Ganoderma Organo Gold Coffee Network Marketing Survival Training Part Three

August 23 [Fri], 2013, 16:56

Tell your new distributor of the money that these people could have been making if they had not quit the business because they thought that it did and would not work. So find somebody successful in the Organo Gold coffee network marketing company and get to know them at a convention or at a leadership conference. Ask them if there were people who sponsored them who quit. Ask what size of income those quitters threw away because they quit the business. Tell that story to all your personally sponsored distributors when you are talking to them during their survival training phase. The rest of the realities of the network marketing business are as follows. Here is what you need to know. No shows. We have discussed this aspect before in detail where you contact fifteen people to be present at a meeting in your home or in a web conference room and only one or two of them show up.

The others are no shows. This is what you have to accept and to move on without being affected personally about the no shows. Will the number of no shows diminish or get less the longer you are involved in the ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business. The answer is, yes. The longer you are in the business the easier it gets. You become better, more confident and more experienced and as a consequence you will produce better results. One tactic to use when inviting people to your home or web online presentation is to say to the people you are inviting that you can only invite a limited number of people and you have to know whether that person is serious and will definitely attend your presentation.

If that person is unable to make the presentation then they must tell you right there and then that they cannot attend so that you can invite someone else who will attend. Give people a deadline to tell you whether they can attend the presentation or not. Make sure that they know not to call you at the last minute that they cannot attend the presentation because that will not give you enough time to contact other people who are serious about attending the presentation. These are the types of tactics that you will learn after you have been in the business for a considerable length of time. Remember also that you will always have people who drop out of the business as distributors completely.

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