2006年05月18日(木) 22時59分
Yesterday I came down that from now I check surf's site frequently,
depite this,I didn't check it last night.
Ofcourse,there are some reasons why I didn't do that.
For example, the time when I back to home was too late to check those site.
But it was only apology.
I'm filled with self-loathing for it.
At this moment,I have to make out that regular checking surf-site is my duty.

Almost every saturday, I went to surfing with my fiends.
Usually we enjoyed surfing at irako.

Do you have specific plan about your car,for example
timing to buy, estimated cost, type of car..?

Resently I taked some english lesson without admission.
I try know my level of english. That seems to beta plus.
I often miss out saying finitive or infinitive word.

I can get a chance to talk to a native speaker, and
a chance to talk to a beautiful girl as a counselor.

Lately, I seldom get a chance to talk with girls or women.
So like this chance is small happiness for me.

But still.... I'm boring.


2006年05月16日(火) 23時56分
Firstly I try to compare between surf and martial arts or consiousness.

@I love ultimate-fight.Every mornig, every break time, every lunch time
I check those home page and news topic.
I can catch what will happen at an early date.
I can naturally understand the outline.
For example, fighter's name, team's name, when is the game opened,
how fighter participate,the match(card),the history of each fighter.
In fact I have became better versed in ultimate fight.

ASometime I purchase magazine of ultmate-fight.
because I'm interested in those.

BI love those fighter's style.they are really cool.
fashion, hair style(most of them are skinhead).
So I enjoyed to check a part of their life.

On the other hand, how is it in surf.

@I seldom check homepage conserning surf.
What I check is forecast and information of wave.
When I check is one day before go surfing.
I have never checked conclusion of game.
So I can't know pro-surfer's name, when is next game opened?
who win last game? how many time,the game is opend in a year?
How do they cometite?How is it's system.
I don't know as much as.

Aevery month I purchase magazine of surfing.
I have been feeling likes duty.I'm a surfer,
so I seem to that I have to subscript surf magazine.

BI like sufer's style.As a matter of course fashion.

Now therefore,I form a conclusion at least from those point,
I should spent more time to check the results of past game,
home page of pro-surfer, or game.
If I have keep checking such home-page day after day,
I would be more interested in surf than now.
I think that "Being interested in" is the most shortcut
to familialize.


2006年05月16日(火) 23時54分
I love surfing.Always I go to surfing every Saturday.
I have 2 surfboards(fun, short),2 weatsuits(seagal, semidry)
glove, boots and anymore.
In fuct,I invest large money to equipment of surf.
1 year have past since I started surf,but....
I'm not so familiar about surf back ground.
for example pro-surfer's name, competition's season and location,
trick's name.
How do I think why I'm not so familiar with surf?
My fevor for surf is nothing really stands out.


2006年05月16日(火) 23時52分
These days I really feel consequense of chinese as language.
Well I describe it in a slight different way that I'm interested in
Chinese abroad.
Always I've been interested in Chinese underground organization.
Recently I reach a bottom line that they(capital&u/g) has many commonality.
Their know-how for earning money is wonderful.
There are many element which I should learn to.
Immediately,I checked out some books about Chinese abroad from library.
One of them is boredom,but others are sound intriguing.


2006年05月15日(月) 21時54分
my older coworker wu who is from china.
Last Friday I asked him some question about chinese business and any more.
He is 37 years old.His wife is a japanese.
He came to japan 13 years ago.
Firstly he enterd a japanese school.
He learn to japanese with having a part time job of kitchen hand.
(washing dishes)
then after,he enterd nagoya universite and got master's degree.
He refered to the difference of nationalism between japanese and chinese.
from his word,recently the thinking of chinese has changed rapidly
from communism to capitalism.the situation of china in now likes the situaiton of japan about 50 years ago.there are many things which there is in japan but there isn't in china.if we go to china,maybe i felt slight inconvenience along of these reason.another way of saying,there are many business chances.
if i couldn't speak chinese,it isn't so big problem.


2006年05月15日(月) 21時53分
these days i have been interested in chinese.
of course including language, culture, business.
especially,be interested in the ability to take action of chinese residents.
they have their own town over the world.
southeast asia(thailand,marasya,shingerpool),
australia, canada, USA, south america, maybe europe.

amazingly they don't only have their own town
but they have backed up the economics of the country.

they succeeded to lay down a big fortune, each of the world.
in this country,that was unexceptional.

in japan,a number of chinese residents have shown their presence.
on the business world, sports world.

And there is another reason why i'm interested in chinese.

it was some novels written by Seisyu Hase.
almost of his work bring up a theme about underground community of asia.
characters in his novels, command some languages,chinese(Beijing, Shanghai, Cantonese),
japanese, english.
they advantageously bring foward their business with their language skills and their own networks
in each of their area.
frequently, they have been in touch of underground community.
another way of saying,usually they are habitant in underground themself.

their techniques and obsession to earn money are awful.

the population who speak chinese is so big,that their networks are expand
around world.

if i have mastered chinese,i could catch a lot of business chances than now.
a pinch is a chance.
in my country, the downturning of economics have continued from broked bubule period.
it seems to be going to be continued ever.


2006年05月15日(月) 21時52分
finally,i'was confined to personnel change in other unit.
i have worked at sakae,but from next month i have to attend office in toyota.
it takes me more one hour to commute to there than now.


2006年04月27日(木) 23時50分
Last saturday i went to irako to surf with my cowoker memans my teammate.
We reached at there around 9:00,at the time there were a little bit wave at long-beach.
We waited the informing about the status in other area,from nakamura.
then after,we gathered together at thanks with nakamura and akita,and headed up to
shin-nihon area.
but the wave in there,was worse than that of long-beach.
Resultingly,we decided that we back to long-beach.

finally,we started to surf around 10:00.

happily the satus of wave was becoming good.
we enjoyed sufring.
I caught some problems of my style of surf by myself and the indication from team mate.

in my case it seems that it takes too much time to take-off.
I should take off as quick as thought,but i can't that.
It was caused that usually,i hadn't trained to take off at house,
so the muscle the part of which take off needs,was week.

I resolved that i tained myself in take off at home everyday.
those effort must bear fruit.
In my team most of member has resembly careea.
There was not so much choose from us.
if i keep up training of take-off,we must be better surfer than anybody.


2006年04月27日(木) 23時49分
that day was so windy day that it was difficult for us getting out.

i was swept away, while being noticed.

a little bit at a time, i acclimatized in the beach,
i became could cauht the view with composure.

i had heared about the crality of the tatado-beach,
i was still surprised by the crality.

squeeze throw, i reached at out.

then it came to me that those local surfer in there weren't hip-shooting,
compared in irako.

they had a talk in the ocean largamente.
those surfer in tatado selected the coming wave largamente
whereas surfer in irako, by contrast, fall over one another to catch a wave.

I knew as much about the loveliness of izu,especially tatado-beach.

after that we enjoyed surf enough, i head to hotspring-hotel by walk
can you believe? from beach to hotel,we can move over by myself.

once time i said,the hotel has some wonderful equipments.
outside the hotel,there were changing rooms and shower equipments.

as soon as we took of weatsuits,we can took a hot shower and clean up our sufr boards.

then we cheked into hotel,and head to hot spring,whom we most expected.

the out door hot spring bath was really wonderful.
i climbed the stone stair in a state of nudity.

at there,ocean view was spreaded ahead of us.
I couldn't forget the scene.

after that we had a dinner at restaurant in hotel.

fistly,we had planned to go out to eat.
but it sounded be a pain,so we had decided had a dinner at there.

It seemed that we made a courageous decision.
the dinner was very delicious and pomp.


2006年04月18日(火) 20時55分
We arrived at hot-spring hotel around 1:00 pm.
In front of the hotel,we can catch a view of tatado-beach.
The weather wasn't so good,the wind was strong,but the view was wonderful.
There were many local or non-local surfer.They look good.
A surf shop is inch a way from the ocean.
It seems that the surf shop's son is a famous surfer,who is a active
champion of japan.
Some surfer were skating,some surfer family were enjoying catch ball at beach.
They look like slowly.
Hotel's emproyee show around us eqiupments,for example shower,
changing room,rest room.
We had never surfed in like rich environment.

Immediately,we changed into a weatsuits,and head to beach.
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