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October 21 [Sun], 2012, 11:14

The> minute victory (in) put - Chris Anderson, the German offensive, never before so mad. wwW! qUANbeN! coM But even if it is in the summer, Qin Tao specially recruited for the team's defensive midfielder can not completely anti live German,michael kors outlet sale. - Chris Anderson to take advantage of the forces of repression of their own body and crazy squeeze around Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki of the ball before the blockade, but Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki receives the ball, he is still very difficult to Anti live in each other. After all, the experience Chris = Anderson also some shortcomings,Northface Boots Sale, the other on the defensive end, he prefers to act as the role of a hunter. For example, the opposing guards rushed inside, he waited in the basket to take advantage of the other shots or layup gave the other party a memorable fondue hitting volleyball. League like Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki could not find the second alternative power forward, he really some loss. Dirk strength in there, you can say he is weak, but you can not deny Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki's ability to score and his score means. The he unique the foot stand jumper absolute is a stunt in the Union, despite his play will be the impact of the hype, but as long as he feel-form, this stunt is also belongs BUG level. You obviously feel has closed his eyes, but he is very magical ball into the. The BUG can only be regarded as a small BUG, ​​but if he had to play a role, and is also an approach in something no solution. Today, Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki - Chris Webber defense seemed to ease. Personal reasons - Chris Webber during the course of years of erosion of his legs, his speed longer. His experience as an inside protect, as the axis of the Lakers offense is a role of running the ball, he made his personal mobile is not large, so he is on the defensive Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki this really is no longer suitable. With today's Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki with a heart full of hatred, he is always ready to give the Lakers the most fatal blow at home. For him, the bare beat the Lakers were not enough, the best step in his body kicks. Is, according to China's, even if you die, but also to overthrow your tombstone bodies dug Bianshi, seen his hatred of the Los Angeles Lakers have reached the point of what kind. This is no way of things, Dallas mid-San Antonio sent home, they vow to avenge last year he was the Lakers scored the next four cities swept out. Of course, this is not the most Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki unpopular. He hated Qin Tao, Los Angeles Lakers head coach of the Chinese team win also could not cynicism, his harsh words almost a psychological ability of poor people to rise to the idea of ​​suicide. NBA never fried rotten topic is hatred, hatred detonated a team's potential with the mood of the regular season, rarely have two teams actually Sike, but every year will not be the lack of such game. Both a contest full of hatred even more dramatic, if you hate most in the league to being a Lakers team ranked San Antonio row, Dallas really dare to go up the first row. And even has been gradually disappearing lvshanjun temporarily hatred of the Lakers can not be compared with the two teams, but everyone believes Grand Army lvshanjun are able to meet again in the finals, they hate overnight is lit, no doubt, because the NBA sixty years history of heavy in there, you can not be ignored. But the Celtics become the hated Dallas in the first position on the team before the Lakers to sit really nothing controversial. Swept people because last season Qin Tao as insulting language people say it is not very nice, you said the spray some saliva before the game is to annoy others with your exchange that, you have won the game but also can not be mouth to let people on? Qin Tao is to say - not because he must establish an arrogant image in front of outsiders, if he every before and after the game remarks are diametrically opposite to the future who would believe what he said before the game? That his psychological warfare What does it mean when someone knows that it is psychological warfare on the big can these words as a fart on the side never mind him, Qin Tao must maintain that image, and let people that he said if his mind the thought, he is really looked down on the other side, the only way he exhales saliva in order to achieve the desired effect, things otherwise white waste of saliva Qin Tao will never do. He lost what little reputation count for the interests of the team in the game? When after a number of years after the man he praises, who would go to I criticized his mouth? Who will he was the league's most harsh hanging in saying? - John Stockton was the most dirty play one of the few people in the league, even if you can remove this one, but now? He took the bronze statue stands in the square of the Energy Solutions Center, subject after all came to Utah players admiration in the face of the glory, a little bit of temporary fame did nothing. Back to the game, Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki has been tight sullenly, he never stops searching for defensive neutral - Chris Anderson, his own experience with the body flexible and perfect combination. He seems to interpretation of what is perfect, when a style to reach mechanism when it is out of power often beyond anyone's imagination. At the zenith of Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki also hate completely inspire the hearts of anger, he wants revenge him this oath today Tsam zijin Army. Have used last season Qin Tao - Caron Butler to anti-German, but this trick is no good today, do not care about the footwall feel extremely soft German chariot speed, height shot him directly eat simply ignored the front Caron. Lakers lineup, Chris - Anderson to defend Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki is indeed the best choice, and Dallas is not strong enough inside - Chris Webber when the center just. Merely Qin Tao layout can only limit Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki can he not completely strangled, but Qin Tao did not prepare one to put up the other main broke up completely strangle. Even if it is the defense of San Antonio and Detroit can it can not tell the other main broke up completely strangle, not to mention more offensive strong in defense of the Los Angeles Lakers. No one can completely limit Bryant told, this is actually a truth. German - Harris pass to Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki and the long arm of the German is a grabbed basketball, and his body, then pull a point from the stand beside him - Chris Anderson. Dribble rushed inside, Chris - Weber immediately stepped forward to intercept German at this time is not any physical contact - Chris Webber, he chose to avoid almost his entire squeezed rebounds behind, but he or even body leaning into the ball into the basket, and the Lakers fell to the bottom line quickly serve four five dozen opportunities resulting frontcourt. Or Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki, he evaded around the front, catching jumper. The soft touch to his shot almost omnipotent, Who says the soft eggs can not be when the core? Who says only shooting big man can not help the team win? Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki today seem to give counter-examples to prove his point, shooting big man to help the team achieve any victory, even to help the team win the championship. In fact, their strength, the Lakers still have not been fully developed, or else they will not have to be labeled as such one Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki. Their weaknesses are not the weakest but the strongest point. Yes, Kobe Bryant - Bryant. - Kobe Bryant now is more like a maverick, he upsets the other team a lot of times, but he still did not learn how to perfect the use of the power of teammates, he also needs transformation. Today, he will have a lot to help the opponent the opportunity to score, but he did not do so, still his choice. Perhaps he can help the team win, his personal capacity enough to make up for a lot, but this is not the quickest route to win. Qin Tao also know the weakness caused by the Kobe - Bristol Bryant, but he had no choice, he can not force Bryant to do what a horse is not sweet, he can only go with the flow and let Bryant in the game growth and transformation in the game. Back singles, turned and shot; back singles, turned to shake, layups; breakthrough, inform the layup. - Kobe Bryant, in his own way to help the team win, his team score the important task of pressure in his body, after consecutive away campaign today his state is not the best, but he chose the hard support, this time Peter Pan think this is a leader to do. Perhaps later he will change this view, when he no longer be able to defeat the world by virtue of their ability to understand, and then his career will be sublimated; perhaps he always will not understand the power when he has been insufficient to defeat a team when he slipped out of a dazzling aura in a corner, and then sadly people's attention, and ultimately sadly retired. No matter what the final outcome of Bryant is, it can only be his own choice, Qin Tao can be guided on one side, but he is not a substitute for Kobe to grow up, go for dinner to go to shit like he can not be replaced by Bryant. If Bryant a different style of play to help the team in another way, perhaps the Lakers long to tie the score even overtake, but now, they just hold, did not let the poor continue to pull big points difference is still in the 10 points hovering around. But even if the Lakers did not overtake the meaning of the score, but the Dallas Mavericks head coach Avery generals - Johnson is still restless. From the first seconds after the start of the race, his ass no how to come across his coach seats. His hands on his hips to stand on the sidelines, his hand from time to time, pointing to a field player or somewhere loud what to say. He was very understand if this stalemate continues for them what it means, and Dallas is a very relying on off the bench to score the team. He also clearly one of the most powerful of their bench score point what kind of virtue, Jason - Terry is absolutely the the Union most famous nerve knife, his hair freak can become Bryant, the downturn also can change in the attack on the state of the Brewer - Bowen. Little General knew Brewer - Bowen - Jason Terry will not morph into attack mode, but he will not be able to treasure the pressure on him, he was well aware of the powerful of this season,Northface Kids Northface, the Los Angeles Lakers bench, he must have team leading as many points as possible in the presence of the first section of the main, this in order to ensure their victory. There is also a little behind the Lakers in Los Angeles, that the Chinese people sitting on the sidelines is not anxious. He tilted his legs, leisurely watching the game. See Qin Tao so relaxed and calm look generals but also how very calm and not up, there is always an uncomfortable feeling in his heart. But his mind is disturbed, the scene of the fans can not feel this way, they enjoy the cheers, because their team leader, and scores a lot of the most important trends is the Los Angeles Lakers did not regain. Little General Avery - Johnson looked a scoring device and timer, this time from the end of the first section and both score 3 home team the first visiting team in the post. Look at the time of the time off the bench, he turned and walked two steps came in front of their bench, something he have to go on the bench they explain the Fans of the scene is totally not the kind of little general concern, many of them even in ecstasy; in celebration; Thank You God; Thank you, that once they scolded numerous Union orchestration schedule staff. Because God and Alliance the choreography race of staff to one in a 19-game winning streak, the Los Angeles Lakers about to create the records sent to them before. Crushed opponents urge to break their fantasies, this feels better than the feeling of revenge in the finals. 'scored 60 points, and we win the game,UGGs Langley Boots, I like this feeling But the game eventually win 48 minutes, Dallas how long? Fans this time began YY bit too early, can be seen from the performance of the fans the Dallas heritage is far worse than in Los Angeles. Lakers has not to be sent out, but Bill's Bar, watching the fans failed several anxious they are still drinking, while Mama Dallas Mavericks, Mama their boss, Mark Cuban, then spray spray Dallas herd leader German - Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki, basically no one is anxious to get angry because the Lakers finally can victory. [..] <

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