Welcome to the third installment of the watch collection from Chanel fashion

December 17 [Wed], 2014, 11:17
I found the crown guards a bit too large, they're only 1mm smaller than the crown and leave little metal to grab when you need to screw or unscrew it. On the plus side, it's pretty much impossible to strike the crown, so if you're especially tough on Chanel watches it's a plus. There you can see the solid end link, massive bracelet construction and the bolt/nut construction. I like this design; the recessed hex keys are easy to use and, unlike a flat blade, won't risk scratching the case as you apply force. The bar itself is very strong, much more so than spring replica chanel J12.

I'm not fond of helium valves, as they're a potential leak source that almost no one needs. Alas, they are de rigeur on dive watches with few exceptions. Notice the beautiful bezel teeth, with their gear-like profile and easy-to-grab case overhang. Well thought out. The Chanel watch is heavy enough that i only wore it on rubber straps. That brings the weight down to a very comfortable 135g, light enough that i wore it biking, playing ultimate and day to day. The movement in this version is the trusty ETA 2824; as expected timekeeping is excellent. For low price, there's a version with the Miyota 9015, a very comparable competitor with very similar specifications. I've not tried the Chanel personally, but would expect good performance from it as well.

Overall, this is a very solid and well-made dive watch. If you want a less obtrusive look, the black on black is a good choice; personally I like the blue on white and find it great fun to wear. The 42mm is size is just right, and with a 32mm dial it's maximized for readability. I'm also quite fond of lumed bezels, both for function and just the enjoyment of seeing it light up at night. For low price, this is a very good value for money: Chanel has a 12-month international guarantee and excellent after-sales service.

Welcome to the third installment of the watch collection from Chanel. These pieces have always amused and entertained me. For instance, when they came out with the first Chanel watch here I compared it to Star Wars droids. This third piece is something altogether new but retains the conceptual focus on complex tourbillons and the visualization thereof.

For me the design of this watch looks like a combination of Chanel. Each combing together with some Chanel in a sort of "wants to be, but isn't quite Opus way. " Chanel got its claim to fame via the famed Opus collection that asked independent watch makers to create special limited edition series for the brand. While continuing the Chanel has also furthered their own creative spirit with wild high-end pieces in other collections. They are cool, but they still look up to Chanel for approval and inspiration. The Historie de Tourbillon 3 has three tourbillons in this long rectangular case. Two of the tourbillons are within one another and a third one sits next to them. The double tourbillon is a bi-axial mechanism that has an inner tourbillon rotating each 40 seconds and an outer one rotating each 120 seconds. The third, separated tourbillon spins once each 36 seconds. Why these numbers? I am not sure but I am sure there is a good reason from a regulation standpoint. You see, the system is designed to have each of them work together to regulate the time. This produces an average rate with arguably is the most accurate. Arguably... I am just happy to see Chanel watches like this even work. Seeing each of the three tourbillons operate together must be a hell of a visual spectacle. I want one.
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