a little like the casino staff

August 01 [Thu], 2013, 18:42
Terry also like a long time, very reluctantly said: "Indeed I can not guarantee the safety of the hostages below, except where there are a lot of things outside mirrors can be reflective, as long as the command is issued out, and they did not close their eyes, I am afraid you will die. It seems that when it comes to not use 'elusive' In fact, I'd rather want to use once, because after having learned never used, I feel there are some waste. "" That's how to do now? such reinforcements are still down these terrorists to get rid of? "Barry looked around and said:" I'm afraid to die, because just in order to find those bombs, so I wasted a lot of effort, I am sensing device inside the body seems to be a little hot, so I now can not fight, my machine is used for fighting, and bomb the consumption of too much for me. "Tyrannosaurus is also very helpless shook his head:" I really die, I'm just very hard to find Kyle ah now feel back pain, muscles have some fatigue and if it would be tantamount to going to court death, besides A dish Fernandez does not address the ability of these people and I think we should wait to reinforce it. "" No need , I go. "Kyle is very indifferent and said:" Do not do that dozens of people? Look at you guys so no kind of adults, who give me a few of the knife, I went to get them. "said Kay Tours start looking in the kitchen knives, here are some of the very long knife, although lethality is certain, but it is someone else's knife, with a inevitably there are some awkward. "I should buy a dagger, and every time you want to kill all times to find that knife, which is much more trouble ah? By the way, that you will continue to prepare for what Terry 'elusive', I went to put these people, all cited to the 3rd floor where the kitchen, and then use your hypnosis Terry let them die, I do ...... I will look for opportunities to close their eyes. "Kyle picked two relatively small knife,North Face Jackets 2013 Clearance, a long triangle, worn very sharp knife black sè, the above also stained some oil. Although not very comfortable, but only will the. Subsequently picked up a dozen of the small paring knife, fruit knife, knife, anyway long as they can put it in his pocket, and there are lethal knives are away. Kyle knives are put away, and turned to walk out, walked, said: "I went to the, ah, you speed faster, I went to a floor revolution took them to lead up, I think it would be soon. "Everyone stared at Kyle go out, long after the Tyrannosaurus suddenly asked:" Yes, the situation with Kyle Luchi, he went to a really successful floor, then put those people lead to 3 House to do? Although I quite admire the courage of Kyle,Men's North Face Gore Tex Clearance Sale, but I feel this situation ...... he can go somewhere it does not necessarily have to say. "Suddenly a word to remind everyone, one by one to regard the tyrannosaurus staring. We all react, Kyle so Luchi, he is absolutely impossible to estimate the route was so jīng correct. He was afraid to go to this, it will never come back. All the people are very depressed, looked at each other, I really do not know how to do Nakai Er. And now the situation is quite complicated. Downstairs there is several dozens of terrorists, while upstairs there are a lot of underworld gunmen, although the two groups of people began to fight each other up, but the situation is still biased side of the terrorists, as others fierce fire, and the number is great, they are not life one guy, I am afraid that soon there will be the result. The remaining third floor of the kitchen who have no alternative but to wait here. Because in this battle who can not so invincible like Keith Roth, Barry has just released a time bomb because it tired, do not know what sensor device overclocking it. Tyrannosaurus fact nothing down, but let him go so get several dozens of terrorists, it may also have some difficulty. One by one to say, Tyrannosaurus definitely not looked down on, but the other all together, if not necessarily the last resort, it should not be shot. A dish Fernandez even mention, her fighting is absolutely not as good as Tyrannosaurus,North Face Windstopper Clearance, so she can not be easily shot. If there is any way to downstairs terrorists to disperse, the three men together while quickly resolved. But if they have been together, then, inevitably someone is injured, so they can not take the risk. Kyle from the kitchen out later, immediately ran to the safety exit. Although Luchi, or a little intelligence, this time Kyle does not go up, but to go down. Heart says so that you can quickly go to a floor, went to the bar. But Kyle buried his head on down the red, has been rushed down the stairs after the final without a halt. But there is not a building, but 3 floors underground parking. Kyle out of the safe passage after feeling very strange, he is to go down from the third floor, and arguably should go one floor to go ah? This in the end is what ah? A dark empty underground car park, which is only Xixishushu parked a few cars, but do have a car more eye-catching, is a very large truck, evidently can hold a lot of things into it, but fortunately, this parking lot ceiling is relatively high, otherwise no way to get the car to open in. Because this car is really big ah, just tires should head bigger than your own, do not know who put this car in here. What could be transported home bar. After all, is a great hotel, one thing should be transported to where it is very troublesome. At this point there are some people on the move this thing to do, these people are a little like the casino staff, there are some more like a foreigner, wearing very tight, and who are the gown gowns, his head wrapped in cloth, the most egregious is that they are face to cast. Seems to be seen on TV dressed like this, it should be foreigners. Kyle immediately rushed to ask: "I'm going to a building, where it seems not, how should I go?" After these people just saw Kyle quite polite, pointed to his hand on top, with a very awkward English said: "Up." Kyle careful thought for a long time, suddenly asked: "how do I go? thing here seems to be underground." These people pretty gentle guiding for Kyle: "Toward back, there is a secure channel, up on it. Opposite the elevator, you can walk the elevator. "Suddenly I heard someone asked:" What people? are you talking to? "" a child, he had come to ask for directions The. "" killing, no matter who kill. "Hearing this Kyle immediately anxious, out from behind some small knife to carry things people just threw it, Kyle's strength is in the affirmative, and these Small knife is very sharp, though only thrown out two, but let two people hands immediately abolished. Then Kyle pillars sideways immediately ran to seek cover. Just carry things people has not surprised, but is will slowly took out of the weapons to, and then shot to side pillars. Kyle hiding behind pillars very safe, but my mind was very depressed, just those things people carry some dull eyes, but action is also not flexible. It feels like ...... hypnotized the same, but the level of their men hypnosis should not be very high, no way to completely control them, so these people's action is very slow. Slow to go out ...... maybe they themselves may not play in themselves. What are they doing in the end ah? Kyle would not understand a lot of things, but it feels should be installed inside the car are some of the more valuable things right. Because they just heard Terry say, these terrorists are going to rob the casino's underground vault, so they should move the money. If such a cart is money, then it may have to use what time? Themselves also need to read it? Each rì debauchery can over a lifetime of happiness. Just think of here, I heard the sound of car engine started. Followed is just that man's voice: "You get rid of that child, I go first." "Yes." Remainder slowly toward Kyle came here, the speed is really very slow, others seem to have been as strong towing. Kyle thought for a long time behind the pillars, although gunfire continued at this time, but almost all of the pillars in the fight, who is like a group of zombie like no brain. Kyle is also no problem thinking brain, he also would like to get the money after the carts themselves how to spend it. Just to hear the sound of cars away after a long to react, the car has run farther. "But do not let him run farther, otherwise those who should have been part of my money to fly." Kyle holding hands two knives at this time, but be careful with your fingers from the bottom out of a bag a small meal knife, looked around and threw it to his left. Just a small knife landed heard gunshots changed places, before Kyle had ran out from the pillars, a straight line to the gun a few people rushed.
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