with a heart always growingheavier and heavier

January 13 [Wed], 2016, 18:48

The time went very slowly on, and Mr. Lorry's hope darkened, and hisheart grew heavier again, and grew yet heavier and heavier everyday. The third day came and went, the fourth, the fifth. Five days,six days, seven days, eight days, nine days.

With a hope ever darkening, Mr. Lorry passed through this anxious time. Thesecret was well kept, and Lucie was unconscious and happy; but hecould not fail to observe that the shoemaker, whose hand had been alittle out at first, was growing dreadfully skilful, and that he hadnever been so intent on his work, and that his hands had never been sonimble and expert, as in the dusk of the ninth evening.

WORN OUT by anxious watching, Mr. Lorry fell asleep at his post.On the tenth morning of his suspense, he was startled by the shiningof the sun into the room where a heavy slumber had overtaken himwhen it was dark night.

He rubbed his eyes and roused himself; but he doubted, when he haddone so, whether he was not still asleep. For, going to the door ofthe Doctor's room and looking in, he perceived that the shoemaker'sbench and tools were put aside again, and that the Doctor himselfsat reading at the window. He was in his usual morning dress, andhis face (which Mr. Lorry could distinctly see), though still verypale, was calmly studious and attentive.

Even when he had satisfied himself that he was awake, Mr. Lorry feltgiddily uncertain for some few moments whether the late shoemakingmight not be a disturbed dream of his own; for, did not his eyesshow him his friend before him in his accustomed clothing andaspect, and employed as usual; and was there any sign within theirrange, that the change of which he had so strong an impression hadactually happened?

It was but the inquiry of his first confusion and astonishment,the answer being obvious. If the impression were not produced by areal corresponding and sufficient cause, how came he, Jarvis Lorry,there? How came he to have fallen asleep, in his clothes, on thesofa in Doctor Manette's consulting-room, and to be debating thesepoints outside the Doctor's bedroom door in the early morning?
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