could not help but whom God

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 16:18
"You're so much like one of my entry, if it is your repair is too low, maybe, I really will take you as his, a dazzling, is already twenty years, well, they're relentless years o A" "So into?" Listen haired old man mouth feeling, Duan Yue could not help but whom frowned, could not help but subconsciously blurted: "What it into?" "Well I lived here, almost more than twenty years, the extra-territorial domain, all sorts of mundane, to do with me, you want to know what might check it yourself, so you have the ability, to get this up, then why ask me, "white-haired old man's face bitter a laugh: "Or, wait for your repair over the old man, if that time still can not find the answers they wanted, it would then ask me." "Well," Duan Yue one could not help but cold face sè , indifference mouth and said: "If you now have BI realm of cultivation, how would the trapped outside the domain, you should be clear that if the two of us into the hands of the then ten strokes, I will let you die in on the spot. "white-haired old man could not help but whom God sè a lag, just like the eyes burst out of unspeakable jīng light touch, but fleeting, blanking without hidden without a trace, his face is followed by regressing whom showing a hint of bitter smile, and said: "Do you know why I will turn now?" "Although there is the ability to kill you, but I was not sure you will not leave any flac counterattack So, you know, I will not tell you hands, say that eventually your own decisions. "Duan Yue faint natural opening, there is no shred of contrived, because, he said is the truth. To tell the truth, when he realized that this white-haired old man's body, King ran round after round also contains a statue of the power of the realm of real dollars, it really is him shocked, Bijing, his cultivation, although strong , after all, do not spend 'forty-nine yao robbery', at best, can only return to the virtual realm with the holy presence of a competing entry-level, but also on the road against the realm of the master class was said, for his part, still some determined weakness. However, he also maintained between the moment shocked, immediately disappeared without a trace that is, because he found that white-haired old man's body's energy, live race course was sealed, and the rest a little bit, and most will pass state of the Warrior is almost tender, even back to the virtual realm even unable to reach, let alone with their fight. Duan Yue actually very curious about each other this fall prematurely Why is this point, but it will not dare to force the other side to respond themselves, Bijing, even if the rabbit is also anxious to bite into it? Moreover, in any case, the other was once a repair is up to the realm of the Tao Tao also respect level master, if really anxious to provoke each other, maybe there will be what powerful FLAC, I'm afraid that time itself will be too much. "This is a long story, alas," white-haired old man of whom could not help but sigh mouth, took a deep said: "To be honest, all the fault of greedy o A" slowly sigh of relief, paragraph Yue slight chuckle: "I was very'm really interested in what happened to be able to make a race course has reached the realm of the Tao statue BI master class reduced to this." with a bit of curiosity, Duan Yue could not help but ask: "Tell me, competing study how it is, even if my eyesight is also easy to see that the old man's strength now, most will only pass yao peak level, even back to levels that are lower than imaginary." Heard, white-haired old man could not help Men's North Face Tex but to whom a bitter laugh, exclaimed: "Twenty years ago, in ancient times in order to find the lost fragments of various community channel, I am with one hundred and six coalitions of like-minded friends, from field to to Outland, has visited almost the entire extracellular domain, and finally, how could not think, but in black Danshan Lin encountered inside the underground world of unimaginable danger, to the last, 106 into the dead, injured injuries, almost all Army annihilated in there, only a handful managed to escape into, that it is lucky that my repair into being in that one hundred and six, and not strength, but I live out of the underground world, but my a repair will thus be sealed, to date calculation, already has 27 years, and until now I have not yet found a suitable channel to return the domain space, and now, my deadline is near, see come, want to return to the field this life is very difficult. "sounds, this is a very simple story, but Duan Yue from the white-haired old man was able to hear the discourse infinite dense natural Murder, 106 are from the domain of the top players in the underground world of the dead on the inside only a few into the hard to imagine where they encountered what in the end, when the situation is kind of how fierce a fight, "you had In the underground world inside, in the end encountered any danger? "Duan Yue quickly inquired aloud, he really wanted to know, because, back in Blackstone Fortress when he had entered the underground world, when his cultivation Just hold Dan was only nine turn pinnacle, and even Vision realm are not reached, however, looks like he did not encounter any particular terrorist risk, in addition to "a mere hold Dan realm, but also dare Jiangchuang town yao shrine, really since not within their means, "" hold Dan mere state of the Warrior, King ran to refining yao blood jīng, steal the power of tender, it is interesting and fun. "as if from the depths of the soul cry burst drink, Duan Yue are endure throughout the crediting The burst of whom live drama chatter, between this moment, he seemed once again to see the universe Flanagan stuffed tender to the fingers, is carrying off to die prematurely destroy a powerful force came rolling toward their own, making him King ran instinctively felt a soul from the bottom of the deepest fears, there, in the end what is a host? That in, how is a presence? "Bai-Lian hammer thousands of casting magical, heart like Universe magic hazy, buried cents why mythical action to sacrifice my blood of the sky," white-haired old man seems to feel something, like a mouth whispering sigh, "Presumably, you've been to of that underground world, saw the town yao shrine it, saw that the tender of the incarnation, right? "" Yes, "Duan Yue did not conceal the meaning is immediately nodded slightly, something in him to, in fact, simply do not need to hide, since he would like to know from the white-haired old man's mouth something, naturally you want to tell the truth as much as possible, otherwise, how can he be able to determine, that the other party will not lie to deceive ourselves? Even among Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody the North Face Denali Hoodie Outlet Warrior has concealed the true meaning of some of the bizarre and temptations genuine Dharma, if both parties are blindly lie, then it is purely to do useful work. Heard, white-haired old man body Yi Chan, eyes suddenly light among jīng convergence, shè out two fierce glow like a real general: 'So, you see him? "He spake , although it is possible to amplify his voice, and brought his own one of hostility, but the body could not help but in whom tremor endless, obviously, he did it because at this moment, he is at heart In extreme fear. Hard to imagine, let alone be able to recall a former master class was said so afraid, that the incoming power, in the end tyranny and to what extent is difficult to estimate o A "He? Who is he?" Duan Yue subconscious thought Flanagan terror fingers, whom until now, he has improved compared to the original repair dozens of hundred times, but he is still not a shred of certainty, that a finger can stand up to the power, apparently, such that kinds of levels of existence, he is now far more than a mere one-pass yao realm of big statue Warrior class can match. "A concept of God, a concept of magic, legend, and that he is a more powerful weapons than those who die prematurely, five thousand years ago that a surprise tender amulet, there have been thousands into the witness that he was dead already possessed by the devil But "being a strong level of respect dignified Road haired old man, at this moment it is like a frightened little girl has been extremely general, whom involuntary body shivering:" He is still alive "Heard, Duan Yue also could not help but whom stared, a five thousand years into the death, King ran inside the underground world is still alive, this is God horse situation? Died and rose again? Or paragraph Yue's heart racing, suddenly, he thought of the piece under Ipomoea Qianlong imperial dragon, whom could not help but speculate: Well, is not there a tender it also revived it? "Which yao, he killed almost all of our income, our line of one hundred and six in, whether it is the realm of road statue realm of empty or broken in his hand, and seen, even a move support, but" very helpless, very weakness, but it is the fact that white-haired old man bitter laugh: "You know, we Wyatt in the field, under a directory called 'mixed yao Jianpai' first-class major sects, even among the whole martial art , I am also on the row number of the top players, as belligerent, they were into the house known as 'sword mad', however, in that tender, I do not even have the courage of a sword are not, in the end, still relying on equipment barely escaped death that a catastrophe, alleys world of the "miserable, Duan Yue deeply felt, because he was in the underground world which tender inside, and very honored to eat a finger into the home, result, until now, he did not Yingkang whack emboldened, that in, but also it is a little too much strong number. Whom bitter smile, Duan Yue mind a move, could not help but take it lightly aloud, and said: "You say this, is to let me help you with anything?"
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