How to call from the desire of customers to buy products

January 14 [Mon], 2013, 10:18
Discussing customer put forward does not require her special reasons "not necessary" reasons must not simply an excuse. Therefore, the best way to resolve is to find out the true reason for mentioning the same resolve countermeasures, rather than find out the contradictions on the customer saying at and want to convince others by reasoning.
That you can use to ask law candid advice to customers the real reason for the reason, further processing, to be standing when handling customer standpoint, asked the customer can accept the program, in order to fight for the final transaction.

Customer default line of defense
Customers in the subconscious fear of easily shows you showed demand like bargaining chips to reduce or worry about the hard sell salesman, therefore, whether it is not true there is no demand, anyway, the first to show that there is no demand, look The sales staff will be what was said.
Here you have to do is to think of a way to continue the conversation, to confirm and to arouse the customer's purchase requirements
In short, in the face of such customer, you must be clever to fight for a chance to talk, confirm the cross arouse her needs.

Customers do not want to talk about
When the poor condition of the customer otherwise important thing, you do not want to talk about, but also have the possibility to do not need an excuse to terminate the conversation quickly, and you can take the initiative to opportunistic retire and visit again another time. For example:
"I'm sorry, we prepared this information is not sufficient, the next time again that you do a detailed report!"
"Li Jie to give me a little time, let me say more clear!"

Customer really did not need to
Been repeatedly confirmed the demand, trying to promote turnover per customer are currently no demand response, may represent the customer really is no demand.

Into the discussing, the customer was told you do not need, usually at this time there are several reasons for customers to "do not need" the rhetoric.
1. Customer on your product inappropriate
2. Customer I do not trust
3. Customers between objects, the current boss or colleagues uneasy


Naturally not in theory, when people did not need to take purchase behavior, therefore, the salesperson must fight for the opportunity to drum up customer demand Customer mouth "do not need" is subterfuge or really focus you must cleverly ground ready to say or method, you have the opportunity to arouse customer demand marketing action.
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