Tips for Kitchen renovation

September 28 [Wed], 2016, 18:10
Want to enjoy the art of cooking, a good kitchen environment is the most important factor. At the beginning of the decoration, we should know what should be pay attention to, so as to avoid all kinds of regret. However, for who is going to do the first renovation, today we are going to tell you everything is possible in the following article, you will see some tips in kitchen decoration. Read this and do not regret in the future.

1, kitchen tiles
You should consider the indoor light condition when choose the wall tiles. Too light and too dark space should be used and the honed and light color tiles, so to avoid light pollution. When choosing floor tiles, should consider color and luster, besides, should choose non slippery tiles, in order to avoid slipping.

2, kitchen ceiling
The kitchen wall tiles should choose the fireproof material, which can be heat resistance and easy cleaning, such as glazed wall tiles and aluminum ceiling etc.. The kitchen ceiling should consider waterproof products, i.e. waterproof quartz worktop supplier gypsum board waterproof latex paint, waterproof putty.

3, kitchen storage
The function of the kitchen determines that it is the most easy to become "dirty, chaotic" place in a house. One of the most important purpose when renovate the kitchen is to make the kitchen convenient, functional in addition to beautiful and clean. To make full use of the space, you need to full use the cabinet, the hanging cabinet, to give the pot, bowls, pans, pots a proper space. The kitchen cabinet better to quartz surface supplier make them push-pull drawer, convenient to take and put.. The hanging cabinet can be made to 30 to 40 cm wide multilayer lattice.

4, kitchen ventilator
The height of the kitchen ventilator should consider the user’s height. And the ventilator should be within 60cm to the cooker. It’s better to install the cabinets and ventilator at the same time to avoid unnecessary problems.

There are more tips I would like to share in the upcoming weeks, for more information, you can visit

Brief introduction of engineered quartz stone

September 28 [Wed], 2016, 18:05
Sometimes engineered quartz stone referred to as quartz, however it is quite different from all-natural stone from the quarry. Not the same as kitchen countertop that might be fabricated by marble & granite alone, engineered quartz stone is made from quartz sands that are combined very firmly mixed with a resin binder. After pressed into slabs by machinery, the product looks very similar to natural stone slab, but the extra value of the cutting process is not the same.
The color, pattern and veins that engineered stone supplier can be manufacturer from the quartz material are much better than in nature and attract people’s eyes. This advantage allows for a widely usage that is unrivalled for matching many various interior projects. Quartz stone has a variety of pattern and color tone that make sure that for a creative cavalcade to be released in family and business projects.

It’s not difficult to maintain quartz stone. Similar some marble & granite, the reason is that it is an kind of quite hard stone surface depending on the chemical composition of the quartz. Highly resistant to heat, quartz stone won’t leave a mark when a burning hot pot or pan is placed on it. It’s a thing of the past to worrying quartz countertop supplier about scratches, even if you may not want to cut directly by knife on the surface.

Depends on of its unique properties, a quartz stone makes cleaning very easy. The surface have no any pores that natural stone is inclined towards. Staining also no longer happened in engineered quartz makes it more difficult for liquids to penetrate.

Lixin Quartz Tiles & Porcelain Flooring

September 19 [Mon], 2016, 16:31
I know you have ever want to change the way of your house looks. There are a variety of materials used to make house flooring. porcelain tiles is the most popular materials used for flooring. However, the best option to go for is starlight quartz tiles . It will look very beautiful and different from before.

Unlike porcelain only the light and dark color, Starlight quartz tiles are available in different designs and colors. These tiles are quartz worktop supplier available in colors including cool colors like white, black, grey, blue, red, orange and yellows.

If you are planning to give your house special and impressive, the amazing color for living room the black combine with red can be the best option.But for bedroom then white or grey color can be a good option, it will give you a comfortable feeling when you entrance your bedroom.

Quartz Tiles are made from a combination of natural quartz and epoxy resin. Porcelain is made from solid. Quartz tiles and Porcelain also have less water absorption and proof scratches. The main different quartz tiles and porcelain is quartz tiles has amazing shining surface pattern. Porcelain is matt pattern.

If you have decided to quartz surface supplier renovate your flooring in your house, I recommend you buy from Lixin Stone.

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Will a Quartz Countertop Work For You?

May 19 [Thu], 2016, 11:32
First of all, what is Quartz? It's a mineral, probably one of the most common materials on earth. Quartz is very hard and scratch resistant and thus makes a great work surface. If you are considering a quartz countertop for your kitchen, here are some things to consider. First of all the quartz countertop material is what is know as an engineered stone, which allows it to be formed into the shapes needed for countertops. This also allows the quartz counter top material to be colored in a wide variety of hues.

This is one advantage of engineered quartz countertops over natural countertop materials, such as granite. Granite countertops are limited by the naturally occurring colors found in nature. Quartz counter tops, however, come in a wide variety of colors. As a example, Lixin Quartz, one of the major brands, comes in more than 50 color variations. Quartz countertops are generally less porous, and thus more stain resistant than natural granite.

The engineered quartz counter top material also tends to be more forgiving to work with. In other words, it is easier to cut and less likely to break. One downside of working with quartz is that it is denser and heavier that many other countertop materials. So you need to know what you are doing when handling this material. This may be one of those cases where it is best to pay for professional installation. One missed cut or dropped piece can break your budget. This is true for any expensive counter material, however, and should not scare you off.

So, a quartz counter top is an excellent choice for kitchen remodeling or new kitchen design. Is it right for your kitchen? It depends on your tastes and budget, as do so many things in life. Need to know more about quartz countertops?

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Method of manufacturing metal chain teeth two

May 05 [Thu], 2016, 16:07
Metal chain teeth (hereinafter referred to as the metal teeth) generally have the head engages, to the rear extension of the body from the base end of the head of the engagement, from the body part of a two pronged and to the rear extension of a pair of right and left leg and step and method for making such a metal teeth are as follows:

First, the with circular section of long metal wire in a plurality of roller through, forming for cross section is approximately Y shape, using cutting punch and die cutting, the forming of a wire (the so-called y bar) in the length direction, to desired thickness were cut off. Accordingly, followed by the production chain tooth element. Then get the chain teeth element collision mesh head, local extrusion deformation, forming engagement convex part and engagement concave portion, in order to manufacture metal teeth.

Such metal teeth then in convex meshes and engagement concave portion formed, using riveted member (the riveting punch) metal teeth one implant is also transferred to the zipper tape edge portion on the other side, zipper manufacturing. Although about meshing head and leg side edge is made in the shape of a circular arc, however, due to made into a circular shape, and smooth formed part of the is only meshing head and legs to the left and right sides of the outer edge, configuration biting the heads from side to side between the edges of the front end of the central portion of the peripheral edge is not cutting die cut off state of a cut edge, so the section has roughly rectangular strip edges and corners of the ridge shape. This time, if you open the zipper, hand inserted into the opening of the opening of the hand, the hand is vulnerable to acupuncture feel bad feelings. In the use of head engages the side configuration engagement concave portion, zipper in opposite to the first face of the second configuration meshing the convex part multiple metal tooth form and in zipper closure state, by the left and right towards the outward lateral pulling the transverse tension zipper with, each zipper tooth meshing the convex part of the against contact each other engagement concave portion on the surface of the inner wall, especially in the inner wall of the engagement concave portion engages the front head, be embedded in the engagement concave portion of the state maintenance of to prevent zipper chain teeth cracking.

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