a remarkable date...

January 08 [Fri], 2010, 0:56
Today, I need to have a buyer meeting in Nathan Road wing on Plus my colleague Joey and me decided to have a nice breakfast at Australian Dairy first...

And here comes the extraordinary thing .....
After the meeting, we are checking the sales of hats and scarfs inside in accessories corner.....
Suddenly, two women came down in a bit hurry from the top of the escalator. And the 2nd woman shout,"Don't run!! theft!! dun let her go"
then the 1st woman starting to run towards me.....
and then...I manage to grab her "LV" bag, and the female theft pump into our glass shelves, but she didn't stop, she abandon her bag and continue to run!
So...I take her bag and I saw many goods inside her bag, and I shout "I got her bag!"
Then, the theft come back!! Back for her bag!!! she quickly took her bag and ran again....this time she couldn't make it, several salesgirls and security arrived and caught her!
The theft took everything out from her LV and shout "let go me, I gave them back to you already" and escaped.
our security run after her and we heard that they met the police outside, and she is arrested.

However....the police tell us, they will not charge her anything, it is because according to HK law, the theft cannot be charge if she did not take any un-paid goods out of our properties........
OMG....we all know she is a theft but we can do unfair...we could only charge her "attempt to theft"!!!!!

My blood type is coffee

October 28 [Wed], 2009, 16:15
We all loved coffee......

Nick and me loved to have a cup of coffee in our pleasant morning....(around 11:00am..XD)
you can see in the picture is the mocha maker I carried long away from Barcelona!!!
It is a "love" edition...with a little red heart inside...when the coffee is ready, the little heart will float on top of it! soooo cute...

but the taste is little bit too strong for me in the morning! so I added more milk....kaka!

Friend is always our strongest backup!

August 24 [Mon], 2009, 14:16
I do love my friends......they are my treasures...
I am not a sociable person, I am too straight forward and made myself not very approachable...
My friends....who did accept my short comings and still there with me....true-hearty...
so.....they are all valuable to me! We can share everything, happy and unhappy....they are always there, and give me endless support and suggestions!

In the past week, we shown our team spirit again....once one have problem, all other shown up immediately!
We did have a meaningful night...isn't it?

Hey dear.....we know you still need time to do hurts, right? no matter what is coming, you are all you~


August 06 [Thu], 2009, 20:00
Nearly can't remember I got a blog to write...haha
I just back from Europe from my buying trip, I learn a lot in the trip and the trip broden my mind really......
However, i didn't have many time for shopping.....and I needed to work even on's ok, it save me from bankruptcy!
I ate a lot in the trip! esp. dessert!!! they are all tasty and looks beautiful!!!
let take a look.....some of them!

Pineapple Tiramisu!! Very good!

HOWEVER....i didn't gain a disappointing....

Recent update

May 26 [Tue], 2009, 15:33
hahaha.....haven't writing a blog for a long period of time....lazy+busy

I am running smooth at work! l found my job quite enjoyable! And I am going to have a great step forward in my career! I am looking forward for it!Hope it will be fine!
For details? Update later when everything were confirmed...keke

I went to Taiwan with Mami and Nick in the previous vacation, we ate a lot!
the trip had a lot of FUN!!!

Also, I got back to work outsssssss! We bought 2 bike, we are riding every weekends! We rode to Wetland Park last last Saturday, to see the little turtles!

Last Saturday, I went to a riding trip with Nick's colleagues...we gone a long way!!!
i didn't count the distance, but it has to be a long one...otherwise, my leg won't felt broken and painful like this!!
Also, we played badmintons once a week...

I hope it help me to gain some weight!!!

Canon adored

February 18 [Wed], 2009, 13:43
What are you doing?

hahaha....we got a Canon puzzle....we spend a night to finish that little....

We will try our best to finish that 1000 pcs!!!

Be My Valentine

February 17 [Tue], 2009, 11:48
This year's Valentine's Day....

a chocolatier...

a candle night dinner...

a pair of lovers...

a wonderful dinner...

and finally end with a lovely bed...

I luv U forever, thanks for my 12th Valentine's day

Q-pot Addicts

January 21 [Wed], 2009, 17:27
As one of the fans of Q-pot, I want to express my gratification


Q-pot. officially open first oversea store in the Gateway, Harbour City, Hong Kong at 3:00pm on 21st Jan(WED).
In celebration the Hong Kong shop opening, Q-pot. launchs a special-edition Macaron Necklace and Mobile Strap exclusively !!

The shop is like a sweet white cake, it is beautiful and luxury !!
Wating for your coming to Q-pot. Hong Kong Shop !!

I can't wait to visit them.....OMG

LOVE 2008

December 22 [Mon], 2008, 16:39
I am still working in Legend, and Mandy (my best friend in that place) has quit, so I planned to go~
I went to Joey's concert with Winky, we had a good experience at that day~

Nick and Me are working hard to prepare our house, we went here and there to buy everything...that's really happy for us.
I have the best Valentine's day, coz I went to have bakery lesson with my best friends, that's really cool~

Finally I escape from legend, and Nick and me went to China to have a relaxing holidays, we juz kept playing...eating...playing...eating<---loop several time a day and then sleep...LOL

I started working as a Trainee Buyer at Wing On, I 've met the best buddies here, thx Candy, Yammie, Annie, Kitko, Vicky, Midko.,etc etc....I learn a lot too!! I love this job!
A new army of Fa Kee has formed!
Members: Apple, Joanne, Yan and Kibbee

We finally got the key of our house!!!
We worked very hard to DIY the house.....every inches in the house was full of hearts...

We moved in on 21/6, the day after my b-day; the day before my mum's b-day~
We celebrate my mom's b-day with Yan's family! We got a lovely cake~ Mom was very happy!

The month of house warming, we have friends visiting our house EVERY WEEK!
The party of Apple, Joanne, Yan, Ryan and Nick was the most enjoyable one for me~ we share a lot and talked a lot that night......Luv you gals~
PS. Did I break up with someone this month!?? ummm....forgotten

Olympic games month, Nick and I went to see Olympic Equestrian Events With Andy, V, and Joanne...
the game was memorable and interesting....make me love horses more...kaka

The first Mid-Autumn in my house, Nick and I played candles at our balcony
Thanks for Mandy's invitation, I went to the fcuk fashion show, that's nice

Our 11th Anniversary.....precious 11 years
I will love you forever

I have my vacation at HOME, nevermind...coz its still wonderful, it's relaxing, we both are...he promised to
We cook, we shopping , we talking, we shares...

I will have 5 days holiday!!! I will spend them with my love, my friends, my families....i will be fantastic!


Bauhaus tsunami sale

December 17 [Wed], 2008, 22:43
Bauhaus claimed that they offered 90%off
How many people will line up under the fierce sun?
that many?

no....still queue up

still queue up...

h......they will be so disappointed when they arrived their destination.....
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