Rotation #1 

May 15 [Mon], 2006, 23:57
Yapo Minna-san
This is todays rotation which includes saturdays rotation too. songs are owned by me and contributed by Ayumu,Sou,Ryohei and Kyouya. DO NOT use them on your own sites. Please appreciate our time we spent on these rotation. WE are all extremely busy people with exams soon = =".

1. SOU's pick: KYOU KARA MAOU character singles 1,2 & 3.KYOU KARA MAOU opening and Ending songs. E-mail me to get a hold of these files they are rather large

2. Ruki's pick:
BLEACH BEAT COLLECTION Kurosaki Ichigo Memories in the rain featuring Kuchi Rukia by Morita Masakazu and Orikasa Fumiko.
Tennis no ouji sama Cross with me by Hyotei no Atobe Keigo. Ah Keigo's voice makes me want to melt.

3. Ryohei's pick:
BLEACH Asterisk by ORANGE RANGE 1st Opening full version.Tonight,tonight,tonight by BEAT CRUSADERS 7th opening *tv version*Hanabi by Ikimono Gakari 8th ending *tv version*.My Pace by Sunset Swish 6th ending full version.
NARUTO Yellow Moon by AKEBOSHI 13th Ending ful version.
Gundam Seed Destiny Ignited.Vestige Strike Freedom's debut theme.

Kyouya's Pick: E-mail me to get these songs ^^ e-mail add
Daidai by HeaRt
Fall breeze by Hagakure
Q. by Arisu nine
Hai to ame by D'espairsRay
Yasashii koku by Babylon

AYUMU's pick: E-mail me and i'll send you these files >c< e-mail add:

UVERworld Timeless album Random picks
ORANGE RANGE Squeezed album Random picks

NEXT ROTATION: Who knows what crazy music we'll have then.
Requests are open now request any song and we'll try to find them for you ^^ don't worry we won't bite. PLEASE comment us.


May 12 [Fri], 2006, 23:45
Rules okie we know you hate them but there here for a reason so read them or you won't know how to download.

1. DO NOT change the password to the account or sign up for things.Don't even think of screwing it up for other's.SOU and AYUMU won't be happy they literally track you down and you know just do something not nice.

2. These songs are for sampling only so please delete them after 24-72 hours.

3. We will NOT be held responsible if you catch a virus or get sued or whatever.The files work fine for us.

4. PLEASE support the artists and buy their music its worth it.New bands need moeny for food,clothes and cat food too.

5. If you download please comment us if we don't get at least 5 comments we won't rotate. If you can't read Japanese this is where you click to comment 'コメント(0)'.

6. PLEASE log out of the account once you have downloaded.

Thank you for reading your the best ^^. Now happy downloadings.

Firstly you'll need to go here click the mail button.
Log in ID: lovelesskio
Password: natsuo12a

If you can't read cinese then this is what the sign out button looks like '登出'.

MP3 rotation blog 

May 11 [Thu], 2006, 23:45
Welcome Minna-san to Broken Wings the weekly Mp3 rotation site.We'll rotate every weekend.

Who owns this blog? Well there are 5 of us Ruki,Ryohei,Sou Ayumu and Kyouya together we pick out our favourite songs and rotate them.

Broken Wings? Broken wings is one of the songs from Trinity Blood.

How can we contact you all?

Ruki's e-mail add:
Ryohei's e-mail add:
AYUMU's e-mail add:
Sou's e-mail add: ???
Kyouya's e-mail add:

We'll try our best to rotate every weekend please note we are all getting ready for exams so don't kill us if were late rotating.

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