three brothers themselves casually

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 12:35

> Daoyou anything to say, I waited not be any trouble, just friends not know what events, the possibility to say to one, may of help? blood. See Zhang like cloud badly injured, turtle Road side face surprised, then quickly pulled out a panacea handed Zhang Yun. This panacea glass ball size, exquisitely carved, at first glance appear side exudes rushing cold, like ice bred. Another surge of drug Hong nostrils, refreshing, like snow Samuume. Mo moving look at immortality, flashed a trace of surprise on his face, said: flesh injuries, more delay flesh aging, but a panacea me Master and not anywhere to be found the world did not expect to be here for each other. Clement Cheung, one is also surprised, quickly turned down. I waited on hand useless, since Daoyou creatures risked his life to kill Xiongshou a panacea, I also do not care about the turtle Road side look gentle, but extremely firm, spoke again spirit Dan put Zhang Yun hands. Master, The Daoyou so righteous cause you why refuse, such remedy to cure the world not fresh,UGG Jimmy Choo Kaia Boots, and I'm afraid has been lost, the Honourable Daoyou could get out, also the admiration of the owner, the owner or do not let Daoyou disappointment is the also said. three demons really generous, but it can be seen, and are extremely good honest monsters you. and so went back to the government! The three demon is in Meeting for the generation! in the past. Way to escape the light fast, Zhang Yun just the blink of an eye will catch up with the previous demon fled together toward the bottom. invite Daoyou is destined ah! Dianmang wound middle-aged man asked. Zhang Yun at this time already know, turtle Fang Road Laogui Changeling,UGG Women's Bomber, two middle-aged man is an electric eel enlightenment a whale enlightenment, are thousands of years old monster, since the year the Ice Road Ray hack, it Check the ice Yangshui House, became a Master. Three people are on this side of the indigenous, usually do not like to walk away from home, only Ai Momo practice, so it is not with the number of monks had dealings, reside in the Arctic Ocean, but then that Pacific is very yearning. ? Fang Daoxiong such repair, I am afraid that many Presbyterians far less. The next from the Pacific, has also traveled to China, was found to decline in the Road Law, Mitac see eliminate most of the monks all day Yingyinggougou, I do not know Boulevard why, but I do not know what things practice, only know how to intrigue, plunder resources . statue, supernatural powers incredible majority, was not to go, otherwise only provoke perish, noticing now is the predicament look like? . numerous and mighty people in abundance, soaring Once upon numerous prosperity, said Piper Munekado said just now is the decline ... the Ley migration In addition to a handful of large factions are already too much for practice, but handing out monopoly resources, prompting the monks feel insecure, but it is a mess of a. . will also cease to exist? soaring Once upon a time, Promise immeasurable, so why worry about! whales to look the same, but also cried. Mountain ranges, a large Wulong Long,North Face Shirts, from extremely distant extends to here, I am afraid that at least tens of thousands of years, like an Wolong seaweed sea rattan across more schools of fish swim shrimp playful, very quiet,Adirondack Tall UGG Boot. Third, we must say the ice Yangshui House, on the bottom of the mountain range which stretches. With three demon lowered stature, Zhang Yun suddenly we see that Dongfu the entrance, it really is a deep cave looks like. If it is inside can see a faint flash Guanghua Zhang Yun are suspected, the three brothers themselves casually brought to the front of a cave, the point suifu appearance are not. Road, the Friends with me to that this Ice real when the prohibition set suifu, but immeasurable freezing cold gas to freeze completely Wanfang, is generally Hop Road mighty touch can be frozen broken soul, destroy the vitality completely fall of the Zhang Yun concept of God is powerful, not dispatched ban, but also feel the biting cold, the soul could not help but shake the hearts suddenly aghast, really terrible! Did not walk a few steps, suddenly become clear. I saw a brilliant crystal wall of the channel in front of him, on Diaolan painting houses, faint achievements a whole, more dozens of root crystal clear, the large column exudes a chill up against the roof of the cave. What emit brilliant treasures into boules, like a brightly lit, as if the light source, making the entire cave glistening with a large fellow, being put now complete. Not far revealed a huge cave, the cave is a bright, shining light, probably several of mu size, including several small caves, are crystal clear, like pure ice crystals carved flashing Silverlit. Hole tables and chairs futon, rockery relief, all ice carved to form, lifelike, crystal, jade, on the lines appeared more charms spiritual power fluctuation, as if a magic weapon. <

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