love football.

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 17:04

I am a girl, was very lively. Since the high grade, I added a new friend -- football. In physical education, often from the parting of the girls skip the rubber band "team", and went to the playground to join the boys soccer "ranks".

I thin body, sports scores had played around just in 60 minutes. I can't run fast, jump is not high, running, I really can be said to be running step, out of three asthma, can barely keep up.

while my body is not good, but I still have a passion for football. In our class and other classes of women's football matches, often can see my shadow. In the fourth grade, I each time on physical education and other boys love playing basket with football practice on people, passing, shooting and so on, cheap kd 5 shoes these make me have a solid basic skills. In the fifth grade, and had higher than we -- the sixth grade level than a. They were the sixth grade  : girls can be said to be "tall",   each one is a head taller than us. Although the students of our class was very tiny, but we flexibly to them again the attack,   and at the end of the game, I scored a goal, the victory.

whenever the TV broadcast the World Cup soccer tournament or League starting in Italy, France, I want to watch, as long as there is a not see, heart itch afflictively.

I and football after more than two years together, I love it more and more, also more and more. Every Saturday or Sunday, I always and some boys in the family member courtyard played delude one to folly, even forgot the time. Each was mother scolded, mom always said: "you are a girl, what crazy on the outside, look at your dirty like." Yes, because it was too hot, sweat and the face of the earth mixed together, in the face of "red" that a "groove" kobe 8 for sale like Peking Opera's face. However, this remark mother not only didn't make me change, but the more I love football.

now, I have graduated from the class but I still maintain that a "ambition", the Chinese women's football movement can be put on clothes, running in the forest peak field.
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