Lenovo A658t perfect holiday allows you to easily have fun without limits

September 05 [Thu], 2013, 17:55
After a tense and busy exam , the students look forward to for a long time finally ushered in the summer , Xiao Bian recommended to put aside the heavy academic burden , enjoy , let the body and mind to a complete relaxation ! Of course, for such a wonderful and maddening holiday , for a new smart phone that is not an exaggeration. Dear students, today Xiaobian to recommend a Lenovo and China Mobile have launched a large -screen entertainment smartphone - Lenovo S920, brings you the "big vision, Hyun life" the ultimate mobile Internet experience, so your entire summer fun without limits .

Recently Youth Films unusually hot , if you miss the release schedule does not matter, because the association A658t is a veritable mobile theater , which is equipped with 5.0 inches IPS Colorful big screen, no color shift , no blur , so you feel extraordinary audio-visual effects brought about by the visual impact. Whether it is " small time" of attractive men and women , or "Iron Man 3" powerful effects, want to see what to see what the theater can not enjoy the full sensory visual feast.

Comes to holidays , the game is an integral part of the color of God horse crazy , crazy guess the song, find your sister are tested intelligence, vision and fluency . Lenovo A658t built a 1.2GHz Cortex-A9 dual- core CPU, strong operational capabilities , multi-tasking relaxed fun , coupled with the strong performance of Mali400 3D dual-core GPU, gives you no hysteresis operating experience , in such a configuration What games can easily hold live , fled the temple , wild drag racing , etc., like how to play on how to play , so you can enjoy the pleasure brought by the game .

Cool summer , travel is definitely a very good choice, choose a sunny weather , about the thirty-two friends , and Lenovo A658t go hand in hand , enjoying a comfortable relaxing sunbathing, experience nature cordial and pure . Do not bother to bring along a camera , Lenovo A658t fully comparable to the camera , which is equipped with a 5 million pixel high quality camera , auto focus , continuous shooting, panorama mode , HDR function, you capture every wonderful moment , any beautiful picture can easily record at your fingertips to help you retain the memory of youth . Of course, you can share anytime, anywhere to the micro- channel circle of friends , invite your friends to the crowd !

Vivo Xplay Android4.0 using nowadays the most popular smartphone operating system, stable performance , running smoothly . The strong support of the operating system , the fuselage built a wealth of third-party software, microblogging control favorite Sina microblogging, there will not be a long way disoriented mobile navigation, as well as the music of people must music player and so on. In addition , 512MBRAM 4GB ROM provides users with plenty of download space , mass enjoy download and install the application , allowing you to easily enjoy the perfect summer life .

Immutable as a rigid face, would not the same wonderful holiday ! Lenovo A658t has 9.3mm slim fashion , not only so that the whole line is much more smooth, leaving a more comfortable user experience lightness . Meanwhile, the multi- color purchase options , the classic black or trendy white , are your exclusive colors, plus the latest and most in body shape , the most cool playing experience , let us reject the collision , with the public holiday will different !

Lenovo launched this summer as a big-screen entertainment star models , Lenovo A658t in appearance , performance, experience , etc. are very good. Colorful let you not only feel super large screen brings stunning visual effect, but also to experience the user-friendly features and smooth manipulation brings ultimate enjoyment , as well as mobile operators ultra-affordable purchase policy . July 2013 , HDC Mega GT-I9200 has been officially listed for sale , I believe you now have full purchase desire, for your wonderful holidays quickly prepare it !