In fact, Lonnie had perceived from the the Jessica normal conversation to her own sojourn brother home some objection, she always thought that a mature man, the life,Air max Sale, the kind of truly independent life. Jessica play is going to end, in accordance the Lonnie hearts of the plan, he may soon bid farewell to the 20 years of the single life up. Uh, boy power also turn out to be almost the same, and has already reached a pinnacle, it is time to practice your spiritual development of interesting exercises. So, Lonnie'll miss it here, and nostalgia for his life for the past five years, home, there is this bed he used to sleep. However, sometimes a man gotta do some tough choices, and perhaps this is the price of growth. Also, Bryant's second child was due (Bryant's second daughter, year of birth, we can understand to be delayed by Lonnie) Lonnie also felt afford to live on Wani Lufthansa is also a burden. Had not yet entered the NBA, he can also help Vanessa with children, to help her with the housework. Today, however, they two brothers are from morning to evening, each time returning home is to sleep apart from eating chat, even if it wants to help one hand no energy. Touched the conscience Vanessa past few years to wait on their brothers is not an easy thing, although she never complained. Lonnie fact, as early as in the draft, and has been for this thing to prepare for, and Jessica, let him speed up the process in this matter. Been already intend to, but Lonnie still not with Kobe Bryant, Wanishati this thing, because he does not know how to speak, he did not know how they will look at this matter. Have to say that the soul of his past life at work, after all, in the United States, a man in adult separation of independent normal, even if the girl is. Drag but it will not last long, because already have some prospect of things to buy a house, as long as the money, he will soon be able to move out. Taking into account of Bryant, Vanessa, NANA difficult to let go of feelings, or the unborn baby, Lonnie's the envisaged new home not far from here. He now fancy a nice villa with the the Bryant family car or 10 minutes. In this way, even after moving out, he can from time to time over the string door. Uh, how to describe it, is also regarded as a lingering right. As for the money, Lonnie is simply not a problem. Just as he had said Jessica, as long as he is willing, he even than Lakers owner Jerry Buss old man richer. Lonnie shortly after the end of the last year's draft, put all of their previous savings are invested foreign exchange market, the past few months and after another continued to play in the NBA after income also voted into. Past life he was not very successful financial analyst, the smashed tile is often the case, but that does not hinder his knowledge and understanding of economic trends. He does not take advantage of that to make money, is not that necessary, his life is very Happy, never need to worry about money, open plug is simply superfluous. But this does not mean that he would lose these advantages, and now want to buy a house, he still can easily and comfortably from his familiar industry, groan enough for him to spending U.S. knife. In addition to need a little time, even better than the withdrawals from the bank much harder. The past six months, he put the principal amount of the foreign exchange market will total more than 50 million dollars, just as water is poured in the sea, a little humble. Margin ratio of 10% bullish euro, Lonnie addition to succession to Jiancang buy no other operation, almost no attention to the market changes. Lonnie now just waiting for a new house there negotiated prices, things settle down, then you can always put the money raised on the foreign exchange market, just as easy in the bank withdrawal. Do not ask Lonnie now earn how much, because he is not very clear, only know that figure is constantly in the larger, buy a house is not a problem. With such a complex mind, Lonnie unknowingly gone to sleep. <
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