Kyuuu~ I'm back ^-^ 

2006年08月16日(水) 19時12分
Hoi hoi minna!!!
Since Sunday eening I'm back from Hamm where I visited my ochibi-chan. It was so great *-* We had really much fun. The first thing we did was going to Subway to eat something XD After a while we drove to her Grandmas home. There we watched Kimerus Concert DVD and made an ConHon entry ^-^ The next day we went to the Cinema to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" Such an cool movie *-* Captain Jack Sparrow rulz~ *nod* Just the Ending is argh >___< I WANT PART 3 >.>'' And then, on Friday, we went to Düsseldorf. To be honest I was expecting more. But the two bookstores were great anyway *-* So much things. At least I ended up buying Okane ga na 5, 2 Potatos and an Duett ^^ In an Foodstore I bought lots of Pocky *-*~ And I orderd the D-Boys Photobook ^^ Nya, to make it short, the days were absolutely great *-* Ochibi-chan is such an sweet and nice Person. I was really sad when I had to leave ;___; I miss her. But we're already planing to meet again on silvester. So we'll see each other again soon. I can't wait *-* *hugs ochibi* LUV YA ;o; Nya nya, I think I wrote enough ^^ Just wanted to say that everything was great *-*
*hugs all*


Kyu kyu~~~ ^-^v 

2006年07月23日(日) 19時20分
Ok, time for an new entry huh? XDDD~

Well...on the 15.07 I was in Delmenhorst on an Anime and Cosplay fan-meeting, the D-Cat. It was really cool *-* There were such cool people in such kakkoii~ Cosplays. i'm so envyous because I'm so bad at sewing so that I can't make such wonderful Cosplays. But I so wish I could *-*~ Oh dream ne ^^ But hey, maybe someday I can Sew XD Would be great. Well, we met at the trainstation in Delmenhorst. At first I was standing a bit aside because I knew nobody. But then I began to talk to the others and it got really wonderful. We all then went to the Park and sat down on an meadow. A really beautyful location. There we all talked, wrote in Con-Hons and just had an funny afternoon. ButI have to admit that I was somewhat happy when I was at home again. It just was to hot outside =.=

And I'm already looking forward to an other event since month *-* You ask "What event?" well, I'm talking about my meeting with my ochibi-chan *-* I really can't wait. it will be so much fun ^-^ *bounes around* *smiles* So there are still good things ahead ne ^.~ Mhm I guess this is enough for today.

*hugs everyone*
Greetings, Kiku~

Back again ≧▽≦〜★ 

2006年06月27日(火) 23時01分
Yeah, the moving is over, VICTORY~~ *o* *happy desu* Ok...I had to wait a few days till I had Internet again. But I survived this too. It's pretty funny. I waited for Dream live 3rd and was really impatient. And then I'm away for a few days and it's there. All i can say is OMFG ;____; It is so heartwarming and sad. But i'm still a bit confused why Date-kun was crying while Hyoutei sang the Song "Season". But it was so awww~~. He really had to leave the stage for an Moment ;__; Poor thing. And then in "Yume wo tsunage" Yuu couldn't sing anymore because of his tears. I really had to cry with him. And then the Ichinen trio medley came ;__; And I couldn't believe my eyes. Hotta Masaru, who plays Katsuo, was so bad crying that he couldn't dance with the others for a moment. But the saddest thing came later ;___; At the end, after crystal, Ueshima-sensei said a few words to the others. And they are all crying. Especially Yanakou. And suddenly he had to kneel down crying. One moment later I knew why. It was because Yuya came on stage together with Kimeru (Who hugged Yanagi immediately) and Nagayama (Who almost forgot to hug Yanakou Oo Is it just me or was it a bit cold between them?). Well, I have to say that Dream Live 3rd is great. But I realized one more thing. It was almost just Hyoutei on stage Oo It really seemed as that they were the main actors, not Seigaku. But hey I won't complain, Hyoutei was cool >P I really liked their freetime-outfits *-* Kakkoii~~ daze!!!!

Saaa~~ I guesss that was all for today ^-^

Matane ^-^


Tomorrow ~(*-*)~ 

2006年06月21日(水) 16時41分
Yeah ^-^ Tomorrow is the big day *-*
*bounces around*


Well, there are still lots of things that has to be done. But hey...I'll make it ne ^.~ Ah btw, from today evening till Saturday afternoon I won't have Internet (;__;) *sobs* But thats not so long so I'll survive this XD Saa~~ I guess I'll go now to do the last things ^.^v

Mata ne ^-^
*hugs all*

P.S: Ochibi-chaaaa~~~n (;__;) I'll miss ya the next days *cries* I'll call you tomorrow as soon as everything is over ne ^.^v DAISUKI DAYOOOO~~~~~

*-* *happy desu* 

2006年06月09日(金) 19時40分
Yesterday I wrote an E-Mail to Kimeru's Radioshow "KimeruのShining Collection". And a few minutes ago I recieved an ANSWERE!!! Ok...not from him personally but from the staff of the radioshow. They thanked me for my support and asked me a few things. Like if I'm male or female, how to pronounce my name and how I got to know Kimeru. And when I read one sentence my breathe stopped. They wrote "It's very big help when Kimeru introduce your messege on program." KYAAAAAAA!!! He is going to read my message on radio!!! OMG *-* I still can´t believe it!! It is just like a dream. The only sad thing is that I won't hear it because I'm not able to listen to the japanese radiostation here in Germany ;__; *cries* That is so unfair >____< I´ve waited for so long for this to happen and now I won't be able to hear it ;__; Perhaps I'll find a way. I really hope so. But hey, I should be happy enough that I know that he'll read it ^-^v That is more than I ever dreamed of

I'll say bye for now
*hugs you all*

Your Kiku~, the happiest fangirl on earth

Yayyy ^-^ I'm happy *nod* 

2006年06月09日(金) 5時02分
Hey Ho to everyone who is reading this Blog!!
How are you? Hope you're all fine. I'm feeling great at the moment! The 22 June is comming nearer and nearer °(^o^)° Tomorrow I'm going to bring the first things over to the new flat. What a feeling. It is so relieving.

And August is comming nearer too, ne ochibi-chan ^^ I'm so looking forward to our meeting *chus* DAISUKIII~~~!!! And'll pass your exams for sure. Definately. I believe in you!!!

Uhm...okay, that was all for the moment ^^ See ya all around ne


Greetings, Kiku~

Japan didn´t win ;___; 

2006年05月31日(水) 16時42分
Hoi Minna-san!!!

Genki desu ka? Nya I watched the soccer match Germany vs. Japan yesterday. and honestly, both teams playd very very good. Especially Japan. I was so happy when they were leading with 2:0 in the beginning of the second half of the match . But then the german team managed it to catch up. So the match ended even with 2:2. Oh well at least Japan didn´t lose right? I´m german but still I don´t like the german national soccer team. Don´t know why. I´ll definately watch japans next match against Australia on 12 June and cheer again for them. Especially because it is the first real WM-Match in this season for them. I hope that they will get really far in this WM. So, GANBATE NE v>__________

Ah, by the way:


Yeah, in exact 3 Weeks I´ll be moving over into my new flat *-*v *happy desu* Well, I won´t be online very often for a few days because there are many things in my old flat that have to be done. Like painting, recorating etc etc. My dad will help me with these things ^-^v But I think it will just take a few days.

So, this was all for today ^-^

See ya

Greetings, Omi~

GANBATE OCHIBI-CHAN v>__________<v 

2006年05月28日(日) 7時11分
Yeah...this entry is just for my sweet ochibi-chan Samira. Why? Well, because I want to wish her all the best for her Exam on Monday. I know you will make it sweety. Just do your best and you will show everybody how good you are. When I remember right the exam on monday is your practical Exam right? You can do it!! I believe in you ochibi *hugs* Like I said, I´m wishing you all the best and in my thoughts I will be with you. *chus*


your senpai ^-^

To Hunny ^o^y 

2006年05月23日(火) 7時04分
Hey Ho ^-^

First of all like always: Greetings to everybody ne ^.~ Well, my mood is a bit better now *cheers* Thanks to my Ochibi-chan, Feta, Momi and Kizna *hugs all*

But now to why I write this Entry >3 Well, the title says everything ne? *lol* This is an message to Hunny who commented on my last Entry but didn´t left an E-Mail or something XD (Oh well...I forget that often too XD). So I decidet to write this. So, if you read this Hunny: Hi XDDD Of course you can read my blog if you want. If it would be friends only I wouldn´t post the link in Nagayans Blog ne? ^^ And yeah, it´s pretty hard to find german TeniMyu Fans. So it´s always cool to get to know one o(^o^)o So it would be nice if you would tell me your E-Mail Adress or ICQ number if you have one ^^ Are you registered on If yes, I´m "rizumu-kun" there. My E-Mail and ICQ number are listed there in my Profile. So if you like contact me ok? I would be happy to hear from you again! And thank you for your entry *hugs*

So, thats all I guess
*hugs you all*
CYA ne ^-^

Piece of love~~ *sings* 

2006年05月22日(月) 17時09分
Hoi hoi 皆さん! \(^o^)/

How are you? Hope fine. Nya...the date for my moving is comming nearer and nearer. Just a few weeks to go now (*_____*)y Yeah. I really can't wait. I´ll move over comepletely on the 22 June. So, just 3 1/2 weeks are left.

Now to an other subject. Charlie, a friend of mine, has been in Australia and New Sealand for about 7 - 8 month. I read in her LJ that she planed to come back a while ago. Well...yesterday I found out that she is back in Germany already. An that for about an month or so >.>'' An nobody told me. Really "nice" -.-'' Oh yeah, she wanted to suprise me. But hey, she visited my flatmate at work already. That is so....ARRGGGHHHHH >_____<''' I HATE such siuations. And normally she should know that. But ok. The idea to suprise me was really cute and nice. But then she should have suprised my flatmate too, and not visit her at work -.-'' That is so disgusting. But hey, I´ll just bear with it like I always do. After all I think it´s great that she is back again because I missed her.

Oh great, another thing to make my day -.-''' I wanted to meet my mom and drive to my new hirer because we wanted to pay the deposit and talk about some things. And now she called that she isn´t able to come because she has to work ~.~ Oh man, today truely sucks. I just should have stayed in bed >.>' Feel like crying again *sigh* But hey...I´ll get trough it alone like always. I'm used to it ne. It´s just me after all. Why should anyone care about my feelings? Just kick them with your feets, it´s okay, isn´t it?

I think that´s all I have to say for today.

Bye, Kiku
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