2006年07月31日(月) 16時30分
It's so hot...

I hope it rains at the start of next week.

4th of July, Early Summer Rain 

2006年07月04日(火) 16時33分
It rained, and I was happy.(笑)

This is what it looked like as I walked home after taking care of my brother's cat.
Later I could see the fireworks from far away.

Thunderstorm! 雷!!! 

2006年06月18日(日) 12時37分


2006年06月16日(金) 3時37分

I try to drink it more than Dr. Pepper.
ha ha! I bet that looks really strange.
I need to practice Japanese writing much more!!!

I need to write here more too!

Salmon Bagels! 

2006年05月09日(火) 14時30分
My favorite! So GOOD!

So good that I couldn't help eating a little before taking the picture.

For some reason, it is usually Sunday (日) when I have this for lunch.

It is from this place: Einstien Brother's Bagels

On the road 

2006年04月23日(日) 15時53分

On the way to my parent's house in December.

黒柳能生 Sophia スカジャン 

2006年04月19日(水) 13時48分
A special item has appeared!
I want it so much!!!
頑張ります! (笑)

Better health 

2006年04月18日(火) 4時27分
I'm trying to eat better , exercise more and drink more...water! Yeah! water.

64 ounces of water a day, that's 4 dasani bottles. I think I can do that.

It's going to be 36c today I want to go somewhere cooler!

I've been away! 

2006年03月17日(金) 0時33分
It's been so long since I've typed an entry!
Places I've been since the last entry:
Austin, Texas
Washington D.C.
Orlando, Florida (Disney World!)

I travel a lot for work, but it makes me very tired.
I work all weekend at a convention, then I go right back to work on Monday with no break! I want a vacation!

This morning we dropped our friend Jon off at the airport. He's going to Tokyo for TAF and hopefully to see about some job offers he's received! He's also going to have fun & visit some friends.
Good Luck Jon!
Get a job so I can come visit!

Panera = good soup ^_^ 

2006年01月23日(月) 14時38分
Now that the weather is cold, one of my favorite places to eat is Panera. It's mostly sandwiches and soups, but it's also a bakery!

Baked potato soup in a sourdough bread bowl!

My favorite!
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