2008年08月17日(日) 6時36分
Carla stays with me in the coffee shop. very helpful to hanging someone around me when in crisis. I'm sure I will do the same. We had lunch together- and we are still here together


2008年08月17日(日) 6時28分
I talked with Jess on the phone today. She knows Al, so she'll probably picture what's going on well. She said that he's a mess now, and he needs to take a break, and not seeing/ dating with anyone. She said, "you do not need any drama." She is right. I need a peace in my life. I have a goal and life plan to go with. I do not need to join this drama. If he is playing a game, let him. She said that I should not even leave an option for him to contact me, he's a different person. I probably will give him a chance to contact me. Jess said that it'll only hurt me and do no good for me. Probably right, but I cannot help doing that. It's okay as long as I want to do that. It is okay. He knows how to get a hold of me. Let's focus on my goal and life plan. I am glad I got to talk to Jess today.
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