happy may! (*´д`*) 

2007年05月02日(水) 7時10分

first day of may here. :3
maybe not much to celebrate,
but it`s fun to do so! X33

tomorrow though, will be a sad day of memories, won`t it?

will you be my JPN pretty little baby~? 

2007年05月01日(火) 13時08分
tee-hee. :3 will you? n____n
baby, can`t you see we belong together?
& i wouldn`t have it any other way.

one day, one day

i`ll be your reason to be happy.


2007年04月08日(日) 13時10分

i tried to post the other day. i don`t think it worked out too well. XD ah, oh well. >3 attempt number two. my hairs pretty now, so it`s okay. *swoons* and jpegs are the worst quality. >>;; ever. i hate it. but paint saves gifs even crappier. *cry* anyway! i`m off. to view manly man`s Yaplog! *determined look*


2007年03月13日(火) 9時20分

i was inside of a kaleidoscope~ ( ^____^ )
see? see? isn`t it amazing?
(*w*) i think it`s amazing.
i love it overly much~

if you can`t tell, i`m the dark smudge on the right! xD


2007年03月02日(金) 12時17分

this picture is outside
a terribly windy day..
the sky was orange with sand & dirt.

my hair stay. XD

the HeaRt boys are cute. (>w<)


2007年02月23日(金) 11時30分

yay~it`s mine and Olivia`s friendship earring. (´∀`)
and i love my other one. stars~~ ☆☆☆
the little one some how always reminds me of 176BIZ.
if some one were to see it in person i think they would agree..

i want to get it pierced again~~

the other day i saw Dir en grey ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
i caught a pic in my eye. xD
almost passed out and threw up three times.
that somehow made it more fun, though~
so amazing ♪ (ノ´∀`)ノ
and one day i`ll see BIZ live, too.


2007年02月15日(木) 9時41分
HAPPY V-DAY (^__^)

got a new cell phone!!

so happy
so happy
so happy
so happy
so happy~

maybe i shouldn`t shrink pics with Paint..

it`s GUY LOVE between two guys~ 

2007年02月13日(火) 8時07分

( ´_ゝ`)ノsecond up for Yaplog!
i`m playing Gaia☆

( ^▽^) & questing for Pixie~

but i`m going to stop soon to watch Scrubs.
it`s so funny..JD is cool.

(。・_・。) first day.. 

2007年02月06日(火) 8時41分

okay so~i just make this YAPLOG.
out of boredom (´∀`)

i wanted to be more like BIZ members.
like たらちゃん...(●´ω`●)

so please say hello if you stop bye!!
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