Hidden in the depths of each human innate

February 18 [Tue], 2014, 17:09
Quickly accepted the new love, started a new life. actually think life too many such examples. There is such a lot of love. To not promise, or to not carry in the future. Many people love interpreted as damage. Only years later. Happen, people did not know when the occasional truth. However, some people may never know the truth of life. I moved the second man to love. At that time can not be calm. I know it's just fiction. But I still cheap ralph lauren deeply tremor and regret. More or moved. I believe that no matter how long the story will play in my mind to go. love is a soft violence. I do not know if I have thought of such a vocabulary. The so-called marriage, is to unplug each quills can snuggle together. As the two hedgehogs, hiding all the thorns, heating each other. power of love is usually larger than the marriage. Love, even then how gluey, but also the two individuals in the sport. The marriage is put under the eaves of two different, two people of different backgrounds living together, into a person.

Hidden in the depths of each human innate; stab it as difficult to handle as chestnuts Peng, Leng Leng stood up straight. Refused to give each other. Always wanted to fight a level. Until one side. To live forbear change their personality. Become unrecognizable. Or the other, in the sharpening of life, a face-lift. Life is considered calm, calm. This process is too lengthy and painful. But only after this Phoenix Nirvana rebirth. Life was restored to its original color. order to live in peace, in order to create a warm environment. After sinking to prevent people were brutally tortured life Adds a fragile soul hurt, many people learned to regress. Leave it alone. Two people became nude hedgehog. Can safely embrace. No longer bear to each other the hand, the other painful way also ralph lauren jackets for men does not come with any thrill of victory and pride. there is love there is damage. Love deeply hurt the more important. Know this truth. To love do not go hurt. If there is nothing compelling. As the second story of the plot. Love one another cherish the time spend life. Hand in hand through the day, whether or stormy days of sunshine. our lives so it was a little more warmth, more of a blessing. More of a smile and happiness ~
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