(Your mind say it again you?), christian louboutin shoes

August 28 [Tue], 2012, 12:01

(Your mind say it again you?),  christian louboutin shoes  I believe the other party will not only say it again, and even the speed will slow down. If you still did not understand, then still use the old method: "Could you explain it more precisely?" (Can you explain more to understand that you?) ; 17 strokes negotiating affirmative reply-Is it important that ...? ; continuous communication opponent to give the affirmative answer questions, and finally to guide your main recommendations for the reply, it is absolutely need to spend a lot of thought. Usually communicate with the opponent only to their advantage the problem, will be happy to answer "Yes" to.

 Therefore, before the start cheap christian louboutin   of the communication situations, may wish to carefully think about the other side to accept the conditions you want, What are the benefits, try to "Is it important that ...?" (... Is not important to you?) or "Is it helpful the if ...?" (If ... are not you help?) did not get his affirmation, then make your proposal is not difficult. 18 strokes to do the appropriate concession-The best compromise we can maks is ... communication on mutual concessions, the most common example is the bargain. The buyer wants the seller discounted $ 150, the seller just reduction of fifty yuan, the two sides after the burst of bargaining, the final reduction of one hundred yuan.

 Regardless of how your  cheap nike heels  opponent is aggressive, you gotta do a final concession: "The best compromise that we can not the make is ..." (the best compromise we can do ...) "This is the lowest possible price (This is the lowest possible price.) and then steadfastly Otherwise, if the concessions too, you may be necessary to be a loss of 19 strokes and do not rush to make a decision - Please the let me think it over. seeking credit, promise people things, again to go back, people have a negative impression in the market. Therefore, before making a decision, be sure to go through a well thought out. If you are and customers to discuss the one can not then decide something, we might give you a little time "Please let me think it over." (Let me think about it.) "Would it be all right to give you an answer tomorrow? "

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