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Little hand over his nose and one o'clock, a small flashlight to the foot of the edge according to a photo, even here there is some blood and hair. Paul Crouch carefully checked it, sure that this is human blood and hair, after Paul Terry That believe it, it really is a dead body was transported to here. Only this time Paul also knew nothing about the way the murderer, did not understand why a dead body and head separately. Murderer in the end want to hide something? Paul looked around, here is a dark simply do not know the surroundings. But their side that can still barely see clearly. The middle is a ditch about two meters wide on each side of a two walking side by side would allow the highlands. But now Paul actually made a difficult, and it should go left to right or should it go? Paul looked at the middle of the ditch water is flowing from left to right while the. Paul nodded his head and heart that it Wangyoubianzou it, in which case it would be more sensible or walk down a number. There are deliberately concealed from the manhole cover up the soil can be seen, the killer has left the sewers, so there should not be any danger. But just in case, Paul put the gun to rob it with his left hand holding a torch, right hand holding a gun, and put his right hand on top of frame in the upper left,Mens North Face Nuptse Down Outlet, torches and guns in a straight line. This is a very professional operation. For when jǐng observed lifetime of Paul, this is a very basic darkroom self-defense movements. Many people misunderstand this action, there is often seen people put a gun on the following, take the torch hand on top of the situation. In fact, this is very wrong. Plus the weight of the gun recoil, it must be a very strong support for the job and take the flashlight does not need support. Take flashlight with hand propped hand guns, which can greatly ensure accurate xìng. But not large caliber pistol, so shè Cheng and accuracy and rifles immeasurably, and aiming is very difficult thing. This action of the professional degree may have a direct relationship to direct themselves and their companions of life and death. So gun action is crucial. At this point the sewer oddly peaceful, Paul could very clearly hear the sound of your own heartbeat and breathing. The most frightening is that from time to time from above the sound of water dripping 'drip ...... drip ...... drip', Jean-Paul has some crazy feeling. If it is not too good because of psychological reasons, if the change is for an average person probably live a long stare. Suddenly Paul heard of the 'squeak squeak ~ ~ ~ ~' the two, listening location is in the 3 o'clock position on their own, immediately flashlight and gun at the sound of the place, look carefully before we know, it turned out to be a mouse. Thought this school very clean, but actually still have mice. Paul heaved a sigh of relief, your whole body will feel a hot burst of cool. Twice just scared to Paul is covered in sweat, and now know just the mouse so the tension disappears when the sweat evaporates most of the heat away, Paul and feel the cold. It is very normal physiological phenomenon, but in Paul's eyes here is really terrible, and my heart has started to change. There is a feeling you want to leave. Paul wiped the sweat on his head, followed by a steady emotional stability, continue to move forward. At this point Paul left and right hands kept shaking flashlight, stop step by step, always feel as if someone is watching himself. In fact, no one here, but such a quiet place, but a person who will be an excursion. Even if it is Paul so every day you can see several corpses of people, but also can not stand feeling. I was walking when suddenly some strange light torches in front seems to have come to an end. Not far from the torch in front of the light spot has become a big circle, although not very bright, but can also be seen in front of a wall up. Spot along sideways look, Paul was stupefied, this bell is not here? After untold hardships did not think of where to find it. In the next second, Paul systemic blood is cold. The last time the ancient bell placed below the position where a pendulum is a headless corpse, but this time it actually ancient bell and no bodies,North Face Gloves, but a man without a head ...... a little girl's head. Paul, this time only a feeling, this thing is too complicated, I really do not know what the killer in the end some of the thought. Paul now has some feeling dizzy head, you know this, this landscape change for twenty-one people can not stand ah. Paul went to the wearer biting teeth carefully Guanqiao ancient bell. This is a little ancient bell was destroyed traces of this approach seems to be the murderer does have some violent, even such high-quality ancient bell have been destroyed in such a way. Paul carefully checked the mouth of this ancient bell, and now for Paul, the bell can be better than this little girl's head can be important much more attractive, which would be if I find secret treasures, then a lifetime no longer need to worry about money. Carefully looked at the structure of the ancient bell, not a little loose, just in front of the glass a little cracked, seems to be falling from above,North Face Gore Outlet, when given into something like this. The following Xiaoge yard stood a little girl's head, all covered with blood. There are some things to be charred, Paul picked up a smell to know is the hair, the pendulum is at the bottom of a circular pendant, in order to increase the power of this design are so ancient bell. But this time this pendant has some black, seems to be burned off. Here how would fire? Fire must be one of the modus operandi of the murderer, but what is the use of fire it? Paul not yet know how this is going, but obviously this is the murderer of his own modus operandi in order to cover up. Now that you've become so, I am afraid it is difficult to start up on clues from this. Now the most important thing is ...... check first what this ancient bell mouth valuable place to go and see what a treasure map release. A strange dark sewers, did not have any light only in the hands of a small flashlight. In this case, there is an old clock, old clock in there a little girl's head. Paul did not care, beginning in ancient bell four find them. To say that paying the money really can embolden, as long as a relationship with the money, what kind of coward have become a hero. Although Paul was not actually a coward, but love of money in everyone's heart. The thought of the money, put the horror behind it. Looking for about 10 minutes, the hands of a small flashlight light has dimmed. This is obviously the case has nothing to batteries, but Paul even a slightest clue not to be found. Originally just an ancient bell, but could not put it smashed, there's nothing much to see and places. Paul kept shaking his head on the side, but he also understood a thing. "Also, they did not find this out generations of kings inside the treasure trail, with my mind could not find anything to fear now is the immediate thing to solve, first Cod Lean and Philip promised to give me money Save anxious to get it first hand. "Paul took a deep breath, put the following ancient bell glass cover to cover, this is a little girl's head in order to prevent slip out from the inside. Then hold up step by step to go back. That just walked himself down at the wellhead, the ancient bell again to put down. Such a big one is holding a bell go forward on all great difficulties, in order to put him to hold to the above, a person on their own that is impossible.
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