September 19 [Sat], 2009, 9:53
6. Which two of these are characteristics of an IDS sensor? (Choose two.)
A. passively listens to network traffic
B. is an active device in the traffic path
C. has a permissive interface that is used to monitor networks
D. traffic arrives on one IDS interface and exits on another
E. has a promiscuous interface that is used to monitor the network
Answer: AE
7. In base e-Commerce module designs, where should firewall perimeters be placed?
A. core layer
B. Internet boundary
C. aggregation layer
D. aggregation and core layers
E. access and aggregation layers
Answer: A
8. In which two locations in an enterprise network can an IPS sensor be placed? (Choose two.)
A. bridging VLANs on two switches
B. bridging two VLANs on one switch
C. between two Layer 2 devices with trunking
D. between two Layer 2 devices without trunking
E. between a Layer 2 device and a Layer 3 device with trunking
Answer: CD
9. What is a virtual firewall?
A. another name for a firewall deployed in routed mode
B. another name for a firewall deployed in transparent mode
C. a separation of multiple firewall security contexts on a single firewall
D. a firewall that, when deployed in routed mode, can support up to 1000 VLANs per context
E. a firewall that has multiple contexts, all of which share the same policies (such as NAT and ACLs)
Answer: C
10. In a VoWLAN deployment, what is the recommended separation between cells with the same
A. 19 dBm
B. 7 dBm
C. 10 dBm
D. 6 dBm
E. 5 dbm to 10 dBm
Answer: A
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