Right Shoes for Various Exercises 

May 04 [Tue], 2010, 17:54

The bubble and inflammation appear in the rear foot after exercise is probably due to wearing the improper shoes while doing exercises that causes. What Leads The Same Choice of People?! It Is Modish for You to Choose Sizzling hobo bags When doing exercise, pressure born by feet is greater than pressure when standing. And feet easily get hurt when wearing wrong pairs of shoes. In addition to foot blistering, inflammation, we will also result in toe joint swelling, joint deformation gradually evolved into the foot. If you do not take extra precautions, it will cause pain and heel spurs and arch pain phenomenon. n genera,wearing different shoes when you do different sprotes. At least many people have this experience: after exercise, feet blister, and even have inflammation. This may be caused by wearing inappropriate shoes. The pressure your feet endure during sports is greatly outnumbered the pressure while standing. If you wear wrong sneakers, your feet may get hurt more easily. Beside the blister and inflammation on your feet, it may also cause toe joint swelling and gradually leads to foot joint deformities. Bulgy parts of bone rub toes mutually, after long periods, helosis forms. If being neglected, it will bring pains on rear foot, bony spur and aches on arch of the foot. All these are symptom of plantar fasciitis. Suffering from plantar fasciitis, you will feel painful with just one step of walk. Not promptly treated, it may cause such problems as knee cartilage softening and plate of bone strain.

Three types of feet: most people's feet are devided into standard type and flat feet type and high arch foot type. According to statistics, about sixty percent people have the problems of foot-shape deviation. Asians mainly have flat feet. Many people don't know their feet are belong to which type, here is a simple test to know it, wet your soles of feet,then print it on a piece of thin paper,then you can see at a glance. Flatfoot's feet inside the arch curvature is small, standing close to the ground almost the entire foot. Feet-by contrast, arch curvature is too high, arched bridge bit difficult to close to the ground. The BianPingZu when running to calibrate ankle, increased foot burden. Buy shoes, should choose the arches supporting insole has good performance, arch mat, heel harder, sole cutting line straight sneakers, otherwise it prone to the foot fasciitis. People with talipes cavus should choose shoes with good suspension and bearing character, such as containing air cushion which can reduce the hurt to foot caused by shake.

Wearing time shoulds not be too long, expert proposal, buy new shoes, wearing time is too long, for avoiding not completely suitable shoes namely. Old shoes, for "Air" (gas) has become a "flat", or some shoes polished, slippery grain has to discard. Avoid "a walking shoes tianya" : another thing worthy of note: avoid "is a walking shoes tianya". Different exercise, should wear suitable athletic shoes. Different sports shoes for the shock absorber, prevent slippery, bend performance have different needs.

Running: the sneakers should be light and with strong anti-shock. The position of forefoot should have flexibility for coordination with starting a race. Tennis: this is a sport with many stops and twists, so the anti-slip capability of sneakers should be good. Basketball: impact and jump on the shoes, must avoid function, wear high boots shoes, can give the type of protection, reduce joint better chance of a sprained ankle. Badminton indoor sports: around flexible, should choose the lighter and softness of sports shoes, heavier shoes can aggravate the footsteps of fatigue. Exercise: general indoor gym shoes) : good choose shoes, should have shock absorption, prevent slippery, absorb sweat, foot guard function, besides can improve the athlete's performance, but also can reduce the chance of sports injury. You can not discover the trauma imely if you wear wrong sport shoes. Accumulated later, will result in fatigue.Especially to middle-aged people,their bones begen to weaken,so they should pay more attention to it.

Tips for buying shoes including: buying shoes in the afternoon or within one hour after exercise, because feet will be swelling due to congestion during exercise. After wearing sport socks, there should be reserved room of one to two centimeters at the part of toe cap or the heel. Compare the comfort of both sides with a new shoe on one foot and an old shoe on the other. Squat to check whether the shoe's bending performance is good and the front one third of the shoe is soft.

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