"That being the case

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Zhang Xiaohua rolled his eyes and said: "what are you talking about? Brother, I As for the bad the Niangqin to hang it?" Explains Zhang Xiao, Zhang Xiaolong came to understand, from the next corner to find a piece of rope, Zhang Xiaohua hands and feet firmly tied, you do not say, Zhang Xiaolong craft, Zhang flowers tied tightly, moving not moving half points. (See fiction to the vertex novel network) next to Teresa Kok Fei, but distressed, again and again to say something light, loose a little. To be finished tied Zhang Xiaolong Zhang Xiao laughed: "Niangqin, you see this bundle can be strong?" Teresa Kok Fei nodded and said: "strong, strong." Teresa Kok Fei head not end point, to see the flowers hands and feet slightly force, heard a "pop" sound, Zhang Xiaolong just some doing strapping in the the Zhang flowers hands and feet on the ropes, as hay, have broken, Zhang flowers stand up, and said: "How? Niangqin so, even if they are caught, I can escape,Oakley Womens Sale. "Teresa Kok Fei stunned, she knew that the son of force, never thought so appalling. However, she did not give up and said: "But they catch you, must be thrown into prison, you rope broke, and what is the use?" Zhang Xiao Momobizai Road: "That being the case, Niangqin baby give you to show off. "Then, with three into the main room, and and Zhang Xiaolong find the rope and bound, this time Zhang Xiaolong, but steal clever, know this guy to earn certainly be off, is not more laborious. Such as Big Brother finished bundle, flowers, said: "Niangqin, dad, brother, here is the wrong prison, lock you out the door, to see how I escape?" Zhang Xiaolong look at the father and mother, three of them are not solution, or in accordance with the meaning of Zhang Xiao, closely linked to the door, he stood in the yard, the three pairs of eyes stared at the window, it touches on how to escape to see Zhang flowers. However, after a long while children, that the window is still no movement, Zhang Xiaolong smiles: "the dad, Niangqin, flowers, but this time I make a failure, loss I did not tie his hands and feet well." In this case, from behind them laugh, someone Road: "Who says I make a hit? I are so behind stood for a long time." three people were taken aback and lay, looking back, is it not smiling standing flowers.? Zhang Xiaolong was shocked, and ran up, looked up and down, reach around and touch, said: "flowers it? How do you come back from the outside?" And then asked back: "Niangqin, I do not remember I have a twin brother. "Zhang Xiao laughed:" Big Brother, but make fun of how long to learn such a sense of humor? house flowers you? "Teresa Kok Fei also do not believe like, pushed open the door of the room, and that the court room only off sections of rope. Take a look around, smiled and said: "It seems that the flower is to escape from the back wall of windows Yeah, Aigo, it is wrong, the windows of the back wall is a good paste, and did not break it. Flowers, you in the end is how Zhang Xiaolong escape? "to look Niangqin and dad doubt, Zhang flower arrangement:" This is my from misty send learn a Dunshu, when others do not pay attention to escape, extremely easy to use. "" This ah "Teresa Kok Fei understand some. Since Zhang flowers in hands and feet are tied, escape, that Teresa Kok Fei really no other comments, even Zhang Xiao-beat people, was unable to escape, even if they are caught, is calm escape, she really not leave the the Zhang flowers reason. Of course, the bloody arena means far more than these, that are not of Teresa Kok Philippines can understand, Zhang flowers take this simple and obvious the Tudun persuade their Niangqin to, and just let Niangqin assured nothing. The see Niangqin finally relented, Zhang Xiao-face smile, and from the arms pulled out ten Yufu, said: "Niangqin, dad, brother, I get some strange things from a desert island, to protect people, you find a string, are worn on the body. "Zhang hand took a look around and said:" flowers, jade piece is very valuable. "Zhang flowers smile:" Daddy, regardless of the jade pieces worth the money, remember not to sell, but they can save lives. "" What? "Zhang Xiaolong almost called out, said:" This mess, can save lives? I think it crashes Teresa Kok Fei GUO Su Fei is not happy about it, and said: "Look you two old small, how to know the money? listen to the flowers." Zhang Xiao laughed: "Niangqin know that I am." "This can help it?" also tried to channel. Zhang flowers in their hands a jade hanging on the body, smiled and said: "Brother, you take that hoe so awkward to hit me." "No! Absolutely not." Zhang Xiaohua words uttered, GUO Su Fei immediately against it. "Oh,Free 3.0 V3 Sale, so be it, Big Brother, I put this jade pieces on the ground, you took the hoe rearing drop it onto the jade, do you think?" It flowers, jade pieces, how to say was worth a few money silver, multi-pity. "Zhang before it touches not happy, Zhang Xiaolong stare at the Road:" a few pence, you mean what? dragons? "" Oh? Yeah, Dad, listen to you. "said finished, Zhang Xiaolong took a Yufu, on the floor, and then find a hoe enough in the strength, the rearing smashed in the past, I saw the hoe just come into contact with jade, it is like hitting a mass of cotton, trap down, in any case force, there is a gap with jade, and can not be hit. Zhang Xiaolong seeing this, shouted: "interesting, interesting." "However, the flowers, this thing is worn on the body, they hit you, nor is it designed to play on the jade you?" Anyway, dad, as long as you bring , blow over a certain weight, it will be protected within the scope of your body, or else, I put the jade Huan Huan body, you try to get the stick? "Sure enough, the jade on the grotesque body, Zhang Xiaolong took the stick swatted Huanhuan **, and immediately there will be something to block general, no matter how Zhang Xiaolong force, are not hit. Zhang Xiaolong, overjoyed, quickly grab one said: "This stuff is very good, and with it, your sister-in-law could not tighten me ha ha ha." Flowers smiled, put the other nine Yufu to the Teresa Kok Fei said: "Niangqin one we family, other stay up spare, this is not always useful Yufu, used a few times may not work." "good" Teresa Kok Fei agreed careful to close , said: 'I'll be looking for wire rope, we are wearing. "to see Niangqin closing Yufu, Zhang flowers and from his arms and took out a the ten light red Yufu, he does not speak, dragons cried: "flowers, which in turn is what? just now is not the same?" Yes, Brother, you're so right, just that is used to protect their own, this is it ...... "Zhang Cai Interface: "used to hit people?" Zhang flowers smiled and said: "Daddy really smart, no wonder we three brothers are smart, original prop your blessing you." Teresa Kok Fei laughed: "Do not shoot your dad horse fart, your father last night I do not know to tell you how many good things, are you a mouth coax. "Zhang flowers smiled and said:" Daddy, or Niangqin Oh, you wait. "said finished, flowers moved from the courtyard outside the big stone, about the same dinner table with Zhang, Zhang Xiao effort, if Zhang Xiaolong estimated five job. See Zhang flowers to move such large stones, three, but do not understand, this beating anything to do with it? And other stones placed in the yard, Zhang Xiao said: "the dad, Niangqin, Big Brother, you stand behind me, to see how I use this Yufu." Three chances, stood flowers behind, I saw Zhang flowers picked up a Yufu, Doushou go to go out into the rocks on top of the hammer throw, just listen to "click" sound Qing Xiang, Yufu broke from Yufu came a ray of red light, It is a mass of red flame,Nike Air Max Excellerate Cheap, the flame is usual flames different Zhangjiashan seen, that the flame touch the stones, actually burning up, after a full a Zhancha time, the huge stones burned most of them. Such different view, see three more stunned, ah, this is the first time I saw the flames burned stones you. Zhang Xiao-turn, handed over the few remaining Yufu, Zhang Xiaolong extended hand, but it is afraid to take a bit scared and asked: "flowers, this ... this thing is not too dangerous? We took, If not careful, suddenly wrestling, fell to the Yufu, it would mean that all of a sudden put his burning? "Zhang Xiao laughed, readily a Yufu thrown into the stone, this did not fall broken, flowers hand picked, to readily surmise arms, smiled and said: "It Yufu need to use all the strength fell out of in order to work unless half points, If you are weak, it will not break;, big brother with just Yufu, two Yufu encounter, but will die, of course, there will not be any danger. "" Oh? such ah. "Zhang Xiaolong This bold hand took the remaining Yufu, a closer look , said: "flowers, this is a weapon than the sword works, you still do not get a few more to me." Zhang flowers listened, my heart is a dynamic, how did not I think? Then smiled and said: "There are some, later I'll give you, Brother, this thing time to use the evil place." Zhang Xiaolong also laughed: "owe you kind enough to look the same as Big Brother you think, I do not know how it Big Brother? "the few remaining Yufu, Zhang flowers are handed over to Teresa Kok Fei. GUO Su Fei catch some dismay said: flowers, everything to us, how long you want to walking up? The "Zhang Xiaohua look at the clouds in the sky, and said:" Niangqin, as soon as possible now, if you can, go tomorrow you think of that? "" Well, tomorrow, the first month 18, not the first month, the ninth day back, just nine days to go? "hear" nine ", Zhang Xiaohua heart of a dynamic, laughing said: "Niangqin, the walk tomorrow, this September but Geely very." (Please vote Recommended vote!! Collection, a reward, thank you) (see fiction to the vertex novel network) the game updated daily fun game waiting for you to discover!
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