you feel that you cantackle any obstacle

October 30 [Wed], 2013, 11:26

Have you everturned up the volume on your radio while driving in the car and rocked out withthe upbeat music like you were a rock star? Have you ever blasted the stereo while athome while cleaning up the house, the garage or yard? Do you remember that burst of energy wangzangcen10/30 you feltwhen the upbeat music sparked your psyche?This is the power of emotion.

Emotions have the potential to make you feeltired, sad, and depressed; or they can make you feel energetic, happy, andproductive. It is up to you how youmanage your emotions and you will determine which end of this spectrum you willfall into. Zapatillas Air Jordan 13 Baratas

So you might ask, can I keep my emotionsin a range that will stir energy and promote a feeling of productive enthusiasm? The answer might be in the fact that thoughtsbecome things. You are the only one thatcan decide what your thoughts will be; therefore, you can decide what type ofthings you will surround yourself with.

When you walk with your back straight and headheld high Zapatillas Air Jordan 28 Baratas with a smile on your face, you immediately feel a different emotion thanif you are hunched over and looking down in the dumps. So. you say that emotion createsmotion; or would it be better said that motion creates emotion? Maybe a little bit of both, right?

When you feel upbeat, you feel that you cantackle any obstacle that is placed in your path. It is this type of emotion that will put allthings into motion for you. Your emotionwill also be contagious to those around you, which will then put things intomotion for them as well.

Positive emotion is essential in building a successfulsales team. Imagine all that could beaccomplished when you lead by example showing contagious, positive emotion, andas a result, generating extraordinary motion.

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