Over the years Omega has been known as a brand that produced reliable and accurate watches for a wide market

November 10 [Mon], 2014, 10:22
Over the years Omega has been known as a brand that produced reliable and accurate watches for a wide market. In the early decades they were leaders in the production of class-winning chronometers, in both pocket and wristwatch calibres. Before the abolition of competition in chronometer trials in the 1970s, Omega was a record holder in several categories, and was one of the largest producers of mass-produced series chronometer movements in the world (until Rolex took that crown). They were also well known for being the official Mens and Ladies Replica Omega Seamaster 300m Watches For Sale timekeeper from 1932 onward, and created many innovative sports timing mechanisms over the decades.

The most significant and best-known Omega models emerged in the 1950s – the Constellation chronometers, the Speedmaster chronographs, and the Seamaster dive watches. Today these three models are the top level of Omega collecting. The company’s real claim to fame was the selection of the Speedmaster chronograph by NASA for use in the space program in 1965 after a series of grueling tests. In 1969 it became the first watch on the Moon, worn by Buzz Aldrin on the surface (Neil Armstrong left his in the lander as a backup clock, a testament to how much faith they put in the Omega). Since 1969 the Speedmaster Professional (as it became known after it was selected by NASA) has become the best known, most collectible and most desirable Omega out there, thanks in no http://www.speedroc.com/replica-cartier-roadster.html small part to Omega’s continuing marketing touting their participation in the Apollo landings (and countless limited editions to honor the fact).

Up until the 1950s the most popular Omegas featured the legendary 30mm hand-wound calibres. 30mm denotes the size of the movement, not the case. Produced in the millions, the 30mms (30T2 and 2XX series calibres being the most common) were robust, reliable, accurate, and easy to service. They formed a solid base for chronometer modifications as well, and today chronometer variants (with unique balance assemblies, indexes, and finely-finished gears that set them apart from base calibres) are the most desirable. Any 30mm is worth something. They were produced in cases that ranged from 32-33mm up to a pretty sizable 38mm (which looks even bigger due to the expansive dials and thin bezels). The larger sizes command a premium and are a bit harder to find, but are worth seeking out – they are elegant dress watches that are big enough to not feel out of place in a sea of 40mm plus replica tag heuer Carrera Calibre 1887. While fairly valuable, the 30mm variants are not that rare – again, they made millions of them over the decades. Finding a good, original one is not that difficult, but beware of scores of dodgy refinished dials and worn-out cases. It’s also a movement that is prone to neglect as it can run for years without attention, which means many will need a service pronto.

From the 1950s onward automatic calibres became popular, starting with the famous “bumper” calibres. Early automatics had a rotor that rotated a partial circle, not a full rotation, and were buffered by a blocking bridge with small springs on either side. When the rotor swings back and forth it bounces off the springs, hence “bumper”. This “Harwood” system, named for the inventor who developed it, was used by many brands until the 1960s due to the fact that Rolex held the main patents on the 360-degree rotor system.
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