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August 13 [Tue], 2013, 15:57
The first time reported that Beckham retired British news media, "Daily Mail" inventory of the Beckham career 10 classic goals, which led the Greek lore that appeared in England came in grain moon scimitar first place. May 17 report: Half shaking lob the corner kick to score a penalty which beat Argentina ...... everything is glamorous ride in the game left us 21 years of the classic memories. "Daily Mail" also Beckham Beckham announced his retirement after an inventory of the career of the 10 classic goals, which led England Greek lore appears that grain moon scimitar came in the first place. Ten Beckham warfare scoring lob a ball fame a shaking, England 2-2 Greece in October 2001, Beckham in England's World Cup qualifier against Greece into a life and death battle Moyes Direct free kick in last minute to help England to a 2-2 draw to enter the World Cup opponents. British media said the ball is worth hundreds of millions of pounds. 2, Wimbledon 0-3 Manchester United which is famous for Beckham, Beckham also scored the most numerous being talked about one. This is the Manchester United and Wimbledon in the game, Beckham was also not with the ball of fame became a British household name star. At that time Manchester United a 2-0 lead, Beckham ball to the right side of the center line, he looked up and found goalkeeper Sullivan very far away from the goal, so do not hesitate to Beckham from the right foot shot, the ball crossed the entire half field, in the air to draw a beautiful arc, after flying straight overhead Sullivan goal. 3, Tottenham 1-2 Manchester United 1996-97 season, Beckham Premier League debut, and he has been put on Mark - Hughes left the 10th jersey, fledgling Beckham with Manchester United in the year won the league championship
.By the way, if you are Arsenal fans, you may love wearing arsenal jersey 2014, the shirts is very popular now! OK,let us continue to talk soccer news.. Manchester United and Tottenham in the key battle of that field, Beckham scored a winning goal to help Manchester United win the league title that season. 4, Argentina 0-1 England, June 7, 2002, the World Cup once again usher in the duel between England and Argentina, Owen was tripped in the penalty area, the Italian name of post Corina penalty. Beckham went to penalty points before, when Beckham sent off fiercely pumping the ball to score the door middle, Argentina goalkeeper simply caught off guard. Beckham after scoring kissing shirts, crazy roar, and thus, a four-year savings emotions finally broke at the moment. 5, Colombia 0-2 England June 26, 1998, David Beckham in his first trip to the World Cup, hit a ball, the ball is his trademark free kick, the opponent is from the "Lion King "Valderrama led Colombia. 6, Preston 3-2 Fulham this goal for David Beckham has a special significance, because the David Beckham on the pitch scored the first direct free kick. In other words, we are familiar with Bayesian curve also from that time it has begun to take shape practice. 7, the Los Angeles Galaxy 2-0 DC United David Beckham from Real Madrid move to the Galaxy after shakeout machine has become one of the team leaders. Prior to joining the Los Angeles soon after, David Beckham in Los Angeles in 2007 scored a goal in a key battle, helping the team to a 2-0 win over DC United. 8, Manchester United 2-3 Real Madrid, which is a 2000 Champions League 1/4 finals, the two sides battle into the first leg 0-0 at the Bernabeu stadium, while at Old Trafford, Manchester United, although the score to 2-3 lost gave Real Madrid. But Beckham 0-3 in the team scored a goal behind the case, and the horn sounded the team counterattack. But Beckham has come a bit late this goal, although Paul Scholes in the 89th minute scored a goal, but ultimately failed to Manchester United staged a reversal miracle. 9, the Los Angeles Galaxy 5-2 Isidro Metapan This is the American Major League CONCACAF Champions League group stage into a focus of the war, at Home Depot Center Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Galaxy team Isidro Metapan 5-2 victory over El Salvador, get a good start. The campaign Beckham scored a corner kick directly break shock, this grain is also fantastic goal CONCACAF Champions League history, the first 1000 goal, regardless of level or from the wonderful historical sense, are priceless. 10, Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal 1999 FA Cup semi-final is a match, Beckham's goal to help Manchester United to a 2-1 final victory over Arsenal, which broke into the finals. That season, Beckham helped Manchester United completed the treble Albert.
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